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  1. I'd love to see Pelosi in the White House, even if just for a short time, but I really don't think we can get Pence prosecuted, and even if we could, his term would run out. I don't see him committing treason with Russia, but he would be more likely to make our lives Hell on earth. One good Trump, in spite of himself, is that he exposed Right Wingers for what they really are, hate-filled, vengeful, simple-minded, etc. He also helped expose the fact that they've declared war on the rest of the U.S. I've been trying for decades to make that common knowledge, so I'm shocked to see Trump get so much ass-kissing from the media. Some of them deal with this as a disagreement between conservatives and liberals. No! It's conservatives attacking liberals for decades, and liberals letting them get away with it. I want the American people to face reality that it's a civil war, and they have to fight back, or let this country slide farther into the gutter, as it becomes more and more a third world country.
  2. Thank you for your comments. One fear I had is that Pence could try to act like a good President for a short time, which could get him elected for the next full term. That would give him a lot more time to do his damage, assuming most voters would be fooled by him. It probably infuriates most people that Trump can serve out his four years, but hopefully that would make enough Americans so irate that they'd demand his prosecution, and actually get him put in prison, along with as many others as possible. They should just charge him with one crime at a time, so if Barr pardons him, they can both go to prison for longer terms.
  3. As much as most of the world hates Trump, impeaching him would result in President Nazi Pence taking power. We would never recover from the abuses and treason Pence would inflict on us. Just look at his record - he isn't hiding much. Even worse, he has a functioning brain, and with his experience, he knows how to manipulate people. In addition, he's had years to line up his people and know who'd obey him without question - just what every dictator dreams of. Pence wouldn't need the GOP to secretly govern, telling him what to say and do, so he wouldn't look like a horse's ass all the time. So, again, Nancy Pelosi knows what she's doing. She deserves our trust.
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