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  1. Funny how the republicans condemned the protests when it was for George Floyd but now you hear nothing about the trump terrorism and trump himself encouraging the rioting. Total hypocrisy but it's to be expected. I've never seen a trump supporter yet that could figure out what was right or moral.
  2. Quoted for truth. I wish the dumb fucking trump supporters had to starve, it would serve them right.
  3. I'm not losing my farm because some dumb ass wants jerk China around.
  4. How do you figure that? trump put tariffs on China and that caused soybean prices to fall to $6 a bushel. If you can't accept that fact then you are truly as stupid as trump himself.
  5. For what? For screwing me out of about $150,000 with his Chinese tariffs. That totally ruined the US grain markets for 3 years. That's what for.
  6. trump voter. She looks like the kind of skank that trump would fuck
  7. At least I know that trump is trying to overthrow this country by pressuring Georgia officials to give him the election. trump reminds me of Hitler, he's that kind of dictator.
  8. I really wonder who's worse, trump or his delusional fan base. What a bunch of idiots all the way around
  9. Nope, trump and his idiot supporters are going to pay dearly for this. I'll never vote for another republican again ever, as long as I live.
  10. I made ZERO money with the farm with trump as president, so it won't be hard to change that once Joe Biden takes over
  11. trump already did. But I bet I make more money in the first month with Biden as president than I did in four years with trump.
  12. And he screwed me out of a $150,000 to when he put tariffs on China and China went and bought their soybeans from Brazil instead of the US. That fucking trump cost me money and I'll never forgive him or the republicans for it.
  13. What did trump know about running a government? In trump's case, he knew nothing and it showed.
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