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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/gma/fauci-clashes-gop-lawmaker-over-200600544.html Dr. Anthony Fauci, pressed by a Republican lawmaker Thursday over when Americans will "get their liberties back," gave his clearest explanation yet as to when COVID-19 restrictions could be safely lifted, saying the U.S. must get its infection rate under one new case a day. One new case a day? Community Members.... "one new case a day"? You heard it... YOU ARE NEVER GETTING YOUR FREEDOM BACK!
  2. I am a MAGA cult member myself. You best keep your mouth shut in public. You never know who you might smart off to. I am a proud member of the basket of deplorables
  3. America Hero and a Patriot trying to take back the election that was stolen from the will of the people.
  4. George Floyd died because he made bad decisions in his life. Tragic, yet typical of young uneducated black males.
  5. They must be mandating the vaccine for what reason?
  6. And the virus magically escaped the wuhan lab and China dumped the COVID 19 virus on the world. We have been over this before. China has moved its ambitious plans to dominate the world by 2027
  7. If you get the vaccine they will probably make you wear a mask. So why would someone need a mask if they are vaccinated ? Because the masks are useless! as I have said many times before take those masks and shove them up your ass!
  8. Yeah @SpyCaris full of shit just like every libtard in this community. From coast to coast all over the world as well.
  9. Everyone in the picture with no hair could be a communist.
  10. @EltonJohnson President Trump is the Best President the USA ever had! And he is going to win it a third time! He won the second time but the election was rigged.
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