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  1. He goes across the country to bring in an anti-mask, anti-vaccine guy who is required to start every interview with “my views are my own and not those of UCLA.”
  2. If twitter is less relevant, why does everyone get so pissed when they stamp out misinformation?
  3. He's not. He's an anti-vaxxer. And a token black guy to boot. DeSantis found his man. He's not even from Florida.
  4. Start a new thread if it means that much to you... Punk.
  5. I'm just posting a link of a story. You can make up all the fairy tales about it that you want. Your weak-ass response to deflect was just that, weak.
  6. He's starting to fall back to the old Clinton defense. It's a sure sign he knows he's been grabbed. Even Rippy-washy's back-up meme is no help.
  7. WoW! An animated meme. You're coming up in the world. You also make crazy claims.
  8. Dismissing a 'claim' by known snake oil salesman Lindell is easy and accurate. Until Lindell files a lawsuit, all he has is empty claims. That's all he's had all along.
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