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  1. FIRST you sneak the civilians out, along with all classified information. THEN you get the troops out. Then you announce that it's done. Too bad there's no INTELLIGENCE personnel in your White House to explain these things to you. Have the balls to admit you're an idiot who doesn't recognize good advice when you hear it. There is one good thing that is coming out of this tragedly. People are finally seeing that Islam is truly a Satanic religion. It exists to force the worship of male genitalia, giving them total power, and forcing vaginas to be available to their peepee god whenever it demands worship. This is proof that Islam is from men who are morons, just like our Republicans. They know women will outsmart them, and are ruled by their hormones, just like our Republicans. Stupid women, who have no self respect, will obey and worship their false gods, just our Republican women. They will believe the lies, just like our Republican women who actually believed that their good old white boys will actually make abortion illegal. Who wants to hide their rapes and affairs more than Republican men who work to maintain squeeky clean reputations because they have so much blood and dirt to cover up! WARNING: Biden will repeat this disaster in another country. Very, very soon, Biden will use his power to install another Satanic religion in another country, and the people there will be slaughtered for exercising freedom of religion. Guess which country. Think that's impossible? Turn on the news and turn on your brain.
  2. Sounds great - in church. In reality, they are so extremely violent because they are fighting a WAR, which also explains all the guns. What you're saying is fine, when you're disagreeing with human beings, but these are animals. They exactly like the Taliban - they worship their dick-power and want to beat women down to a level that they're barely more than animals. Unless you're living in fantasyland, you are aware that it's LEGAL in the US to BEAT, RAPE, etc. wives. They are property and they lose rights in courts, unless they can match funds and get legal parasites equal to the husbands. Republican men will likely put up with anything another peepee does, to stick together against VJs. Like the Taliban, it's all about the POWER, and they'll give their lives to get it and keep it.
  3. I'm furious with Biden for the reckless, incredibly stupid way he has handled Afghanistan. It's bad enough that our country's reputation is in the sewer, but the horrible cost of human life and the betrayal, is a crime against humanity. It's worse than Vietnam because it shows that our military and political leaders are true criminals. AS A RESULT: The American masses must get off their dead asses and join me in demand accountability, as I have for decades. Liberals cannot carry the GOP dead weight all their lives, which is why many have given up. Demand two things: PROSECUTION of State Department employees who failed to get our people out of Afghanistan in time. The State Dept. has always been incompetent, but now they're cold-blooded murderers. That must extend to those at the VA who have been getting away with murdering veterans for generations. There's no time limit on murder. It must include Social Security freeloaders who victimize us. It must especially include the FDA killers who have legalized poison and kept us from getting life-saving medicines. It must include all who are responsible in any small way for keeping innocent people in prison, especially those who had anything to to with marijuana. It must especially include the worst of them, prosecutors who routinely get away with murder. They are the mob bosses that control legalized crime. It must include every member of every Electoral College, and every other criminal involved in violating our right to vote. It's Electoral College whores who sold out to the GOP and put Bastard President Trump in the White House because he lost the popular vote. Traitor Trump is truly Satan's man because God called Satan the father of lies, and Trump lives in a world of lies. He got away with falsely convincing his Village Idiots that Biden stole the election, when the REALITY is that it's Republicans who keep stealing elections. (Republican Morons: In case your retarded brains haven't figured it out, Climate Change is killing us. President Al Gore made it clear he was going to attack and stop that, but Bastard President George Bush showed what a true criminal he is when he used every dirty trick he could to steal the presidency.) The Democratic and Republican Parties, and all Republican leaders, must be driven out of power. At this point we are fighting for survival. So, take a good look at Afghanistan and ask yourself it you have any reason to think that those in power in the U.S. care about us any more than they care about those who are being slaughtered as you read this. Remember, they and their families are losing their lives in horrible ways because they foolishly trusted those in power in the U.S. If you're so stupid that you still don't get it, nobody will lift a finger to help you when it's too late. If any of you are idiots who think that they'll stop Climate Change because it will hurt them too, then you are hopeless. Morons: They have a plan. Note: I haven't written in a long time because it's a waste of my time. Let's see how fast this one works, if at all.
