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  1. Okay sorry, I am a bit tired and I want to sleep, but I am sure that most people are gonna get my idea.
  2. Literally, this things with elections in 2020 are a real challenge for Trump, to many better options for president it is going to be harder for people to elect someone. I am looking for more challenges on youtube. That are way better. Challenges that made people to pass thru time.
  3. personally, I don't think that Tiffany is dating a guy from Africa. Moreover, if she would be a simple woman of a simple guy (not Donald's), then nobody even condemn her, because each person would consider that every man is free for dating. For example, even my friend was married and even in this situation she messaging with other people on this farangdate site. By the way, exactly thanks to this dating site she found her husband, lol... Becomes some kind of uncomfortably...
  4. Very bad money management from the government. It was not people's fault for that. I think that the rulers It was not a country unable to manage his money
  5. Hey. Personally, I have often been to Bangkok, and I'll tell you honestly, I liked the company's services of transportation company thailandtour365.com, because they can deliver you to any place at affordable prices. This is not an ordinary taxi, but a service that takes care of customers. For example, the first time I had to visit Bangkok, I did not even know anything about this city, but the company in which I work ordered the services of those guys, and at the airport I was met by a limousine driver who took me to the right places and talked about Bangkok. It was very exciting and now I often use the services of this city transfer company
  6. Interesting, but did they asked you if you want or not a car insurance?
  7. I agree with you, because addiction occurs because gambling is the new norm. Thus, the individual gets stuck in a limbo: they have to keep gambling to stay out of withdrawal and depression, but because of tolerance they don't experience any dopamine-generated euphoria anymore. Excessive gambling is now necessary to stay in their 'new normal
  8. gambling? it's related to casino, no? Or am I wrong? what's the relationship between gambling and The Jordan Hunt Pole Dancing Studio, I don't understand it even after I watched this video... could someone help me? is it linked to casino?
  9. I don't think so. She (or he) could loan money and hire a team of developers, because a successful casino site brings a lot of money. For example, I know the story of success of this casino site (visit site) that was developed by a small team, and then it was well advertised and now these guys have a lot of users of their site (about 1 million or even more). Frankly speaking, I've been using their site for 2 years and played a lot of games there, and still I have that excitement and passion to play there as at first time I played there
  10. agree with you, but I guess that it has to take a lot of time to make that online casino to be popular and well visited
  11. I receive a lot of spam on my email about penis enlargement .I understand that it's not true and not valid as they all advertise .But I tried a couple of techniques and the most effective was phallosan extender .It really work and my penis increased by 3 cm. My erection increase and I am able to not ejaculate about 30 minutes . In my opinion it is great result .If you are interested how to use the phallosan extender click on the link.
  12. This is the reason I bought recently a conditioner, this year is for sure the hottest one from the past few years. Recently my wifi asked me to find a company that provides air conditioning servicing because the weather outside is like the lava in a volcano. It seems to me that the winter is gonna be summer and vice versa.
  13. Is that the dark side of the capitalism? Teenagers are imposed to take part in the devil's circle. The gouvernment thinks that if the kids have a long road ahead, meaning that they are capable to return the money on a long period, they can make a profit out of it. I read about the Jews and how they took the control over the world - with the credit, and we all could make a fortune if using it corectly, but the stundents cannot invest these money, they end up with a lot of debts on her sholders and the worst part is that most of them end up working at McDonalds or some other low paid job. Fortunately, our finnish gouvernment thinks puts people in front of the money. I was a student and a never needed a loan, my job was enough to live a good life. I don't know how much is the interest rate in the US but here I return 7% , I took a loan the last year for the house from a credit company that I found on http://lainaailmanvakuuksia.fi . Come to study in Europe, we have very good universities here and life is cheaper.😉
  14. Calm down, no need to worry about that, you can easily know his IP to or to use apps that change your IP address, I am too selfish to pay for something like this, but if you think you are in danger go on. And after your IP is changed check it you can do that even with https://www.showmyip.com/ , one click and you know what is your IP.
  15. I found those restaurants are selling now a lot of their catering equipment, and the price is really cheap, I didn't expect them to take everything out to sell. And they are having quite good equipment, as I saw a port of it is from https://ianboer.com.au , a friend of mine told me that this equipment cost much more. The furniture on sell to, but it is not that expensive.
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