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  1. TUNA? you have to let it go? It was so long ago.? really. My old man dropped dead over a year ago.. life is to short...it's not heathy to dwell on this shit.. i got him back in a nice tiny box? I put a post -it on the box.. it said please help... then I slipped him under the couch.. let it go tuna?
  2. And you teacher? i would really like you to explain to me? politely? if you can? which i doubt.? what this thread is about? AND WHY? You two guys are at it's others throats constantly? you and common? seriously? I dont know ?Just askin. i feel like this is exactly like the globalist over lords on both forums? the rest of us are the pawns in your games?😊
  3. along with my neighbors 6 bull dogs? what is the matter with you?
  4. I tell lies.. and all you snowflakes believe anything I say. specially supra.. the conservatives laugh and know better. There was never a serious threat.
  5. JUST FOR KICKS I CAME OVER TO SEE IF YOUR DOING IT HERE. YOU ARE. You really are getting lazy.πŸ˜„
  6. What's the big debate on this? Just look at them. Why does society have to ruin a thing for such a small population??? It's simple. No debate. These chicks have man muscles.? WTF? get them OUT!
  7. I thought I was talking to Clint Eastwood. So disappointed.πŸ˜‰
  8. Your kind of a quiet guy Six.? Could you do it? I couldn't. I'd run out of something to say after like 15 minutes.. and I can talk. the guy that drives me around wears ear plugs in the car. 😊
  9. me too. ha ha ha. I i followed a long haired dude into the men's bathroom at a concert once. frightening.
  10. I think your right. Both did good. it would be kind of hard. I side with cannon on his point of view..( my point of view) but Ricky did good too. but when he when he went over in the chair.. I lost it. That in itself was worth watching.. laughed all day. thanks for hosting it.πŸ˜‰
  11. is it your sensitive side?πŸ˜„ If so.. I'll let it slide.
  12. just proved my point. LOL stop saying we post porn fool!
  13. How come your avatar says your a guy... but your all cute and pink and purple? ha ha ha.
  14. I dont post porn. Porn is on YOUR mind. Not ours. very obvious.
  15. I know. I was not impressed when I heard that. Hey remember when got kicked off here? My clunker car. Well that went on from the day left here until late fall last year. Six helped me and told me what to do to get it to the mechanic. The over heating thing.. 5 mechanics.. finally one guy said you have a slow leak head gasket. OK. picked it up. Everything was fine.. sort of.. all of a sudden no heat. Need heat in Maine. so I went and got some of that goop. The car guy on the radio recommends. pored it in. Fixed! voila. Been great since. But the damn car is still a lemon. chevy Impala.
  16. Has anyone ever told you how Obviously guilty YOU sound. Well someone just did. πŸ€ͺ
  17. When you show me your teeny weenie. what the hell? are we two year olds? guess you are.
  18. keep dreaming. I pay no attention to you Piggy. your shrivel dick Couldn't do A trick.
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