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  1. I thought it was somethin in the water? hot pants.😊Kiss Kiss
  2. Boring and everything is closed. You know what I've done.. I refuse to do it anymore!! No more cooking nothing. No relatives.. Even at xmas. I get a bit extra to drink.. throw a cheap ham in the oven.. easy. If anyone drops in for a hello and is hungry.. . Make your on sammich. No more tense dinners with relatives... you all have been there. snicker.
  3. Ruh Roh. I'm related to him... seriously.. traced back. Ha ha ha gonna hang me slidey? ruh roh.😳
  4. Don't you know anything K-Fools.. How to mix a good drink? It's Kahlua in Ensure!!! Cannon drinks Hennessey in Egg nog= a Nig Nog. ☺️
  5. Don't play me tuna. Right now I see two guys obsessed with wild pigs ...
  6. Well? Why did you waste your time then? Did you pick up a tuna sammich? At the seven eleven. I can tune a piano and a guitar by the way? xoxo
  7. I had some left over Hot and Sweet china food, pretend hubby bought. If you eat it... it goes in sweet... then it hits. big time. HOT as a F. For kicks I gave it to my dogs! yum yum. Goes in sweet... Then their eyes bugged out of their heads. Next thing they did was lick their lips for an about an hour... then they drink the water. Guess what they did next? beg for more. it was the funniest thing i ever saw.. the look in their eyes. SURPRISE. lol
  8. Does this qualify as english.????????????????????????? inside joke?😉
  9. Really? I think u men , think that. Putty. Women are very slippery. we got you guys thinking that. lol SNICKER
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