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  1. MY COUNTRY - RIGHT OR WRONG. It was Churchill who said ( more or less ), America has the worst system in recorded history; except for all the rest.
  2. I must endure the torture of being home in the Lazy Boy, drinking Guinness & eating home made burgers & fries. A few shots of Jack, and watching classic films. I'll tough it out as best I can. Ya gotta find the recipe for Solly's Butter Burgers.
  3. Not to get off track; but "THEE" cleanest restaurants I have ever eaten in were the ones operated by Pennsylvania Dutch. You probably could eat off the floor.
  4. You eat a salad prepared by some ass scratching - nose picking chef ( chef? ) and you wonder why you begin to shit your pants. I wonder if she licked any restroom floors while down there.
  5. I cannot imagine coming back from Mexico with digestive issues. The woman has the IQ of a doorknob. Although a doorknob is useful.
  6. Many hand sanitizers; but I still use carbolic soap. Strong smell, but not unpleasant.
  7. I do the no knead bread in the Dutch Oven ( parchment paper ). Just great, and effortless.
  8. Honest Joe. The man is a saint. But then, maybe he's so far around the bend, he really doesn't remember.
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