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  1. The Circle-Jerk Skanscuck has started among the Trump-Slaves here is HILARIOUS!
  2. Biden is there because your god want him to be there, Str8cuck. 🤣 Says so in the Wholly Babble. Cuck. 🤣
  3. Because women judge each other on how 'hot' they are..... ...and both of us know it. NO ONE is harder on women........than women.
  4. Nope. You admitted that you are a Cuck and Trump-Slave though. You were a product of anal, weren't you, cuck?
  5. Don't be mad that she was hotter than you....
  6. You sold your country out for an obvious fraud. Comprende?
  7. Time to stock up on hammers, nails and beams. They are effective.
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