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  1. That’s what I do, That’s because I lift weights five days a week and do 20 to 45 minutes of cardio almost every day. My husband is a machine engineer and works all day so it’s just more convenient for him to eat 1 to 2 larger meals a day and fast instead. Both methods work for different situations. PS- I love Jesus ❤️
  2. Ha! Why do you think I’m always trying to cook for him and do things to make him happy? If you had a husband who looked like mine and had the swagger he has, you’d do whatever he wanted, too. I Would bet my left arm you’ve never had a hunk of man like the one I’ve got. You could never. I sure wish he’d let me post a picture of him here just so I could get you salivating, but obviously he doesn’t want me to post his face on some stupid Internet forum.
  3. It’s not fried. It’s pan seared, oven finished. There’s nothing wrong with eating carbs if you’re somebody who already has good carbohydrate tolerance. And as I said he only eats two meals a day, So he probably gets 150 to 200 g of carbohydrate in a day. For an active guy like him that’s perfectly acceptable. Why do you people think you know anything about nutrition? Why do you assume that I don’t know anything about nutrition? You don’t know very much about me at all you just make assumptions because you’re retarded. But I can school you on this too if you want.
  4. Ok then just keep demonstrating your inferiority, peasant. That’s fine, too
  5. He does intermittent fasting and eats 2 meals a day. He is 6 foot 179 pounds with a nice trim waist and broad shoulders. His bloodwork is excellent. Mind your business.
  6. I find it very amusing that all of the left-wing women on this forum like to try to shame me for making my husband meals. You would never think that cooking your husband some dinner could trigger these thots so hard, but it does. So here’s a photo of dinner I lovingly prepared for my husband last night, served to him with a vodka on the rocks so he could enjoy watching a Trump rally live while he ate. When he was finished, I took his plate and washed the dishes. Oh, the horror!!! 🤣
  7. I’m a female firearms instructor. I train women to defend themselves from attackers. In your opinion, should this be allowed?
  8. I’d proudly give up my vote to keep all other women from voting if that’s what you mean. #RepealThe19th #BringBackThePatriarchy
  9. I believe you. Unfortunately for him, he can’t do shit to me. I’m a trained firearms expert. He’d never get within 100 feet of me before he took a dirt nap. He’d never do shit anyway except talk shit on the internet.
  10. Good point. I find it hilarious that even though I use my real photo as my profile pic when none of these other people are brave enough to do that, they always accuse me of using a fake photo and then call me fat or ugly. If I’m fat or ugly in the picture, why would I use that picture if it wasn’t really me? 🤣
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