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  1. Yes, Medicare is far cheaper than healthcare insurance but it also depends on what Medicare you choose to buy. Nowadays it's really difficult to choose what to buy as on the internet there are so many articles that mislead us. I know a reliable site and if you want to get more information about Medicare and what type of Medicare you should access https://www.medicarefaq.com/faqs/most-popular-medicare-supplement-plans/. I hope you will find this information helpful. Stay safe and have a wonderful day!
  2. Well, of course, they have their reasons to do that, but by me, this is not right. This is an invasion of privacy, that shouldn't occur anywhere. By the way, I also have such a problem as I am obligated to pass a drug test once in two months at my job, but I found a solution to this problem. Before the drug test, I just pass a home drug test that shows me either I am clean or not. I think you can also pass a saliva drug test, and thus make sure that everything will go the right way.
  3. I consider that voting should be done only in person and with the id. I consider that voting in any other form is not normal and should not be taken for serios. And i guess you people should understand that in a certain way, you are obligated to vote as soon as you are a citizen of this country. You just have to do it, you got to be a responsible citizen and do everything which stands in your powers to do all the best for the country. However i also heard a lot of people thinking about voting with some fake ids, well, in case you want to get in jail, then ok. The only good quality fake ids i f
  4. Well, in my opinion it is her life and she can do whatever she wants with it. That's my point of view, maybe she exaggerated a bit with those botox injections but if she is happy with it, why wouldn't we be happy about it. Yes, unfortunately not all botox injection procedures go right, and maybe she visited the wrong doctor, which isn't qualified. That is why before you make such procedures it is better to find a good clinic, with a good plastic surgeon, if you want to avoid similar situations. If she visited Dr. Sessa from https://www.seattleplasticsurgery.com/botox/, maybe everything could b
  5. I want to know at what step is your essay? On this topic, you can talk a lot and you can discuss a lot of things about it. This part of history is a little bit changed by those who have a lot of money, there are a lot of fake news and fake parts of history. I case you can't find any good information for your study or essay I suggest you contact https://essaywriterservice.com/dissertation-editing-service , they will rewrite your essay in no time. they will make sure that the information is 100% correct and they will correct the grammar on your essay.
  6. Ohh man, i understand you so much. Our first cat, well i can actually say that we grew up together, i loved her so much. When we had to ... do what we had to do, i wasn't even able to look at her. I got so attached to her that i was feeling like i lost my best friend. Same thing i am having right now. I got a dog and a cat. My retriever is already an old boy. He is having a certain disease that kills him day by day. And we decided to do what we have to do once again. However i couldn't get over it. I found this site https://petsoid.com/how-often-to-bath-cat/. Well there are a lot of useful thi
  7. Haha, There are a lot of good electricians on the internet, but unfortunately through all those good men you can find some bad professionals, that can ask a lot of money for the provided service, and can even tell you that they don't know how to fix your problem. That is why before you call for an electrician you should make a small online research, to read some reviews maybe, and then you can call him. I remember last month, a guy from Bates Electric St Louis came to my house and changed some wires, it was really nice to talk to him. I also read a good review on their website.
  8. No source has specified this, people are now afraid of everything they touch and can be infected with COVID! I have a little girl and I'm afraid to go out where the crowd is, I protect her as much as possible. I have breastfeed her even I got a light flu. The breast milk has a lot of useful nutrients for her health. when I have to go somewhere and the baby girl is taken care by my hubbie I have milk in the fridge. Thanks God for awesome invention as breast pump from cutelittledarling.com For the last month I had a little milk, becuase she is growing and need more, so it device also stimulate
  9. Hello, my friends! You know it's quite interesting but to be honest, I hate the lottery and I definitely wouldn't recommend anyone to play this game. However, I understand that there are people who love this stuff as they have that small hope that they are gonna win sometimes and their life will suddenly change. Well, we all must understand that all types of gambling most probably will not , make us rich so I play poker but I play it for fun. I play it when I want to relax. If there are others who love poker then I would like to recommend a great site where I play for years and never had a pro
  10. Hey, there are a lot of online websites for gambling, but you have to chose wisely between all those hundreds of scammers that are only trying to make you go out of money. Before you start to play, make a small research to see where it is safe to play, and where not. Soon you will find an honest casino, where you will play safe, with your friends or alone. Actually you can visit empire777 , who knows, maybe you will find something here.
  11. Actually i have to admit that in general everything related to any jobs in US right now have hit rock bottom to be honest. In the past 2 years the salaries even for the programmers went down for more than 20%. And the requirments for any programmer are incredibly high. Even for an unexperienced young guy that just graduated from the university or college, almost any company want them to have at least 4 years of experience. How is it even possible? And now, if you get a ccnp certification then you get a big advantage. And most of the companies redirect you to https://www.spotoclub.com/ for the
  12. Can someone here actually explain to me what was so bad about this real estate? It looks absolutely normal for me. I would buy it if I had so much money, I guess. Not so long ago I've sold my old house in the London suburbs to The Property Buying Company in UK and now I have something like $750K on my account. And now I'm looking for ideas about where to invest this money in. Investing it in this kind of real estate is a bad idea? And if so, why?
  13. Maybe this isn't the right forum, but still. My electricity bills keep rising and I can't understand why. No changes, everything is as always. It's bugging me, it's annoying.
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