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  1. That's not nice! Guys? SERIOUSLY? you guys got man ears? you know what that is?? you just don't listen!
  2. well? OMH? I really thought I was sorry? Then ???? I thought a bit deeper???? Omh? maybe not so much?I started thinking ? if an entire site has no wimmin? Whats the point in that? isn't that the fun of life? it's no fun to have a bunch of guys calling each names? this is Not life OMH. I think you know what I'm talking about? I know you do.
  3. It's like a horror night mare. I say he looks likes the Movie Mars Attacks? does anyone here see my vision? OMG???
  4. Cut me some slack here you guys? I really don't know how to work this site? I've been accused of being LIBERAL? no, I'm not that dumb? I'm working on how to post? give me some time?
  5. I mean come ON? r you guys that sensitive you cant take some fun? it's all in fun. shoot we got an election coming up? Biden is going to start broadcasting from his house on the virus? I hope he can pull it off, because I don't think he knows where he is?
  6. What Vegas? I always liked your posts. I think your very Intelligent? what's the matter with YOU. I miss you! XOXO whats your beef? Relax vegas come back?
  7. well, like I told the guys? I've been kind of spoiled over there? me maybe a Brat? shoot? I've heard the gossip? all I can say is let folks say what they want?
  8. Ok? I do not want to upset this board. so I plead the fifth?LOL
  9. I sincerely apologize for scaring you off K- fools? I will behave. I just couldn't resist. Enough said. One of your buddies stuck up for you? I respect that.
  10. Where did you go kfoo seriously? where did you go??? you disappeared? ha ha ha!!!! you run from a chick?
  11. hey hi there origami? I see your post is much more lucid here? and Omg? even in color. lets see? we have to depend on the virtual reality of things in our pertual things of how things are? in out daily Living and things to be, now an eternity? Hi!!!
  12. Hey? k fools? lot more fun then this place? what the heck? huh huh? At least a person could say what they want to? By the way? where? where did you go? You ran? huh
  13. very funny? only problem with that is? it would take 6 weeks to get here.
  14. I think it's kind of serious? Marshall law in sense. It's not good. Thank god for the y2k. It taught us to be self sufficient. Chop wood, for heat, put in a generator, stock pile food. I'm stocking up on tobacco. I'm not gonna be stuck in the house without a smoke. Thinking about buying a back up pipe? anyone smoke a pipe? do they have filters you stick in there?
  15. Biden is pandering. He's going to put Fat Granny on the ticket. aka Hillary. Then she'll have her way in thru a side door. Biden will Likely get ill, and she'll be next in line to take over.
  16. YES it is? That's why I got bored and wandered over here? you can probably find out scoop? what a shame on such a fun night? with the debate and all?
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