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  1. In the chat type “@politicallyprovoked Question for ________” then ask the question. Brittany will see it then
  2. Wow! Hunter got crushed! He streamed it to his own channel and afterwards he was very embarrassed! People were telling him to delete his YT channel!
  3. starting in 8 minutes, 6pm est https://youtu.be/7QlBBOARMgs
  4. Nice anecdote. Where is your data? We can play that game too.
  5. The video literally opens up with a woman screaming and yelling through a bull horn on the street in public about how great abortions are and that everybody should have one. Maybe you should rethink this comment.
  6. Stupid. This is one of the stupidest left wing talking points. i’ve been on this forum now for over a year talking about how important it is for mothers to stay home and raise their children and for families to stay together for the children. I talk so much about how children need to be raised in loving, peaceful two parent homes that everyone is sick of me talking about it. Yet all you leftist assholes constantly attack me and say that I should have a career instead and dump my kids in some daycare where they’re probably going to be abused by some low IQ, low paid wage slave. Yet you’re going to also say that Republicans are the ones who don’t care about human beings once they’re born? IDIOT.
  7. It did not improve anyone’s lives. If you had watched the debate, you would know that.
  8. A woman calling up the Michigan National Guard? Hell no. Maybe the male lt gov would govern more like DeSantis. He’s not perfect, but far better than Big Gretch.
  9. I didn’t say I was not competent. I said it is not appropriate. Those are different things. Men are better suited to lead, and women should never lead men. This isn’t hard and it worked for many thousands of years.
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