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  1. Cannon and I are good at handles. This sounds like one I would use. Lol
  2. He is the son of a countess. He has lived in castles. Mom and met some of the Beatles and Stones. He skis the best slopes. Traveled and seen the entire world. Has an 18th century RussianHistory degree. Financial genius. Golfs the best courses........I hate typing but I could go on to eternal bandwidth. All this while posting 60 times a day here. You all don't know you are in the face of greatness. I have himon ignore because I am not worthy to be near him in any way
  3. Dunno. I was blamed for crashing it though....................lol
  4. He said he knows a lot of weed smokers..lol He can't even do an interview of questions he already knew off a teleprompter.
  5. The guilt trip I'm on is too much. Leaving Net. The reasons: - They have 5 posters there now. - They had around 40 posts yesterday - Their star posters are Penis 69, Isafella, Drive By, William, Sara Lee and the rest of Dot rejects - Duck and Blue Devil are mercy posters. - Isafella has no one to really scream bloody Mary too. - The other broads too - My 2 posts a day caused a lotta activity. This is how I feel.
  6. So was Hillary. I'll never believe a God Damned poll again. All the Closet Trump supporters DARE NOT say a thing in front of libtards. That could cost you a job, reputation, friends, relatives. Best to keep their mouth shut
  7. Just think. He lost 10% of the Negros in 1 interview. This is a horror comedy now.............."Don't go in the cellar"
  8. I wouldn't be missed. But I'm tired of the Liberal Forums. Plural. Period. Gave the other a parting gift. Seemed like a mortuary today over there. They ain't getting my one or 2 posts a day anymore. Hell they got 40 responses on 2 posts.
  9. Nice knowing you. See ya next week.
  10. Fine?. I liked about 50 of your posts to jump your score that is all??. Don't worry?? In fact, I'll prove it???? No more reading you anywhere?? You're in Slimlan??
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