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  1. And yet what is it you would like on the forum you ain't gettin exactly there cowboy?
  2. I see. You want to argue. You aren't allowed to argue. Just acknowledge what you have been told. That's it.
  3. 5 posts in sequence is breaking up the flow. It is Hijacking. Would you like more time off? Mods will be respected in this room. What they say goes. We are not interested in your opinion on that.
  4. Well,I'm not gonna read through to find the secondary sources and see if they are from 1200 BC or not. I would think they would be easy to cite if there are so many as claimed. If you have something specific I would like to hear it. Otherwise no worries I suppose.
  5. Ok,to save me time can you reference the points in these sources that fire secondary books/sources from 1200 BC?
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