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  1. You guys are all so SILLY? LOL I luv it. it's kind of fun? out me in the hell room? I need a rest? LOLLOL
  2. You crack me up K fools. LOL what am I gonna do in hell? can I have some fun down there? if I can? I'm game. LOLOL
  3. Explain? or I'll do the question mark thing and Pizz you off????????????????????????????????????????
  4. Stand my my man? Tammie Wynette? In my experiences? The guys stand by me.
  5. It is? It's being bigger then what you preach? You are either a Christian or you are not? People who are bible thumpers don't play these games. Stop playing the home wife shick. if you really were a Christian you would live and let live.
  6. yea? where you been? Washington drove you out? you haven't been over since.
  7. God on our side. Dylan. And besides I meant to answer you this morning when you said you were at a loss for words. Only when your sleeping? I hope you get it.
  8. Is that cute Lucy? I don't think so? Are you telling me, we aren't grown up enough to let another "sole" be? Hey you guys are turning me over to Tao. seriously. Are we not grown up enough to look the other way? he means no harm. yes he is irritating? but wtf? aren't we all.
  9. And if you don't leave him alone? your all frauds with Christianity. practice what you preach!
  10. No it is not closed! Today he is being kind of feisty on dot net. Leave him alone! let him be himself. if you don't it is just plain CRUEL!
  11. Ok then? we know her beliefs. I'm going to ask you men? No smut. King? behave. What do YOU guys want in a woman? besides being good looking. we know that. I am serious. Answer if you dare. do want a house wife, and independent woman. a mother? what?
  12. She sure knows how to get a fun thread started.
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