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  1. I wonder why spotted dick is sold in American supermarkets. And marmite.
  2. The term hadith (pronounced ha-DEETH) refers to any of the various collected accountings of the words, actions, and habits of the Prophet Mohammad during his lifetime. In the Arabic language, the term means "report," "account" or "narrative;" the plural is ahadith.
  3. The most boring book on the planet. Followed by the sayings of Chairman Mao. And the Hadiths.
  4. The French do the best black coffee. Breakfast in Bordeaux. Café au lait. Heaven on earth.
  5. Depends on your personal tastebuds. And the way it is brewed.
  6. No. I’m a foreigner. Is it for backache?
  7. How much more miserable can they get, with the Covid lockdown?
  8. So I looked into it. # (Reuters) - George Floyd, whose fatal encounter with Minneapolis police stirred a global outcry over racial bias by U.S. law enforcement, tested positive for the coronavirus, his autopsy showed, but the infection was not listed as a factor in his death.
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