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  1. The feeling is mutual, whatever it might be.....as long as we agree that Trump is useless, we have something in common.
  2. He’s still not Trump who has a cholesterol count that needs an exponent to measure.
  3. Ha ha Dream on. Remdesivir A drug that’s safe and effective for any use ? Ha ha. That’s funny Why doesn’t Trump use it on his Penis then ?
  4. Ha ha. Are you counting how many whores Trump has slept with....while his wives were pregnant.
  5. Quote from Trump. ” I am the chosen one. “ And he doesn’t have a mental health problem ? Only a person with a mental health problem would say it or believe it.
  6. Ha ha, We’ve seen Biden jog. We’ve seen Trump have trouble seeing the steps over his lardo gut. Trump has stock in Lipitor.
  7. Seriously ? Trump exhibits all the characteristics of dementia from day on.
  8. Funny thread.....usually one votes for someone. I guarantee one choice will not be, “ vote against joe”
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