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  1. So are 12,000 national guards. Almost seems excessive.. Almost. Interesting fact. Trump is in charge of the Marines. Under martial law, National Guards report to the Marines.
  2. He tried a third sock. Couldn't find one small enough.
  3. each one of those children can tell their friends "wait till you meet my better half"
  4. I refuse to bet "a bucket of fried chicken" or anything else you may be offering.
  5. A very interesting theory. Imagine, Kamala Harris only had about 2% of the vote in the debates. No way she could ever be nominated or elected as the President We were told that it had to be a woman and a woman of color. OK, no other choice? Kamala Harris is on record saying she wants to take all the guns away. When they called he bluff, she said only the President could do that.
  6. Bojangles calls me daily. What the hell are you talking about? You off your meds again?
  7. I did read the article. No name given, so it has to be true " the senior administration official said"
  8. COOL STORY! Here comes another 1.9 Trillion of debt. And all deaths related to Covid-19 after inauguration are Joes fault. https://www.yahoo.com/news/joe-biden-unveils-1-9-014914715.html
  9. OH BOY... IT HAS TO BE TRUE " the senior administration official said"
  10. Answer: That is Nancy Pelsoi's daughters husband. ONE MORE SHAKE OF THE 8 FOR CONFIRMATION Ole 8 ball, What say you? Does Nancy Pelosi Personally know the Shaman? TELL ME NOW!
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