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  1. Time to get those fruits fermenting for some home made wine or cider à la UK. Keep safe !
  2. Well, I'm glad there's one of tRump's kamikaze troops here. Hope you meant every word of what you've written. Nothing better could happen to America, right now, that for her to be rid of human pathogens like yourselves. You can start by holding that Easter church celebrations where you and yours' will be "blessed" with showers of COVID-19 ! You will have proved to be just another rabid coward, if you failed to turn up for Easter celebrations at your local evangelical church !!
  3. I'm guessing you're one of Trump's "God-appointed" soldiers and you probably believed that covid-19 was a hoax as put out there by your naked emperor. Now, you accuse those who have expressed a lack of trust in your emperor, of being anti- vaccers because they don't drink from your cult koolaid ?! When Trump eventually makes his vaccine available, do feel free to line up your entire household and get them all "protected" if your bullets aren't sufficient to kill off the virus.
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