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  1. Look who is talking you communist sympathizer.
  2. No I did not! I can send a log of my device and the ip is static for the phone. My log shows 3 other IPS, static. If this matches, both of us use tmo for a phone. And why in the heck are you accusing me of this? Drag @LaughinAtLefty into this now. Start pulling ip addresses. l will bet any amount of money you are wrong.
  3. Asking again. Ip address from this post match? Yes or No?
  4. And if this is some kind of joke, send email. I was thinking of donating again, but I do not like these accusations. There are a few things I do take seriously. Being accused of something that I didn't do or am no part of is one of them. I am not @LaughinAtLefty nor associated with that handle.
  5. I don't want to be associated with @LaughinAtLefty because I am not the sok of anyone. I have one log in. I am on am on phone now. At night I use private internet access vpn. That's it. And per my email I only use 3 different servers to log in from depends on speed. I want this to be resolved. I am not that person.
  6. Look, why in the hell would I make a donation to .org if I was a sock? I made a donation to get busted or banned? Not a chance.
  7. The knee was just slightly putting pressure on his neck. Sometimes you just got to do what you got to do..
  8. I only have one ID. We will get this resolved. I use a vpn. I typically choose one of three servers. How can I be "exact same place at the exact same time."? I have a phone and a pc. Pc is on vpn, phone isn't. How could I have 2 logins going at once and press an enter key at the same time. Think about it. Doesn't make sense. I am not @LaughinAtLefty
  9. And you are known as the board Queen. Back off and let the adults figure this out.
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