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  1. I try to live like Christ. I don't judge and am tolerant of other thoughts, especially those involving the rights of others. Jesus really was the first liberal, he preached forgiveness and that we are all sinners. Now if we could only get trump supporters to think like that.
  2. As a good liberal Baptist I disagree, there is nothing wrong with being a Christian. What I dislike is the right winger Christians who think they can judge me for what I am. I actually have had some heated arguments with some who always thought all sin was evil, except when it was done by trump, then it was OK. I used to be a member at a Reformed Church that would kick any member out for unrepentant sexual sin, such as living together unmarried, having an affair, or being gay. Funny how those same hypocrites would overlook trump paying Stormy Daniels for sex. Fortunately the Bapti
  3. I was out in the Shasta area hiking a few years ago and both me and my kids were quite amused at the number of hikers we passed on the trails that had bongs hanging from their back packs. I know Shasta at the time had two very nice weed outlets in town. Smoke and enjoy. I hope weed becomes legal where live. dumbass republicans are always fighting it, but it looks like we may finally be getting something.
  4. Why decline? Nothing wrong with a little weed. Years ago I used to tell kids if a stranger offered them drugs to be sure and thank them. Drugs are expensive.
  5. Democrats respond to a crisis and solve it. The republicans would just blame someone else and then try and make money off of someone else's misfortune. Just look at how trump operated.
  6. I'm calling it like it is. I call a spade a spade when I see it.
  7. And trump is the guy who has been shutting down the coal plants over the last four years. https://www.ewg.org/energy/release/23002/report-coal-power-plant-closures-near-record-high-under-trump
  8. Rolling blackouts. Maybe if you got our of your mothers basement you know some of this stuff. Texas electrical grid is a disaster
  9. But chance favors those who are prepared. It's obvious that Texas wasn't prepared. No reason to have grid problems. Total incompetence.
  10. It should be no surprise that the red states like Texas are having power outages and natural gas shortages due to their incompetence in planning for things like this storm. And remember, Texas is the biggest energy producer in the US. Total republican incompetence.
  11. I always said Joe Biden would get rid of the virus. He's done more in less than a month than trump did in the last year when it comes to getting us beyond covid.
  12. I doubt there was anything gracious about the letter. trump is an evil person, whatever he wrote certainly didn't come from his heart. And his minion supporters are just as heartless.
  13. Unfortunately we have a lot of fanatical trump voters who are dumber than a box of rocks, and they'll support him no matter what.
  14. I agree, I love Joe Biden. Agriculture prices are getting better all the time. Farmers couldn't make money with trump and his Chinese tariffs. Now we soybean prices at $13 a bushel and they were $6 under trump. And we are getting huge government payments now to finally make up for the screwing trump gave us. republicans are worthless.
  15. It's the religious thing that really bothers me when ministers talk politics. I faithfully attend church to hear the Word of God, not get a political lecture.
  16. I love how the rioters are blaming trump as their defense. I hope this gets trump in deeper trouble.
  17. Funny how the republicans condemned the protests when it was for George Floyd but now you hear nothing about the trump terrorism and trump himself encouraging the rioting. Total hypocrisy but it's to be expected. I've never seen a trump supporter yet that could figure out what was right or moral.
  18. Quoted for truth. I wish the dumb fucking trump supporters had to starve, it would serve them right.
  19. I'm not losing my farm because some dumb ass wants jerk China around.
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