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  1. Then the choice is simple. Sounds like you’d rather have a republican with faults then a Democrat with faults. Why start a thread with the obvious. Likely, you are a republican. Or, maybe you’re a Russian bot. Who knows.
  2. Internet tough guy again. Failure tough guy. I don’t understand why you’re such an a-hole.
  3. That picture sure Seems to give So you are coming out if the closet .
  4. I came by automobile. Fking a ship is an undertaking you might be better suited for
  5. Oh, so after centuries if enslaving and murdering blacks, you’re afraid they might get a voting majority of non whites and not allow whites to have guns, then enslave “ you.” So, you’re really afraid like Charlene Heston ?
  6. Now that we've established you don't know the budget process, you're now talking about the border wall that the GOP controlled congress did NOT FUND FOR TWO years....and Trump still signed the s[pending bills. Trump doesn't care about the wall. He's only making believe cause he knows his Humpers are dumb enough to fall for anything.
  7. That’s sad to hear. I’m afraid they’ll be a lot of stories like that before this is through. And to think we could be much better off. I don’t see America is great again.
  8. Those are regulated like all firearms need to be. We don’t need ar15 with 30 round mags anymore then we need or want a nuke.
  9. I carry a gun everyday MFer. The 2a didn’t give me that right. I have a permit from our state government. The feds had NOTHING to do with it other then a BC check. Go smoke something else. Yours isn’t working.
  10. Still haven’t figured out the budget process. Neither has trump who’s stealing money from the pentagon to build 200 miles of wall, err fence that you can cut through with hardware tools.
  11. You just never know when you could be attacked by a herd of wild pigs. There is only one community in the history of our country that has feared home invasion by marauding bands of criminals with any regularity . That Is the American Black community. They are the ones you’d expect to have the greatest fear of maurading bands of white criminals our to enslave them. First in Africa, then later here, after the emancipation proclamation.
  12. Trump is never right. He has failed at everything and just like his followers, they’re filled with hate....just read the posts here. To the Humpers, everything comes from Mein fuhrer.
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