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  1. I think she could give a TUMA. Nasty vile tongue and all. Lick my roid's!
  2. Donate to the VASELINE account for the DEMORAT that want's to run against TRUMP! PREPARE FOR AN ASS POUNDING!
  3. uhhh yeahhhh YOU HAVE BEEN OWNED!
  4. Tithings? NOPE! I don't go to Church. You cant't pay your way into the IMAGINARY HEAVEN. When you are gone.... That's it. Kansas "Dust in the Wind" I spend my saved $$$ on crack whores (Benson13's 18 year old daughter) and GUNS and AMMO baby!
  5. Crazy Uncle TOUCHY Uncle Joe.. Disgusting! Sleepy Joe. Looked rusty, stumbling. This is a CANDIDATE MY DEFAULT WAKE UP DEMORATS YOU ARE COUGHT IN CESSPOOL OF FILTH!
  6. Why hasn't Obama endorsed Crazy Uncle Joe? Debs... WHAT SAY YOU!
  7. While Democrats get crazier, Gabbard hits Harris criticism right on the nose
  8. Kamala Harris is not BLACK. Her Mother is from INDIA, her father is from Jamaica. She has no Slave Blood in her, but the Enemy of the State media will call her "BLACK".
  9. Debs died? Debs was blocked? Deb do you toss salad for a living?
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