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  1. You focused on Obama’s birth certificates an$ Hillary’s emails till you were blue in the face...they were all lies by you guys. now, you live under the mantle of fascism. ....an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
  2. It’s right wing not left Fascism -an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
  3. That’s exactly the kind of response we expect from anyone identifying with that cap. So you now fess up to what it is and stopped pretending it was something else. You are what you are.
  4. You’re not a fraud then ? You really do support fascism and everything represented by your avatar.
  5. Sure, a fictional character that he as a trump supporter chooses to identify with. Well done on the part of both of you. Exposure is a first step.
  6. Time for name calling. Why don’t you just change it and apologize.
  7. I’m accusing you of exactly what you are doing by using an offensive picture as something you want to be identified with.
  8. So, you don’t know how to enlarge a picture ?
  9. You have your answer. He’s promoting fascism in his last post.
  10. Can’t answer that. But I can say you identify with Nazi Fascism in your avatar. A real American, especially some Religious minorities would be offended. You don’t seem to be. You’re legitimizing it by parading it on a website.
  11. And he’s wearing an SS Nazi dress cap. Congrats. You should be ashamed.
  12. You don’t think because you don’t want to do simple thing. Enlarge the avatar. It’s exactly what it is. Don’t run away, own it. That’s who they are.
  13. and your avatar promotes fascism. That’s not our constitution. It’s a hideous reminder of all that is bad.
  14. It’s obvious. It’s an SS cap. You guys who support Trump make no bones about it do you. Your avatar tells it all.
  15. You’re being sarcastic then, like Trump was when he took the oath of office. He never intended to protect the constitution.
  16. Btw, has your avatar finished reading mein Kampf
  17. I know yours. It was pigeon poop.
  18. Oh, Hillary. Is she running again. You guys are so simple. Lock her up...going to use That again ?
  19. Sure, every university web site in the world disagrees with Trump on climate change. They don’t hate him, but like everyother country in the free world, they think he’s an idiot,
  20. You don’t worry me, any mistake you think I might make now, just pretend I was being sarcastic. It works for Trump with his lies with his little minions.
  21. It’s simple. Trump and his Humpers will just make Schtz up pretending they know what they do not i know what I don’t know and there are 3400 university web sites and institutions and research facilities that all help me and say the same thing. Trump and his Humpers are FOS.
  22. Oh, the Dems who had no control for two years and only 1/3 for the last two. Sounds like Nancy has put a curse in you...afraid if women ?
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