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  1. The Q freaks are already backing off the March 4th scam. Ain't nothing happening.
  2. Every time you try to win last year's election, you lose. Every Single Time. You fools are gluttons for punishment. A bunch of regular butt boys.
  3. The "evidence" has been largely fabricated by bogus websites like gateway pundit.
  4. The winning ticket for sure. The CPAC freaks are still trying to win last year's election at this week's convention. Smart.
  5. Woulda loved to have seen what you secessionist assholes would have done during the snow storm that left most of your citizens freezing and in the dark. You would have been crying for foreign aid instead of federal aid. lolol
  6. Talk about a dumbass. That fact that you would even state something so stupid as "China has overtaken the entire MSM and democrat party" proves you believe anything you are told. Ever since trump got his ass beat the right wing has decided to somehow blame everything on China and you puppets repeat the lie every day.
  7. Gateway Pundit is not a credible source, I hate to tell you.
  8. I gave money to the site earlier this month as well. I don't give a shit about any green check mark either. I donated to help the site, not so I could use a green check mark to show everyone how great I am.
  9. They said the same thing about the "tea party". They said the same thing about the " movement" Ross Perot started in the 90's, can't even remember the name of the third party he started. The "trump movement" will end the same way. You'll be surprised how irrelevant trump becomes after being out of power for four years. Sure, he'll keep hinting that he'll run again. He's setting up his next grift to scam money from the followers. Just like Sarah Palin, after he's squeezed as much money for himself that he can, he'll fade off into the sunset and the so called movement will go the way of every ot
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