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  1. Prove what? That trump cost us money? Just look where grain prices were last summer and where they are now. Not hard to figure out what that asshole trump did. Fuck you
  2. trump took away our free markets. China wasn't ripping us off, they were buying our surplus commodities and making it profitable for farmers. But we're back in the money now, thank you Joe Biden. Fuck you trump and his idiot supporters.
  3. No, 6 months ago that fucking idiot trump was destroying the ag markets due to his tariffs on China. It's now that the markets are working like they should, and Biden is helping us out with massive payments. Two PPP payments, tax free at $20833 a pop, plus I got slightly over $18,0000 CFAP payment. Life is good. We love you Joe.
  4. Enjoy the next 24 years . 8 years Biden, 8 years Harris, 8 years AOC. Hell, I'd be OK if AOC was in for 4 terms. Change the constitution like that fucking moron trump wanted to do. I guess we don't have to for trump though, he couldn't even win a second term.
  5. Notice it's a deputy sheriff that was involved in the latest mass shooting. I still say, take all weapons away from cops. They are totally unstable and nothing but bullies. Any cop caught with a weapon of any kind should get life in prison, and tell the rest of the boys in prison who the cop is.
  6. How about I look at my bank account and see how much money I've gotten in the last 3 months. PPP, CFAP3, WHIP, and I farm. We are getting more than double for corn and soybeans compared to just 6 months ago under that idiot trump.
  7. Well we don't seem to be able to defend ourselves against these lunatic cops, so why should they get to defend themselves?
  8. I'd say some republican probably had him over to his house for sex. We all know republicans like to suck dick and they like little boys especially.
  9. Actually you are completely wrong. I don't think a cop should ever be allowed to defend himself. If he or she doesn't like it, then don't be a cop. I firmly believe that cops should be forbidden to make traffic stops in the first place, and should never be allowed to carry weapons of any sort. It's time to reign in these right wing bullies. And yes I'm serious
  10. Look at the votes that were certified by the election boards in all 50 states. You're the senile old fuck. Votes canvases and certified. Can't get any more proof that that. We love you Joe Biden
  11. Cops are idiots, just like trump supporters. Neither should ever be allowed to carry a weapon.
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