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  1. Why hasn't this overwhelming evidence been presented in court? How long has it been since Sydney Powell released the Kraken? How long has it been since you posted a bogus conspiracy link?
  2. Too bad your several "credible" sources couldn't make to the courtroom. Rudy coulda used a few "credible" sources.
  3. Well Elnut, here it is Monday, I thought the shut was supposed to hit the fan today in the PA legislature? What happened? Another epic fail for your side.
  4. I thought Monday was supposed to be the big day for trump's lackeys in the PA legislature. As we all predicted, another epic THUD!! for the trump team of misfits.
  5. The numbers do not work for you dead enders. That's because you're dead enders. Political zombies. Walking dead.
  6. I don't have to explain anything. The writing is on the wall. I can't help it if you can't read.
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