  4. This was clearly murder, based on facts: The cop said to TURN OFF THE PHONE TWO TIMES, even when it was on the floor. The only reason for that can be that the cop didn't want evidence. They could destroy the cop cam evidence, as it has happened repeatedly, but a personal phone was a threat that could expose the facts. If a cop is making a legal stop, a phone is not part of the conversation. I don't think it could have been more obvious that they wanted Wright to run so they could shoot him, especially since they already knew he was a runner. They let him run, in spite of knowing that would likely happen, so the entire incident was clearly a deliberate murder. First, we see two strong cops, and one skinny young guy, yet they couldn't manage to cuff him quickly. Instead, one cop fumbled, and the second made a sad attempt to take hold of his arm, but couldn't even manage that. He had NO PROBLEM getting away, so they had the excuse they wanted to shoot him. It's impossible to believe that a large man couldn't have stopped the kid from getting in the car or pulling him back out. Then they let him drive away, even though he had no weapon. Why were they so AFRAID to pull him back out after letting him easily get back in the car? However, a cop with 26 years experience had no problem pulling a gun and shooting, then claimed not to know the difference between a yellow taser and a black gun. Why was that cop so disoriented and panicked? On drugs? Why aren't the American people joining me in blaming the POLICE CHIEFS, politicians, and all in power? How can it be a great coincidence that this is happening is both liberal and conservative states, all across the U.S. unless there is a plot from the top? We need to demand that those who testify against those above them get no prison sentence. Remember, it's Nazi Republicans who have made it very clear they HATE MINORITIES, and liberals who fight for equal rights for all! This will continue to be a violent, very dangerous country until Braindead Republicans get their pea-brains out of their bu**s.
  5. The Republican Civil War has caused the U.S. to rot internally so badly that it's almost out of control. I'm sure that the Republican simple-minded masses will never wise up in time. Their Congressmen pass laws that make corporations and the rich richer. Even worse, they make it impossible to hold powerful corporate leaders and the wealthy accountable for their crimes. The proof couldn't be more obvious, but Right-wingers are so mentally ill that they don't see reality. Instead they listen to FOX, etc. For example: How often are wealthy mass-murderers even arrested? No, they're protected by ILLEGAL REPUBLICAN LAWS, even though they murder hundreds of millions with single incidents. How often are corporations forced to pay for the environmental cleanups that result from their oil spills and other disasters? No, braindead Republican taxpayers are forced to pay, and they seem to love it. If not, then they'd join liberals in fighting for the people, and to give America's children a country that's not a disaster. Who made it possible for the Elite and large corporations to pay little or no taxes, forcing Republican idiots to support their welfare free ride? Republican legislators. How many bankers have gone to prison for their treason, manipulation, etc.? Many thousands should have been sent to prison in the last decade alone. So, Republican voters are CRIMINALLY INSANE by refusing to face reality, by willingly supporting massive treason that threatens the survival of the U.S. and for fighting for the worst traitors this country has ever seen, especially psychotic Traitor Trump.
  6. Next year, vaccines are going to have to be available for: all those who have gotten vaccines this year, all those who got Covid instead and never want to get it again, all those GOPers whose brains finally switched into first gear and realize that they need to get vaccinated... So, it's going to be a fight for vaccines much worse than what we've seen. Local governments really screwed up in lots of areas, and unless they've been forced to improve, they won't get any better at doing their jobs. Plus, the wealthy and powerful will push their way to the front of the line, in secret again. We have the government we deserve. AGAIN, liberals can't keep protesting for better government, saving the world, etc. because they're having to fight the insanity of GOPers who are attacking them. AGAIN, it IS INSANITY because it's NOT SANE to fight for those who want to destroy them=the wealthy and powerful, the Republican parasites who will feed off the people no matter what.
  7. I assume you're referring to the knuckle-dragging animals who invaded the Capitol, when you referred to power leads to people getting killed. However, your simple-minded comment clearly shows that you are one of that general group. You seem confused. Have you considered psychiatric help? You truly need to do that.
  8. Of course, we're talking about the GOP stomping on liberals AGAIN for alleged sexual acts, but oh don't Republicans LOVE TRUMP actually GRABBING GENITALS and demeaning women - OHHH YEAH! The GOP repeatedly exposes their ongoing obsession with other people's genitals to their lying, abusive, hateful, immoral Republican voters. Republicans couldn't care less about women's rights, but those political parasites keep using 'sex' to go after liberals. You don't see Republican slugs falsely accusing liberals of actual CRIMES against the government, our rights, or crimes against people. They CAN'T because Republicans are the ones doing that, so they don't want their voters to even think about treason. No that's what Republicans do, but they keep their voters from THINKING about their own survival by filling their little brains with sex. GOP legislators keep fighting against taxpayers getting THEIR OWN MONEY back so they can survive this pandemic. Russia and China are not GOP enemies - liberals are. Traitor Trump is adored by lifelong traitors who don't care about this country, and GOP leaders don't care about them. If men are doing wrong to women, they should TAKE IT TO CIVIL COURT. It's NOT OUR PROBLEM. OUR PROBLEM IS TRYING TO SURVIVE GOP TREASON!!!! Liberals FIGHT BACK against Republican treason and the liberals who enable them! Go after Republicans for their sex crimes, like prostitution, and their crimes against this country and people. Go after them for TREASON, and actually PROSECUTE them! This is a CIVIL WAR, which Republicans will never stop fighting until the American people stand strong against them.
