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  1. 23 minutes ago, Wallco1 said:

    If you made a movie about an evil scientist it would be about Fauci. 

    When you see the puke playing the race card .. that's all you need to see... guilty. What a Puke. He is.. I really think he has Been the problem.. and look at the dummies who listen to him!

  2. 7 hours ago, king of the county said:

    Good enough had to be at least one x with down east dicks as title 

    It really was a real show.. It was called Downeast Dickers.. guys who traded labor instead of pay.. I cut a tree for you... fix my brakes.. really.. I dont come here often. Just thought I would tell you that.. catch you next time.. xoxo

  3. 2 hours ago, FredH said:

    Have you seen any of the new articles connecting the Obama regime and Fauci funding this research?

    Fred, I have.. I've been following it. It makes me literally sick. No one believes me.. So I shut up.. but I will say one thing... don't you see? They put the  biggest culprit of it all in the lime light.. Out on the news thinking it's gonna fool everyone.  gees-us What a Creep.

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  4. 1 minute ago, lucifershammer said:

    I just checked .. CP doesn't run this site kfools and I do.

    I know that... Don't be a smart arss.. LOL don't get your feathers ruffled.  but now that's two places i have heard this same  thing..... and no on explains it.. and i am just curious.. if it is it a legal thing..?

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