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  1. Hoot. Maybe you don't know it, but they're all on there anyway. And the rest are hiding as soks. Don't need an email here. And don't need to steal your members.. because they are all there now. silly. And to think I had it planned to just give you my passord and make it that much easier on you. shoot. Hi Lucy i missed you too. 😊
  2. Vegas>Exactly what I was trying to say. But you said it better. The split happened in the past. For K-Fools> And at this point, what difference does it make anyways... all of you HERE. are THERE. I cant find a person here not there. And the rest are *Hiding * As soon as something goes wrong at either site. everyone hops to the other. It's kind of cute in a way. I just wished people would keep the same name. So I didn't have to think so much. Our site is crazy and wild. There isn't much Mod anything over there. And the fighting between forums. Really is the l
  3. nite nite. going off to try and get some zzzz's. cant sleep at night lately. 😊 up all night.
  4. that's sort of true? but at this point.. we all belong to both sites so what is the point? getting even? just askin?
  5. You bought the rights to the product? ok. but my perps I had. Had signed agreements. i went to fed and civil court they had this and that, agreements , drafted up by a lawyer... Nobody even looked at? The justice system isn't what you want it to be.... that's really true K fools. i was getting charged 25 dollars for an attempted phone call? what is that? the phone never rang? a thought in a lawyers head? I wanted to call cyndi.. but I never did. attempted.. 25 $$$$
  6. when did they do that? before you owned it? if thats so... thats silly. I wasn't around then.. but from what I have thought. you weren't even the owner? am i wrong? i thought this entire crisis took place years ago. I wasn't around that far back. that's why I'm asking YOU?
  7. I paid up. didn't you.. you sneak on out? snicker.
  8. I paid my bet! didn't I olive? k fools is always very suspicious of me? LOLOL aint i sweet? you tell him? giggle.
  9. well i know that. lol your funny. you always make me laugh. i adore you!
  10. That's not nice to say k- fools? Why do you say that? Ricky is ricky. Bv is Bv. Both are fun and unique? you can call me a looney? if you want. if it makes you happy? 😉
  11. I thought Five was cute.. but he wouldn't tone it on down. The other one posted porn. LOLOL and I have this odd outlook, that we're all weirdo's. On both sites. That's ok. In a way doesn't it make us special.? Kind of like the wild and crazy sites? we're not those boring sites.? 😉
  12. None of my bidness of course. .I told at least two of these guys here. Tone it on down on net. I tried to save them. did they listen NO. LOLOLOL hilarious.
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