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  1. I live in a highly successful area in Cummings District… Do you give him credit for that? He is the opposite of trump.Trump takes all the credit and none of the blame but he gives Cummings all the blame and none of the credit.
  2. I am a screaming liberal!😁 We hold ourselves to a higher standard. An example is we got rid of weiner and Spitzer..they re-elected Vitter and Sanford
  3. Isn’t it sad that you defend a man who got the presidency illegally? There is no question that Russia manipulated the election with the intent of getting Trump in office. And now we see why. Trump is Putin’s little baby boy
  4. Trump sure knows his base...Ignore the messages and attack the messengers. Come on you can have some cute little insulted like the man you seem to worship
  5. No sense in arguing....Trump knows his base . It is nothing like calling a white person the N-word. All these women are minorities..just a coincidence
  6. Telling people to go back to where they came from when three of them were born here is racist it also shows that you know little about history. But like the Nazis it’s fun to scapegoat groups of people, put them in cells. Why don’t you go back where you came from obviously you hate America
  7. So what if it is?It’s none of your business why. If you’re saying a woman is too irresponsible to use birth control are you saying she’s responsible enough to raise a child for 18 years?
  8. Maybe we shouldn’t allow people to drive because sometimes they’re irresponsible and get into an accident. And I think you’re the one who is foolish and believing that women use abortion as a form of birth control. Yes we just love all the cramping and bleeding (sarcasm alert)
  9. Why shouldn’t abortion be on demand? Are you saying that a woman should not have the right to have an abortion when she wants one. Women do not have a late term abortion’s when there is a healthy fetus and a healthy woman anymore than gun owners shoot people
  10. Ya mean her cyber bullying cause didn’t work?she just can’t get her husband to stop LOL
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