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  1. Healthcare ? Wow, Trump is pushing to eliminate Pre existing conditions mandate for insurance companies with the Supreme Court during a pandemic . Sounds like a winning strategy for killing more people. He hasn’t killed enough already.
  2. Theory ? Wow, still shaking that tree ? Still trying to defend a guy who changed his story later.
  3. Because you are a Humper for an idiot who is wrong so much......and it makes you a pigeon.
  4. Read the labels if you can read and tell me which ones can be used internally. Youre humping for a man weasel who said later he was being sarcastic. You guys defend a guy who admits he was WRONG.
  5. Trump later admitted he was wrong by saying he was just being sarcastic. Why are you such a pigeon head ?
  6. You’re ignorant of the entire context. For the umpteenth time, He was talking to a presenter just before him who was promoting commercial grade Disinfectants found in the household to kill the viruses ON SURFACES . Are you dense ? Go to your closet and find one they could use internally. do you know why you’re FOS Trump himself came back after the back lash AND SAID HE WAS BEING SARCASTIC.
  7. Exactly. Now, for the tenth time, the man he was talking to was promoting commercial disinfectants to kill the virus and bacteria “on surfaces” round the house and in the hospital. You seem to keep forgetting that Mr. pigeon. Have you ever used a commercial disinfectant ? ANY COMMERCIAL DISINFECTANT ? It doesn’t sound like you have. You’re house must be dirty or you don’t do it. Go to a quiet place where you can read the labels.....and cry We’ll wait. Second thought, just ask your wife so she can laugh at you and trump.
  8. Why don’t you look up the meaning of a “disinfectant“ to prevent yourself from sounding like a foolish trump Humper.
  9. Actually, I have a picture of some trump Humpers debating with each other. Want to see ?
  10. No, it’s clown questions you asked.
  11. Another pigeon remark. Now declare yourself a winner without have once done any medical research around the topic.
  12. You’re a pigeon. You don’t even know who the presenter was before Trump. If you were smart, you’d remember who he was.
  13. It’s not a debate when you ask clown questions. You’re behaving like a pigeon. debating a (Trumper ) is like playing chess with a pigeon - it knocks over the peices, defecates on the board, and then flies back to its flock to brag about how it won"
  14. I’m not debating, I’m listening to you stir the pot and make up shit for simpleton questions that can easily be found anywhere on medical related websites. Do you need help doing research ? I’d be glad to help you learn.
  15. You having trouble reading Donald. ?
  16. If the question is that simple, look it up yourself. I have no patience with lazy asteroids Trump Humpers. They keep asking Lazy questions and like a pigeon they boob up and down, drop some shit then fly away thinking they won....something.
  17. You trying to be cute or ignorant ?
  18. If you’re too lazy, which seems to be common among trump Humpers, I’m not doing anymore work for you. You have the video...it’s obvious like Trump, you’re lazy. Just look to a medical school web site and post questions
  19. The proof that I know more then you, is in our posts, Yours are filled with made up and evasive BS and mine are true. I know you know nothing about medicine.....or science in general. i remember all my HS stuff....and much more. I could claim a lot more, but this is the internet and your only as true as your references.
  20. Do you have a problem listening. He was talking to a presenter on industrial cleaners...and asking HIS products be INJECTED . YES HE SAID POSSIBLY INJECTED. YOU are wrong. The rest of the sane workd is right.
  21. Btw, it doesn’t matter what experience I have. Go on line to ANY MEDICAL SCHOOL THAT TRAINS DOCTORS. listen to comments by doctors who actually advise Trump. where do you get your info from ? Trump the guy who makes up shit ? Johns Hopkins doesn’t make up shit. If you think they do, the next time you have a bad injury, make an appointment with Trump and avoid all hospitals. You can’t argue out of both sides of your .....whatever.
  22. I guarantee I know a lot more then your posts indicate. Trump was talking to a guy who specialized in EXTERNAL DISINFECTANTS AND INDUSTRIAL CLEANERS. Watch the video yourself instead of making up stuff.
  23. You need to watch the video. The presenter was an expert on exterior industrial disinfectants including products like Lysol. Trump talked to this guy like his products were those an internist used. If anyone spent a decade as a medic and operating room specialist in the service, they’d know this shit. That people probably don’t means, they listen too much to draft dodger Trump.
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