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  1. Who's laughing at us? I only see right wing idiots laughing.
  2. A secret vote like this is the most cowardly thing they could do. But they did it, because they're cowards.
  3. He's just another crazy blogger from Florida.
  4. But... But...trump is the world's most famous man, right? He has 75 MILLION supporters, according to you and your moron friends, right? WHERE ARE THEY?
  5. Trump's Blog Isn't Lighting Up The Internet Four months after former President Donald Trump was banished from most mainstream social media platforms, he returned to the web last Tuesday with “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” essentially a blog for his musings. A week since the unveiling, social media data suggests things are not going well. The ex-president’s blog has drawn a considerably smaller audience than his once-powerful social media accounts, according to engagement data compiled with BuzzSumo, a social media analytics company. The data offers a hint that while Trump remain
  6. A " bombshell" to gatewaypundit is merely a fart in the wind to everyone else.
  7. A fitting response for someone with no response. Name calling only identifies your stupidity.
  8. The leading cause of misery in the U.S. is the Republican Party A living wage for working people? Fuck that. Paying for childcare so that mothers can work? Fuck that. Taxing wealthy people and corporations? Fuck that. Universal health care for all? Fuck that. Universal education care for all? Fuck that The universal right to vote with no restrictions? Fuck that. Making sure that no one goes hungry in America? Fuck that. Agree or not, those are Republican "family values." And when we thought it couldn't get worse: They now want everyone to worship "Dear Leader." as t
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