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  1. One thing I don't understand about any of this is the clamor on the right about its origins. What difference do they make. The content is damning and that is the issue...the information about Trump is not changed by the source. Truth is truth...blue IS blue, ice IS cold and Trump is a chaotic evil idiot. All of these are true...and facts.
  2. I've been reading sci-fi a LONG time. I don't remember a time when cover art on the pulps and paperbacks was in any way constrained by the details of supposedly associated stories. Do you? But they were so much fun to look at. I just took that as someones ideal of a sandworm. I try not to over think things.
  3. Thank you. I started out an AC in 1969. Boot in Orlando. Finished my degree and went to OCS. Then I was a boat driver...SWO. Got out in 1981 for family reasons. Big mistake. I am an old fart. The Navy sure has changed. I remember being a "defense attorney" at a Chiefs Initiation. What I read about that now is a joke. It isn't hard to get me started on the Navy. You seem to be afflicted with the same obsession with facts I am. Well, later.
  4. HIS sort are a lot of fun to play with. Any exchange with them is purely recreational. As far as ignoring him...well he MIGHT day something worth commenting on even if not worthwhile otherwise. How did he crawl out of that basket of deplorables?
  5. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. I was just trying to help you understand the process. Just because I disagree with you does not make me a Liberal. I am but that is beside the point. Now a question, is there a forum wide prohibition on spelling out the "F" word or do you just not know how to spell it? As for ass-wipe, well, don't let the playground monitor hear you. Could you explain how a Liberal ass-wipe differs/compares to a Conservative ass wipe? You take my point, that is just as lame an insult as I can imagine. Your turn, kiddo.
  6. Oddly, that is really an answer on any level. You needed to name a terrorist act by Iran in order to be responsive. A specific act directly linked to Iran, you understand.? At present it would not appear you really have an answer.
  7. I object to you linking Trump and the US. He has demonstrated publicly he represents only himself. As such, I believe opposing Trump is necessary and has nothing to do with loyalty to the US and everything to do with being realistic. And, I oppose ALL wars but most especially those fought for no reason rather than a pompous ass with an ego of incredible size and skin as thin as tissue. So, I support neither...but we shouldn't be trying to bully anyone into war for Dear Leader.
  8. Absolutely. And I say that as a draftee of Vietnam vintage. It was my own fault for losing my deferment. Knowing I didn't want to be in the Army I enlisted in the Navy. I stayed 10 years and got a commission. So I didn't have a terrible time with the draft. But I have come to agree strongly that we need a draft. As long as it is only volunteers coming home in boxes (and the low numbers) we are not going feel it as a nation. Let a few folks who did NOT want to be there come home in a box and it all changes. Everyone at risk of the draft will be freaked...I remember when I got my notice I wasn't surprised, just resigned. And families will start to protest. Perhaps as in the late 60s we will turn on war. We have waged war like ancient Rome for almost two decades without more than casual notice using a professional military. I believe it would have a major impact to bring back the draft. And you are right about the exceptions. Maybe we could make being deferred a badge of shame as it was in WWII. Oh well, agree whole-heartedly about the draft and the exceptions.
  9. Wow. I am impressed. You managed to craft statement that would justify TWO thing...a war of aggression and RAPE. Interesting that you think that way. They are asking for it. Could you be a bit more specific. What exactly are they asking FOR? And how are they asking for it exactly...sexy clothes, provocative talk. What makes you so sure they are "asking for it"? As one with a military background, I can tell you that we would be willing walking into a nightmare. Iran is NOT Iraq. We had all we could handle in Iraq. IRAN will not be easy if for no other reason than they watched us in Iraq and know what to expect. Another thing, were you intending to end the wait personally? Or, perhaps you think it should be done by a few strangers? How about it, you ready to go if Trump gets his WAR?
  10. From my casual observations I think you are generally right. However, it isn't just Islamic fundamentalists. It seems to be present in all fundamentalist cults. They all share the belief that the man/husband can do as he pleases with women or wives. And they have cleverly put blame on women for the men surrendering to their lusts...because they can.
  11. Nonsense, but then, when you started talking about "demons" you did go beyond opinion all the way to delusion. It is your opinion that you give "truth". It is my opinion that you have no real knowledge whereof you speak. You are just repeating others opinions in everything you claim to be truth. Oh, and about that money...IT WAS THEIR MONEY. We had frozen it in the wake of the Embassy Seizure. It was about time to release it and it was a major bargaining point to get Iran to sign on to the Agreement. Just wanted to point that out. You probably never thought about it from the other side...most of us don't.
  12. Not necessarily so. Disloyalty is not treason. Treason is a very specific crime. You are not a traitor unless you actually committed the crime of treason as defined in law. One man's loyalty can easily be another's disloyalty...it is subjective determination about what is best for whatever you claim to be loyal to. What exactly is this United States you worry about people being loyal to? Are you thinking of the Constitution, the Flag, the President, a political party? Just asking in support of the position that NOTHING is that simple...ever.
  13. I am so glad this came up. It really does not matter how long a precedent has stood the current SCOTUS can wipe that away in a 5-4 vote on party lines. And, this is indeed what seems favored in the matter of the Roe v Wade precedent. As for ignoring or erasing clear, longstanding determinations of the SCOTUS perhaps you might review the actions of the current SCOTUS regarding precedent. And with regard to the Second Amendment...it is totally irrelevant in today's world. It makes exactly no difference if guns are banned. In fact, the delusion of security carrying a weapon imparts MIGHT get you killed (or worse, someone else). And, really, you have to admit the ready availability of weapons in our society contributes significantly to their use to terminate human life with such regularity. So, all the half measures (red flag laws, registrations, waiting periods, magazine restrictions, etc) aren't going to make a meaningful difference because they do not reduce the availability of weapons. The availability must be reduced in order to see a meaningful change. "Thoughts and prayers" aren't going to help either...especially after the fact. And, for the record, from where I am sitting I can reach my personal sidearm and my long gun. Clearly, I am not anti-gun. I am just a realist. You cannot have gun violence without guns. You can have violence without guns...we used to do that all the time. You can't filter the violence from the nature of man so the only remaining choice is to get rid of the guns. No guns, no gun violence. It is so simple even Trump could understand it in a halting, confused sort of way.
  14. Thank you very much. It is kind of you to say.
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