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  1. he has lied to 20,000 times and you believe him. I bet you believe he has proof that Obama was born in Kenya. I bet you believe that a miracle will get rid of the virus. I bet you believe that Russia wasn’t involved in our election, I bet you believe he had the largest inauguration ever. He treats his base as though they are stupid and they believe him. His lies are verified by his stupid tweets and his impulsive talking and I should know because I am like trump .....the greatest most brilliant person ever
  2. A reason Trump said he loves the uneducated is because they don’t educate themselves. You gave a quote of Rockafeller which he never said...comm8nsense would tell you that... here is something he did say. . “I believe that it is my duty to make money and use it for the benefit of my neighbors. This is what my conscience tells me.”
  3. Nothing says you are really dumb if you vote for somebody who screws you and you say thank you.He talks to his face like they are stupid
  4. was that before he killed puppies ..I hope you’re joking
  5. Joe didn’t have to take an Alzheimer’s test and brag that he did “amazing” because He could remember 5words
  6. I live in a highly successful area in Cummings District… Do you give him credit for that? He is the opposite of trump.Trump takes all the credit and none of the blame but he gives Cummings all the blame and none of the credit.
  7. I am a screaming liberal!😁 We hold ourselves to a higher standard. An example is we got rid of weiner and Spitzer..they re-elected Vitter and Sanford
  8. Isn’t it sad that you defend a man who got the presidency illegally? There is no question that Russia manipulated the election with the intent of getting Trump in office. And now we see why. Trump is Putin’s little baby boy
  9. Trump sure knows his base...Ignore the messages and attack the messengers. Come on you can have some cute little insulted like the man you seem to worship
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