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  1. no? i dont think it has a key. That was the big discussion. i do believe. It's a tesla. starts with a cell phone. I could be wrong.
  2. Oh dear? What a cute couple you are! My impression of you was... you were in your 80's. I would work on that? Get rid of the word old and replace it with cute mac? anything. laugh laugh. you must think something up?😀
  3. Oh he's just a nice guy county. But I do know he needs a cell phone to start the damn thing. OK? fine. What happens if the cell phone is dead? what happens if the grid goes down and he cant charge the cell phone to start the Telsa? It's a cute sporty black car. who needs it? 🙂
  4. Slowly? Are you guys outta your tree? How many years? The grid cant take it. Tesla? my doc gives me rides.. good for 3 hours charge. keep dreaming. giggle
  5. I just LOVE this. ha ha ha ha. Our electrical grid almost goes down on a hot day. Because of air conditioners? plug those cars on in.
  6. your the biggest pig on this site. ta ta. outta here.
  7. Thank you. snicker. I'm kind of lazy. but just this once.. I suppose. 🙂
  8. Do you think they both prepped? 😀 Do you guys post the link here live? Or do I have to travel to you tube? I really don't know how this works.?????????????
  9. I luv the fact you took my pm's away. LOL number one.. i don't have to bother with it. Delete it. it shows your weakness. And if you would have just asked. I would have given you my passord.. so you could read them again. but you never asked. Hi Lucy
  10. Yea this is not my place or time to get involved. That's your job. luv ya. I have my money on you. I just want to see it.💗 fun fun. just tell us where we can watch it.
  11. No I wont say anything. It's none of my bidness. lol or post. I stay out of this shit. lol I keep my mouth shut a lot more then you know. snicker.
  12. Ok Brittany!! thank you. I know a few people on another forum that would luv this.
  13. I'm gonna try to find out. And make sure I don't miss it. Fools? I hope they do it. popcorn. fun fun.
  14. I dunno. But if this happens will someone please tell me before hand.. I wouldn't want to miss this for the world. snicker. 🙄
  15. Ha ha. meme collection.. I'm used to his meltdowns...and tantrums. 😉
  16. bull shit you are. Getting scared are ya? go away PERV! Making nervous jokes.. just remember YOU started it.
  17. oh I do too! We all know on three forums.. I'm sick of it!! we drove him off one forum.. banned on another for filth. sok is back. LOLOL maybe even two? whah ha ha. yet i come here and he starts on me? as if i have anything to do with what another man posts. He is a fake bullshit artist! lolol up his arss.
  18. I would politely suggest to you. When I come over here to say hi . nothing more. you back off. you are very well known. what penguin does has nothing to do with me. you are the pedo. idiot. filth mouth.
  19. Apparently it fried your brain. I don't do drugs and everyone knows.. boy are you reaching for straws? got one up your nose.? obvious loser. LOLOLOL
  20. Keep trying to divert. I know every one of your soks and what you did. DISGUSTING thing I ever saw on the internet. I was told... I will fight ,so you don;t have too. And it wasn't on dot net either? creep!!!!
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