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  1. OK so far none of the Libs have answered my question. Try to pay attention now.... why don’t you want to just get rid of all the conservative whites and make them go live somewhere else?? Wouldn’t that solve all of the problems with social justice?
  2. BOTH. Mental illness and degeneracy go hand-in-hand. Again, OBVIOUS.
  3. yeah. They can do whatever they want with their own bodies. But they don’t get to force it on me. Go chop off your dick if you want, but if you try to get in the laddies locker room we’re gonna have a problem. See how that works? Boy it was only a couple decades ago that you liberals were saying that what gay people do is nobody’s business and that what happens in the bedroom is private. Now you no longer want to keep it in their bedroom, do you want to do it right in front of us out in public spaces and demand that we comply. Well I do not comply. What are you prepared to do to force me to co
  4. If conservative white people are such a threat to everyone else and all we do is exploit and abuse people of color and LGBT people, then why on earth do those of you who feel this way insist on living with us? Don’t you want to have your own beautiful separate society where everyone is gay and trans and progressive? Don’t you want to get all of these disgusting white evil rAciSts out of your country in your society? Shouldn’t you be in favor of a white ethno- state? That would solve all of the equality problems and all of the social justice problems, would it not? No more white conservatives =
  5. Yes, they suffered dysmorphia. But we do not do this with any other type of dysmorphia. You just defeated your own argument. We don’t tell anorexics that it’s good to starve themselves because they’re obviously fat. We don’t agree with them and encourage their self-destructive behavior. Why on earth would you do that with gender dysphoria? And just because somebody is mentally ill and suffering doesn’t mean you bend the rest of reality in society around their illness to accommodate it. Again, this is so obvious that it pisses me off that I keep having to explain it. What the fuck is wrong with
  6. There’s also something wrong with a woman who needs to pretend to be a man and try to gain acceptance into men’s groups, the difference is that men can easily just reject such a person. For some reason, the degenerate left only seems intent on forcing women to except men in our showers and locker rooms and dressing rooms. WHY?? That should be the question you’re asking.
  7. Why does it have to be raped to be a threat? They are destroying women’s sports and women’s fellowship. They’re intruding. There is some thing inherently wrong with a male who wants to infiltrate women’s groups. I’m so sick of the left trying to rationalize nature away and pretend it doesn’t exist. You’re not gonna get away with that with me. I don’t need to come up with deep intellectual arguments and statistics in order to defend obvious eternal truth. MEN CANNOT CHANGE INTO WOMEN. Any attempt to do so is a serious transgression (pun intended) against nature and should be stopped.
  8. this evokes such a visceral reaction in men because they are hardwired to protect women and children. They can sense that this is a predator without even needing to articulate why. Any man (like Ricky Tavy) Who advocates for this and fiercely defends it with aggression has some thing about him he doesn’t want revealed. Or is possibly a victim of a male predator himself. But it’s absolutely unnatural and highly suspect for a “cis male” to aggressively defend and promote this.
  9. You can’t switch genders. It’s all pretend nonsense. I dismiss the insanity whether its men or women doing it. But I think the reason it’s not as offensive is because a woman trying to pretend to be a man is not a threat. A man pretending to woman very well could be a threat.
  10. This is gonna be high conflict. This guy is a true believer and aggressive.
  11. Well, I think this is the best overall answer to your question. https://youtu.be/MpZyHvr6Y2M
  12. I’m just a little bit obsessed with these movies. Enjoy. Gotta love the “Wick Flick” mag drop! https://www.instagram.com/tv/CL0L-6Vn_MF/?igshid=1f0uc9nvb1uky
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