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  2. You send your son or daughter with a 1/2 full bag of candy that they collected to the next house. Kid knocks on door. Door opens, kid returns with an empty bag. That is a Democrats house. That night, you take the dog poop from their yard, put it in a paper bag, put on front porch,,, insert next action here, and ring doorbell and hide. Dirty hot bag of crap!
  3. The negro skull, in addition to having a smaller brain volume and thicker cranial bones than that of the White, is prognathous ; i.e., the lower face projects forward in the manner of an animal's muzzle. The negro jaw is substantially longer, relative to its width, than the White jaw. A feature of the negro lower jaw is its retention of a vestige of the "simian shelf," a bony region immediately behind the incisors. The simian shelf is a distinguishing characteristic of apes, and it is absent in Whites. They emit a peculiar offensive body odor similar to apes. Just as their black skin protected them from the intense African sun, they are inherently lazy in order to prevent over exertion in that intense sun. The arms and legs of the negro are relatively longer than the European. The humerus is shorter and the forearm longer thereby approximating the ape form. The eye often has a yellowish scierotic coat over it like that of a gorilla. The negro has a shorter trunk; the cross-section of the chest is more circular than Whites. Similar to an ape. The pelvis is narrower and longer as it is in an ape. The negro has a larger and shorter neck akin to that of apes. The ears are roundish, rather small, standing somewhat high and detached thus approaching the ape form. The jaw is larger and stronger and protrudes outward which, along with lower retreating forehead, gives a facial angle of 68 to 70 degrees, like an ape, as opposed to a facial angle of 80 to 82 degrees for Europeans. The three curvatures of the spine are less pronounced in the negro than in the white and thus more characteristic of an ape. The two bones proper of the nose are occasionally united, as in apes. Taxonomists and geneticists believe that negros should be classified as different species. In fact, Darwin declared in The Descent of Man that the negros are so distinct that similar differences found in any other animal would warrant their classification as a different species.
  4. Only missing the C and R NASCAR! Non Athletic Sport Catering Around Red necks!
  5. https://www.judicialwatch.org/corruption-chronicles/assembly-of-african-migrants-in-tapachula-demands-asylum-in-u-s/ AFRICANS ARE VICIOUS BROWN CREATURES. AFRICANS ARE FILTHY. BROWN. THEY SMELL FUNNY!
  6. https://www.dailywire.com/news/52044/breaking-suv-plows-chicago-mall-mass-casualty-ryan-saavedra?utm_medium=email&utm_content=092119-news&utm_campaign=position3
  7. I just want to inform everyone that Beto is not a Mexican. His legal name is Robert Francis O'Rourke. He is a fourth-generation Irish American. The Irish gene pool might explain his alcohol problem (below). Also I want to inform everyone about these DIRTY DEEDS On May 19, 1995, O'Rourke and his friends jumped over a fence at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) physical plant, and were arrested by the UTEP police for burglary. He was held in jail overnight and posted bail the following day. He was initially charged with burglary, but prosecutors dropped the case against O'Rourke and his friends in February 1996 when UTEP declined to pursue the charges. O'Rourke was arrested for driving while intoxicated on September 27, 1998, at 3:00 a.m. on Interstate 10 in Anthony, Texas. The charges were dismissed in October 1999 after he completed a court-recommended DWI program. In response to criticism from a political opponent in 2005, O'Rourke said, "I've been open about it since the very beginning. I have owned up to it and I have taken responsibility for it." He apologized and said he was "grateful for the second chance". YAWN, I know, but people like benson13 will pitch a fit when they are exposed to the truth.
  8. An ASSAULT WEAPON was NOT USED. An ASSAULT WEAPON is a weapon that is designed to be fired in a semi automatic mode or fully automatic mode and features a selector switch. This allows the operator to select the mode. It is POSSIBLE that an AR style rifle was used, but an AR style rifle is semi automatic, and an AR style rifle is NOT an ASSAULT RIFLE. Do your research. And when you see the MEDIA LYING, call them out ad tell them they are LYING and you are TIRED OF IT.
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