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    Keeping America safe by supporting the Democrats and keeping the trump supporters out of office.

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  1. I love it. Just shows now much better and moral Democrats are compared to those fucking republicans.
  2. Did trump every pay anyone? Seems like he left a lot of people stuck holding the bag.
  3. Probably the same way trump does. Ask for donations and live off of other people's money. Or file bankruptcy, trump does that a lot too.
  4. trump never had ratings that good, even in his early months. trump fucked things up from day one.
  5. Well America's much beloved President Joe Biden is seeing his approval rating increase. It's at 56% which probably 25 points higher than what trump had when he left office. And this is from Fox News. Also 64% approved of Biden's handling of the Corona virus pandemic. https://www.yahoo.com/news/bidens-approval-rating-rises-56-120546151.html
  6. But you'll never get the trump morons to admit that trump got his ass handed to him fair and square.
  7. Republicans in Michigan investigated and now say no fraud. Still looking for proof that you can't provide. https://www.yahoo.com/news/michigan-republican-led-investigation-rejects-163831512.html
  8. We used to burn witches at the stake too. We are better now as a society
  9. Well trump did a lot of stupid things, so I packed it all in that post.
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