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  1. I had a box of those tiny ones.. in the orange cases.. 22. Huge cardboard box of them.. There were so many.. I couldn't lift the box. It came from nasty father who was a rifle instructor.. I gave them away. Thousands of them. Gawd do I regret doing that. LOL
  2. Sounds like me.. The guys take me out.. In training.. I pop them off.. not a care in the world.😆
  3. I went into shut down mode.. ah so you are a logistics man.. 😅
  4. You do. Clown.. no one else does.. I like to read the threads sometimes.. saw a great one last week about the covid and the flu.. your just weird.. snicker
  5. I get that. I have been sitting on my butt since the covid hit.. What do you do Rippy? i always luv to hear what people do for work. it's interesting.🙂 i thought you were retired?
  6. So is ours.. that's what makes both places fun.. LOL how you been Rippy? 💗
  7. Ha ha. I just couldn't resist signing in for this one... I tell you what.. you keep him right here...Please.. no idea. 😅 lol just logged in to see any good threads.. Bye bye. ha ha ha
  8. Not really slummin? Nah bored.. Just looking to see how you guys are doing, over here... I don't come over here often. chuckle? Are you guys surviving the braindead regime?
  9. I would really like Lucy to take away my e-mail? again? .. Thanks for him giving it back? But it was really kind of fun... not bothering with it? whah ha ha. If you don't have one? you can't get blamed for anything. where is he? Hoot.🤣
  10. That's sad....I feel bad for you.... do what you need to do... hang in there .. He will grow up.. Someday. So sorry. he will come around?🙄
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