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  1. The US is rudderless ship with Trump. He has no plan, thankfully, and no idea what he’s going to do from one tweet to another. Geesus, his first COS when asked what Trumps agenda was going to be was too honest when he said, “I’ll have to check his campaign speeches.” Needless to say, he didn’t last long.
  2. No you don’t. Repeating the same false tripe is unnecessary. stealing money from the military budget to do it. Of course Trump and his bad feet are all about the military.
  3. When it comes to bigotry and your race hating rants, you are instep with your avatar. I guess you could say, you aren’t a fraud in that respect, you’re true to your beliefs. Do you know what we call 144 Aggies ? Gross ignorance.
  4. Finally, a devotee of mein kampf who will finally stop bragging about himself and his whiteness.
  5. Hey, do you know how an Aggie puts on his underwear ? Yellow stain on front, brown on back.
  6. I’m not in the business of educating you when all you have to do is use the internet sources. You’re intellectually lazy.
  7. You’re incompetent to judge as the flower child of a party that has over 100 admistrative convictions to 1. It’s the party of the stooopid, the criminally intent that feeds off voter suppression, racism and now, fascism. Look in the mirror at your little cap, which like the confederate flag, can’t hide your racist rants. You don’t believe in science and the free press, a core of democracy is fake news. Our intel is fake because you live in lies and deceit. Trump is a baboon and you are his keeper. everything is a conspiracy when in reality, you represent a failed white movement tr
  8. While Humpers are hell bent on some on destroying the climate and out democracy.
  9. If is a big word. He hasn’t done shit for nearly four years but have the SC lead by republicans, turn back nearly all his poorly prepared orders. He’s a stiff. Im surprised he can find his crack pipe when he wakes up. They guy is on drugs.....always has been. Probably sniffing Lysol but probably a cart load of Lipitor for his fat ass and cholesterol count.
  10. Haha you were asleep for the republican tax cuts that built up a trio dollar deficit before any bailouts. Don’t tell us how great conservatives are at saving money. That’s a farce.
  11. Ha ha Trump will do nothing. He can’t even get Mexico to pay for 200 miles of wall. He never jailed Hillary or made perfect healthcare. His vaunted economy is down the tubes and his orange fake tan is turning brown.
  12. Btw, you should not have told me you’re an Aggie. Did you hear about the Aggie who moved to Oklahoma from Texas and raised the IQ of both states ? You’re going to be the butt of a lot dumb asteroid jokes now. As well you should.
  13. Not really. But keep infecting yourselves and don’t wear masks and our worries will be over. I know a bunch of people from Texas who summer in our northern state. Great people. They must not be friends of yours. They aren’t white supremists. Sorry. I also spent a little time there doing basic training before they sent me to kill and maim people in far off lands. Too bad we didn’t run into each other then before I developed a better attitude. Some texans are fine, some are a-holes, just like anyother place.
  14. And the most crime ridden states are red states. And, gop administration convictions lead Dems 100 to 1. it seems you want to compare cities and towns and omit states and the Fed where the real population is. Far and away, the idiots and criminals lie on the republican side of the isle. the gop party platform isn’t even practiced by conservatives in other countries. The gop is the SHIP OF FOOLS. You don’t believe in science, economics, healthcare or education.
  15. Your feeble attempt at humor was.....feeble. I suppose “ sone” is another one ?
  16. Still haven’t figured what trump Humpers are. we know they are fascist now and anti science
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