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    Keeping America safe by supporting the Democrats and keeping the trump supporters out of office.

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  1. There's nothing wrong with praying with a church member, even if he's a politician. It's when the church starts telling people how to vote that it goes against the rules.
  2. I'm a Baptist and I've never seen or heard a Democrat campaign in church. We tend to stay non political
  3. We need to see a lot more of this, a church group will have to pay taxes since they are supporting trump. I say tax every church that is even remotely political. I'm a Baptist, but we do not ever preach about politics. I say go after the right wing religious fanatics. https://www.yahoo.com/news/irs-denies-tax-exempt-status-160500810.html
  4. trump $2.60 corn and $6.50 soybeans. Joe Biden $7.50 corn and $15.00 soybeans. Thank you President Biden. Fuck you trump
  5. Lots of articles on the net about the higher education levels of Biden voters vs trump voters. Here's one, if you want more Google is your friend. The facts don't lie, MORON https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaeltnietzel/2020/06/15/biden-vs-trump-the-college-education-divide-may-be-wider-than-ever/?sh=abb558a79990
  6. Well it's been shown that trump voters in the last election had a lower IQ and less education than those people that voted for Joe Biden. And Biden voters had a much higher annual income too than the average trump voter. So, it just stands to reason that in the south where most of the trump votes came from you'd find a lot of morons.
  7. I'm a Baptist and nowhere in the Bible does Jesus ever say anything, one way or another, about homosexuality.
  8. Thirty percent might believe that trump will be reinstated but 100% of republicans are dumber than a fucking rock. No intelligent person would ever be a republican, at least not after they let trump into their tent.
  9. The courts would disagree with you. Gay marriage has been the law of the land for what, 15 years? And no, I'm not gay. Never have been. Not Bi or Tranny either. I just respect the choices others make. That what we liberals do, we respect others rather than bash them.
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