  9. We need to treat them the way they treat the rest of Americans. Remember, they've been fighting this sleazy war for at least the better part of a century now. (For Republican states, counties, and individual registered Republicans) 1. They must be denied any Obamacare benefits because they worked to hard to defeat it. As a compromise, their tax dollars must continue to be funneled to the GOP powerful: to corporations, the wealthy, those who bribe, work to sabotage voting rights, 2. They must be denied all Covid assistance and vaccines because they put Traitor Trump in the White House, and he used that power to do NOTHING ABOUT COVID VACCINES, and GOP legislators are still fighting against giving any financial assistance to the GOP poor and middle class. They want to suffer, so let them. In other words, give the dumbest people in America what they want and let them choke on it until their brains shift out of neutral.
  10. Everything you've said here is a lie, proving again how deeply Right-wingers are buried in the Trump Swamp. You morons aren't worth my time, but here's one example: Trump LOST THE 2016 ELECTION because he got far fewer votes, but TRUMP STOLE THAT ELECTION because GOP FILTH and CORRUPTION was able to buy off enough Electoral College votes to deny the American people the right to have their choice. Trump LOST THE 2020 ELECTION because he got far fewer votes, and the Electoral College was smart enough to evict Traitor Trump to end his Hitler Wanna-be regime. TRUMP STEALS ELECTIONS, and is supported by total morons, living in their psychotic fantasy-land swamp. Trump Butkissers KNOW THEY'RE HATED by Patriotic Americans, and prove it by fighting so hard to deny people their right to vote.
  11. Right! It's truly insane for them to complain about liberal spending FOR THE PEOPLE, INCLUDING THEM, while they have no problem with their tax dollars going to the Elite, like lifelong welfare recipient Traitor Trump, to corporations, bankers, GOP parasites in Congress, etc. Their love of corruption can only be explained by the fact that evil loves evil, and will defend evil, even when it makes no sense at all.
  12. Very well said. It's truly a mystery. Reminds me of the parents who were desperate to save their kids from mind-control cults. Maybe it comes from being paranoid about reality, and believing the only solution is to change reality to be what they can tolerate. I don't know, and I'm not worried about becoming delusional because I like being courageous enough to accept reality.
  13. I've tried to post 'The Republican Civil War' in two separate forums, but they've been deleted. Plus, the 'liberals only' forum is full of psycho Republican filth which is never deleted. This is like another so-called 'free speech' website that was in reality set up for Republicans to attack liberals. Welcome to Western Russia.
  14. The Liberal Forum is infested with Nazi Republican vermin so such a degree that it's a total waste of time. No wonder there is almost no intelligent life on this GOP zombie planet.
  15. Liberals were warned about the Republican Civil War in the early '80s, but they didn't take it seriously. They didn't believe that people born in the U.S. could be that braindead. Well, liberals, do you get it yet? I don't think so. Do you seriously think that Traitor Trump and his Village Idiots won't repeat what they did to steal the election in 2016? Trump was the LOSER after the votes were counted but, being the scumbag criminal that he is, he manipulated the Electoral College to make him just another bastard Republican President, like George Bush. Both are idiots, arrogant and unfit for the office of President, but they forced themselves on us so each was able to destroy hundreds of thousands of lives = Innocent people destroyed by career criminals who were elected by hate-filled criminals. So, expect Traitor Trump to repeat what worked for him the first time. He's going to use the Presidency to destroy all who aren't loyal to him, but he loves those who help him betray this country. The U.S. will not survive another Trump Presidency. He'll murder massive numbers of his voters, and the country's economy will collapse. The wealthy will leave this sinking ship and life in this country will be hell on earth. That's what evil always produces = death and destruction. In the meantime, the American people can do what they should have done decades ago, to make life a little better, and prevent as much suffering as possible. Monopolies have to go. Traitor Reagan is to blame for a big boost in the rich getting rich and the beginning of our homeless crisis. That was part of the warning about the Republican Civil War so long ago. But, dumb-as-dirt Republicans literally worshipped him, and some still don't get it. 1. Monopolies give power to a few, putting us under their control and encouraging abuses which will affect our ability to survive (Microsoft (spying), WalMart (no real competition), major banks (most powerful career criminals and traitors), etc. The 'bank robbers' steal from us and the government at the same time, then tell us we have to pay their national debt. I gave this information and solutions online decades ago, but very little happened. Have you suffered enough yet? 2. Government employees get away with crimes every day because they're protected by illegal laws. They can't be sued, so taxpayers have to pay for the damages they cause, and they walk away free and clear, and even go on to collect massive retirements at taxpayer expense. That's why they're so antagonistic against us = we are the enemy while the government employees above them protect them. It's a terrible plan which encourages abuse and criminal acts, and we are the victims of that abuse too. There's no reason to go farther for people who have no self respect, no patriotism, are too gutless, too lazy to fight for this country. However, those people have no problem sending their gullible sons and daughters to Afghanistan in support of the Elite's treason. If you intend to survive, you better start fighting like hell, or find another country before it's too late. You're going to have to fight the braindead Republicans at the same time because evil people love evil, even though they have no clue.
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