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  1. Hi, man. I think, that if you don't want to have the health insurance for yourself, then you aren't guilty, but if you have the big company and you don't want to do for them insurance, then you are guilty. Frankly speaking, I don't understand the people, who say, that it's very expensive and takes a lot of time process of doing the health insurance for all members of the company. Why is it so difficult to leave this work to the professionals? If you don't want to do something, it can be found the person, who will do it for money - in your case, company, which are based on doing the health insurance for large groups.
  2. So, the main question is: "Is it safe in Mexico or not? Trump speaks about this country in the different ways ( depends in what way is more convenient for him at this moment ) and I think that his words are not something that we should listen. Personally, when I had a trip in New Zealand I heard a lot of different opinions and every opinion was different. So, I was really confused and I decided to take a look in internet. I understood that I can found great information about this country and rules of behaving and it helps me a lot. I understood that every country is different and when we want to visit an another country, we should be informed and prepared for a lot of occasional evenement.
  3. I'm in the online poker. Nut not only poker, but I also play slots and many other card games on poker pulsa online. Aren't you guys bored by poker games? I am. I play it since my 19es. It's intriguing to learn other games, to feel and be a novice again, to lose money until you learn the new rules and to build your strategy. There a rule in life that applies very well in the casinos: you have to go thru bad days for feeling the pleasure of the shinny ones. You can be bored if winning always, isn't it?
  4. Hey, buddy. Frankly speaking, such situation can be meet in great number of towns in USA. It goes without saying, that life in California is expensive, but here you can have well-payed job, that will cover all the expenditure. If somebody can't find a good job, then it isn't problem in location, where he is lives, the main problem is he and his laziness. If you don't believe me, then you can check the Average Salary in different towns in the USA at https://costoflivingreports.com/ and make sure, that my words are true ones.
  5. I have some friends and family members that work in public institutions and since the day Trump wined the elections they were sitting on anxiety pills. My aunt was taken to the hospital in the evening. After a few weeks, they come back to normal but they had to overpass a stressful period. Nothing was certain after his win. My parents even now have Etizolam pills in the closed. They often say that it was the only thing keeping them alive after that period. Some more information about them can be found on www.worldpharm365.com
  6. Everyone knows the biggest and very famous bet365 which is very popular among all baseball fans .Usually, the biggest betting platform has small coefficients on all the good and accurately predicted games. I spend a lot of time for searching a site where I can bet without worrying and where is very quick withdraw and many bonuses for many new users. My friend from Coreea MLB중계 advice me to try their local site which meets all my required options.
  7. you're not the first and not the last person who will wish it )) you know, it's necessary to start. But it can take years of development of your casino site
  8. Personally I can't agree with you, because there are some examples, when casino site became popular and well attended due to it's optimization and intuitive-understandable design. For example, there is an online casino in singapore, that had the attendance of 10000 of visitors after a month of existence, because it was a stable site and it didn't have problems with money withdrawal. Frankly speaking I was one of the first who started attending that casino site, and I've been still playing there, because it's a reliable site with casino games and possibility to make bets on various sports, and I have some experience in this theme so I'm even able to make money there
  9. To get around these stupid laws about casinos and their illegal action, many poker and slots fans have already switched to online casinos .I also play here rumus togel and am very pleased that playing at home I feel more comfortable and focused on the game.On this site I can enjoy the cool and beautiful interface and passively earn about $ 400 per week
  10. The best way to choose which games to play, in my opinion, is simply to go with the ones you most enjoy. Casino gambling is ultimately about having fun. Personally I play here https://www.monkeyking.club/ .I favourite games are online slots .Online slots are even easier to play, and the variety of games available is incredible. On this site are around 500 different games. God luck guys , and have fun !!!
  11. Ugh, probably you use the algorithmic vulnerability on the site :) I use the same method to earn money from casino ;) It's quite well, when you know that the algorithm operates in a certain sequence, sequently, you know when you have to bet and how much. For example, I've developed my own strategy on the basis of algorithms of this site bettjack and now I earn about $1500 a week. Furthermore, I found it out in a week of permanent game ;)
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