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  1. I am...however my wife is making me make a 10 yr plan...she is not as IMPROMPTU as I am...much to my chagrin.... change your board to conservative forum and be done with it I have phoenix on ignore but that doesn't mean he should not be allowed to post...
  2. jeesuz krist...what the hell is wrong with you dicks?
  3. we did not elect obamas former doj employees...we hired trump to run the doj. Obamas only relevance is in that he is going to be indicted for crimes against humanity
  4. it would appear that blacks are the pit bulls of the humans....they are damn sure going to bit ya and it used to be a big deal when they did, but now we just accept the fact that they are going to do it and we don't give a shit. whites are the golden retrievers of the humans, when they kill it is astonishing...unless it is done on a genocidal scale...then it is par for the course. kinda funny, honkeys are the most gentle of the human races, yet when pissed off we turn psycho on a dime.
  5. you are a democrat, you tow the democratic party line, you have no credibility sir. seriously, you have lost any credibility as a genuine individual...you are a fake ass partisan.
  6. lol, don't carte if you believe me or not...your stupidity will continue on either way.
  7. it wont. the elderly only get counted if they die of covid, or a sickness that can be pushed off as covid.
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