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  1. K fools!!! I cant believe you posted this. Ha ha. It's the swallow factor. Hilarious. ha ha ha... salty.
  2. Oh no. I am so sorry again. I'm here for you if you need to talk. Have you spoken to him on the ouija? i thought he got killed by a truck accident full of chicken lips?
  3. I thought you were going Hog hunting... You catch one already for Easter dinner? Is the pork in the oven now?😄
  4. oooo. I see you lured me down here Jinn. Are you drunk or smoking herbs? 😉 behave yourself.. cant be any worse then Maine.
  5. They didn't vote for him. And if they did, they're sorry now. The loon even fractured his foot, and had a dog bite incident.. things aren't going so well for him. I come from a cold state. It isn't even so much gasoline. But the cost of home heating oil. Not impressed. But then I didn't really expect anything good. But will admit. the damage is worse then I expected. And fast. I suppose it's easier to make a mess of things, then fix them. gees-us.
  6. king, every time I drop in.. she has a different picture. How in Gawds name, do you ever catch her? 😉
  7. How have you been. ?????????? apology accepted. 😀
  8. ha ha ha. Yesterday morning I came over and saw it. LOL. Bored.. see what you guys were talking about. I laughed. he didn't send an email. I remember all you guys. and YOU too.
  9. That's sweet, Thanks. I actually just dropped in because K-Fools called me a dunce.. LOL.. and i thought i'd come by and give him a few question marks... because he hates me using them. 😄
  10. What are you talking about? what does money your donating here have anything to do with us.
  11. She's mad at me. LOL. ha ha ha It goes on day after day. 😀
  12. ha. Your right, A safe space. 🙂
  13. oooo he's hiding is he... hum.. LOL😀
  14. Has anybody seen Rippy from here????? ????? ????? Bluedog, Olive or last but not least an OMH. my omh-ish getting stale. 🙄 must be hiding out . ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? and the question marks are for K -Fools. 😄 good debate.
  15. ha ha funny. I know all these guys.. who doesn't like a cute nickname? 😀
  16. oh come on... you trying to tell me you don't eat tuna?😉 bs
  17. I know. LOL I just came over to hide out.. for a few minutes.. and leave. Same here? hard to find a guy who cooks?🙂 or can even open a can of tuna?
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