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  1. Let's start a list of [African-American slur] first names. I will go first, since I am WHITE and "privileged". Carmello La La Reggie Tameeka Lashanda I admit, I am RACIST. Being a RACIST is not a CRIME. There are more NIXXERS that HATE CRACKERS.........
  2. XavierOnassis MORE [African-American slur]S IN THE USA HATE "CRACKERS" aka "WHITES" Fact! get over it PUNK!
  3. It is easy for HR to spot [African-American slur]s!
  4. I HATE [African-American slur]S! NO SHAME! IT IS NOT A CRIME TO BE RACIST!
  5. Ughhh. THE DEMISE OF AMERIKUKK THE [African-American slur] INVASION!
  6. It's like watching an abortion in "real time". Elizabeth Warren has a PROBLEM! FAUXCHONTAS IS A LIAR!
  7. TRUMP

    Trump and Jobs!

    annLee ROTTEN FILTHY DEMORAT...........
  8. No need to say "they all smell like shyt so who knows" THEY ARE FULL OF SHYT, You know, I know, it is time to let the world know Democrats, Liberals, and Deb are "SHYT" Why is that so hard to deal with?
  9. As soon as they enter the room, the STENCH is overpowering. Anytime they open their mouth, the STENCH makes it even more HIDEOUS! The only time the STENCH goes down a little, is after they drop a "BABY RUTH" in the porcelain bowl. Hey I think I just figured it out. Democrats, Liberals, and Deb are nothing more than a pile of FECES!
  10. No need to be concerned about Russia. China, Iran, and the EU are in love with PUSH OVER MONEY BAGS Joe Biden. Crazy Uncle Joe is an excrement from the Obummer Admin. Please, don't force me to post the facts of the "apology tour" Democrats and Liberals HATE AMERICA.
  11. TRUMP


    Is there a law that bans a person from being Racist? There is nothing wrong with being racist. I am 100% positive there are black people that hate white people. Unfortunately "the media" doesn't want to show this. I am not ashamed of being white. I was born white. I can't change that. I don't consider myself as racist. I hate EVERYONE!
  12. Good Factual information. Thanks for sharing!
  13. TRUMP


    I like BIGTEX because he wipes the Liberals and Losers out in one quick punch. The funniest part about it, the LEFTY LOONIES on this board are SO DUMB. Go ahead ask me "How Dumb are they" They are so dumb, that when they answer a question, they always take the "Hillary Clinton" style response. Either "I don't know" or "I don't remember" We know that you Liberal Left Loonies know the truth, you just can't admit or accept the truth. You Liberal Left Loonies remind me of retards in a swimming pool.
  14. Deb probably hasn't woken up yet. Dime Bag Debs is hooked..
  15. What is the hardest part about eating a vegetable? Getting it's diaper off.
  16. YOU CHUMPS CAN"T RUN ME OFF! I chose TRUMP because of the Euchre card game YOU DIRTY ROTTEN DEMORATS!
  17. TRUMP


    It has been GREAT to CRAP in Debs mouth. I got more mixed babies breed! I consider myself a C. Bigsby
  18. TRUMP


    Open your mouth Debs, I got a CLEVELAND HOT POCKET to unload into your filthy vile putrid MOUTH!
  19. TRUMP


    I am back to put my kaka in Debs mouth!