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  1. I think Trump needs to declare Martial Law and deploy troops. I am saying this as a former anarcho-libertarian.
  2. He did the same thing to me. Only I didn’t go and cry to kfools about it
  3. You libs can’t go more than a few days running your own forum without crying to kfools like a bunch of toddlers having a tantrum. Why don’t you ask your liberal mods about it?
  4. Have you ever watched an episode of cops? Half the people they arrest say they can’t breathe or that something hurts, etc. police hear that a dozen times a day. What do you think they should do? Let a dangerous person up so that they might escape or hurt the police? What if he had tried biting or spitting?
  5. Of course it does. It means he was likely resisting arrest because he may have been looking at a stiff sentence. It also means that the police had reason to believe this man was dangerous and should be handled as such.
  6. But, of course, you didn’t hear about that did you? Yes, a violent criminal history including aggravated assault and armed robbery- where he broke into a house and held a gun to a woman’s belly while searching her home for drugs and money to steal. He got 5 years in prison for that. He had numerous other convictions and jail stays for theft and drug Related offenses. This is important because it explains why he may have resisted arrest. If convicted if using counterfeit bills, he may have been looking at hard time. WE NEED THE REST OF THE FACTS TO COME OUT, especially given that autopsy results say he was NOT asphyxiated. The police say there is evidence that they cannot release yet. Don’t convict these police until you get the whole story. DONT let yourself be manipulated again.
  7. Why do you think I care? Whites have been the minority in the world forever. Hasn’t stopped us from building western civilization yet. Even if all you self-hating suicidal whites want to submit to the hoardes, the rest of us will continue building greatness. Why on earth you’d have anything against that.
  8. I was born in 1980. Do you think I was in on that conversation? Why do you assume you know what I think about something like this? I am not one of these white people that wants a great melting pot of diversity. I think trying to blend cultures and ethnic backgrounds is a bad idea and history proves it.
  9. 🤣 AH, no. He’s quite masculine. I like him a lot on a personal level. I actually got a little bit of a girl Boner when he called Rosie O’Donnell a fat pig on the national debate stage. Hilarious, savage, LEGENDARY. “only Rosie O’Donnell” 🤣 I would love to see who wrote this article and the person who made the OP So I can see what bastions of masculinity they are.
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