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  1. I see shit a ton worse. Do you realize. Everyone on a bunch of forums consider you to be the biggest Pig on the net. behind your BACK? Do you understand THAT? so dont play with me. !!! dont you play innocent with me. got it?
  2. and just what is that supposed to mean? fishy? hum?
  3. I know. This is an evil place? LOL you guys wonder why you get no new members here. But I know everyone here... so no big deal. really. I came over for entertainment.? LOL boring day.💗
  4. Well you know? Cry me a Shiver? Your starting to look a bit guilty in my eyes? Why are YOU obsessed? hum? I never think of these things? I see worse on other forums? HUM? your looking a bit guilty. what's on your mind. and dont play fake holier then tho to me? touche'
  5. Why do you guys want to kill each other? call a truce tuna. snicker
  6. Why don't you two leave each other alone? whas up with that? Hi!
  7. Are you sexy? Maybe when your sober.LOL Better then he is. For sure 🙂 The banks. No. I'll have to check that out tomorrow when I'm sober. I like that shit. snicker.
  8. I dont know teach. But he seems to know a lot going on there.. probably hides under a sok. And if he isnt man enough to play fair f- him. Fight a fair fight I say. With a women. coward. POS he is. sorry to say that teach.
  9. come on loser? call me a whore. debate me on my site. Least i have the balls to have the same name everywhere. You dont. you hide. coward
  10. Home where I belong? I only venture out rarely. How you been sweetheart? I get blamed for everything. story of my life. snicker.
  11. I hear it's coming . globalist china Joe... ? Theater. cy-ops. wtf?
  12. I don't see ads? If your not signed in, you may see ads. That's when I see them? Of course you know Rippy, I see things anyway? lol please forgive me. snicker.
  13. Taipan? Remember what you told me the other day? cry me shiver is giving me shit? can you take care of that for me.? LOLOL
  14. No. actually not. I've been busy. If you think your gonna intimidate me. Sorry. Don't waste your time. If you don't like it. Pull up your sok and take care of it. Coward.🙄
  15. Tell Cry me a Shiver to STFU. lol what the F does it have to do with me? snicker.
  16. Shiver me timbers. And what do you expect me to do about it? HUH? do you seriously think I have control over peoples behavior. ASS HOLE.
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