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  1. It really was a real show.. It was called Downeast Dickers.. guys who traded labor instead of pay.. I cut a tree for you... fix my brakes.. really.. I dont come here often. Just thought I would tell you that.. catch you next time.. xoxo
  2. No. Maine is a big state. What makes you think I know them. 😄 But my friends were on Down East Dicks. It was a reality show. And both of my mechanics were on it! We locals were thrilled.
  3. I think teacher is the cutest thing since sliced bread? He's SO mean? NOT? He picks on common.. and i just laugh.😄
  4. I don't know about the biggest liar.. but I think I know enough of you. To cast an outsider vote..? Can I vote on the biggest nutcase? I will anyway... TEACHER. sorry teacher. xoxo LOLOL
  5. Fred, I have.. I've been following it. It makes me literally sick. No one believes me.. So I shut up.. but I will say one thing... don't you see? They put the biggest culprit of it all in the lime light.. Out on the news thinking it's gonna fool everyone. gees-us What a Creep.
  6. I Dunno.. He's always been great to me.. I like his sense of humor... when he told a guy on our forum.. He was a set of lips on an arss. ha ha ha ha i snickered all week.
  7. Nope Zaro. probably looking for them in the ladies showers....? 😉 that's different. Not quite the same?
  8. Calguy Whah ha ha.. I know that... our site too. we just pretend. chuckle. that's why i asked the question. 😃
  9. I know that... Don't be a smart arss.. LOL don't get your feathers ruffled. but now that's two places i have heard this same thing..... and no on explains it.. and i am just curious.. if it is it a legal thing..?
  10. Well? What is it then?.. if it isn't legal? If it isn't ethical ... which I consider outsiders looking in.... and seeing words in a title. What is it? do tell. I'm just curious...
  11. Yes I know that LUCY. Swearing in the titles? But CP has always said.. no swearing in the titles.. yes I understand both sites are free speech. but is it a legal issue or an ethical thing?
  12. Come on Lucy? you didn't answer me my question? is it legal,ethical? or just to look good.. come on?
  13. I have always been told that too by cp.. we must look respectable at a quick glance? is that true...?
  14. signing off for the nite.. fun afternoon.😜
  15. I know.. but your mellowing out from a few years ago.
  16. Your right, an asian chick swinging from a ceiling fan? Is apt to do anything.
  17. lobsters in ponds? i was thinking the same thing.
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