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  1. On 6/29/2013 at 1:50 AM, MassLiberty said:

    Amen. Now we can finally agree.


    I find these all fair suggestions. I wonder why they are not already done.




    I'm sure some idiots will say this is a "war on men" but they will be just as idiotic of those proclaiming the "war on women"


    While we are at it, lets eliminate any public funding for men or womens sexual practices. How much can we save for not supporting Viagra or birth control or abortions???


    Kudos to the senator for standing up!!

    I think that a lot of people will agree with you, but not enough. If you will forbid viagra, it will be like in old times with alcohol. People will use them anyway, a lot of people that are older than 50 y old will try a way to have a boner, and the best way is? Right, high quality viagra. Nobody will say that's it, I will not use this thing anymore. Everybody has needs, part of you knows that.

  2. On 10/6/2014 at 5:40 AM, Tradewinds said:

    Dating advice for Texas guys.


    1. Shut the f)uck up

    2. Quit being a f)aggot and quit expecting your woman to be a man.

    3. Treat your wife the way you, yourself wants to be treated.

    4. If you want to get p!ssed off, take a look in the mirror.

    5. Quit trying to trample on your wife's rights, or your girlfriend's rights

    6. Quit trying to shove religion down her throat... she wants YOU, not a fictional bullsh!t sky daddy.

    7. Try hugging, kissing, snuggling and cuddling her and having sex with her... the show of love goes a long, long way.

    8. Try showing her that she matters to you... by obeying her.


    In other words... quit being a inbred retarded cowboy son of a b!tch.



    hey, friend, you're so right! Women prefer when they are treated in this way, and, I guess each person prefers when he is treated in such a manner. However, ti understand this true it's needed to have a lot of experience that comes with practice. For example, it took almost 2 years of communication with people in this texas singles chat to understand that you can attain effective communication if you stick the rules you listed... By the way, all in all this chat is useful as with its help I was helped to become well versed in dating questions and in life question in general

  3. 7 minutes ago, KidorioL said:

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    Cheers mate , I hope is true evrething that you adviced

  4. On 9/2/2018 at 1:02 AM, Abracadabra said:

    You could always get some of your business from corrupt Google. The Democrats and Google steal any information about you from your phone, and they know

    most things about you. 

    I remember how poor the economy was when Obama, and the Democrats had sole control of the House, and Senate, and how back then

    it was hard for Americans to find a job, and how many workers got laid off from there jobs while Obama was in office?

    How many American workers were afraid of losing their jobs? No job security! Unemployment rose dramatically. Food Stamps, and Welfare rose

    dramatically! All under thee Obama and the Democrats administrations. 

    How many more jobs are out in America today? How many Americans are afraid of loosing their jobs now?

    Are people on Welfare, and Food Stamps getting declining or going up?

    I implore you to not look at your television or on a political website for your answer to these questions, but simply to think logically for yourself please?


    Hi. I really agree with you. The political situation is worse and the ignorance of a lot of people make this situation to became an apocalyptic story. I have my own story: Last year I loose my job and I couldn't pay for my house...it was awfully. I lived for some weeks at my best friend and he helped me to find a great site  https://www.vocationaltraininghq.com/jobs-that-pay-well-no-degree-required/ that provides a lot of information for people who want to change their jobs and to earn good money from home. In this article i found out what kind of work can I do, and now I'm feeling glad at my new job .

  5. My friend, in my opinion a good option would be to see The Hustle movie on a date. This is really a very boring movie, so you won’t miss anything interesting. Honestly, there’s nothing exciting, even humor is stupid, so I think this is an ideal option. By the way, I’m for in such cases when I’m looking for boring date films, I just watch the list of the worst films on this page www.rt-movie.com and I must admit that it helps a lot.

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  7. And now all the liabilities are paid by the poor people. This might even have been a trap made by the Greek government. When taking a loan, all the more when you take it for a country, you should have a straight plan about how to use the money and how to return the money. You need to be sure that the taxes are enough to cover the duty. I don't think it was a mistake, it's a game where the mistakes are not allowed, it should be all calculated. I'm a simple citizen and I know all that, I do this myself when borrowing money and when I give money. I measure thrice and cut once. At least it's cool that you can find all the information online, so you could use it for the calculations. Lånemegleren is very useful for this.

  8. Even the Ivan Kramskoi knew that canvas art would be one the beatiful branch of pictures.I like this picture very much and even think to buy one of copy of this masterpiece.I see this work first time ,but it deserves to be well known by all.I have found this site with canvas art- https://www.print-services.com/art-prints/painters-cat .It looks well,is it a good one web-store? I want to hear your point of view.Thank you for attention.

  9. I agree with you, people don't appreciate something received without effort, for free. If you give to a homeless man a house for free, this house will be soon transform into garbage. If you give him the opportunity to build the house, by putting time and effort, he will knows the house's price, he will appreciate it now. That's the right way to educate humans - by putting them to work. I traveled to Norway the last year (P.S. it's a marvelous country with amazing travel destinations , at least once in a life time you should visit it) and there the people are so responsible. Starting from the clean streets and ending with the respect that people have for eachother. I don't know how they did it but now everyone who visited Norway, wants to move to live there. They want to spoil that piece of heaven.

  10. 19 minutes ago, caysio5torm said:

    lol, what? how much did you earn with the help of online casino?

    enough to say that people can earn with the help of casino sites. Personally, I understand that not everyone is so so lucky, but it's enough simply to use casino sites where you become lucky. Really, I don't know if it's kind of coincidence, but when I started using resortbet casino, I started earning money. I was interested in this phenomenon, so I found out that some casino sites have greater percentage of winning, and, I guess, this site is this one. All in all in doesn't matter, because due to that site I was able to earn 4000$ last year :)

  11. Just now, VictoriaS2 said:

    gambling? it's related to casino, no? Or am I wrong? what's the relationship between gambling and The Jordan Hunt Pole Dancing Studio, I don't understand it even after I watched this video...
    could someone help me? is it linked to casino?

    I don't think that Jordan Hunt Pole is linked to online casino, because you can earn with the help of online casino, but with Jordan you can't :))

  12. Why aren't we free to choose what to insure and what not to? Maybe I cannot afford to insure my life or I don't see the need, why should the gouvernment force me to do it? I know that it's part of the economy but still, to think about, if I don't get a house insurance and my house gets destroyed, who's gonna pay for it? The gouvernment? No, it's gonna be me. I'll pay for my mistake. The same should be with the car and the health insurance. I'm not a person that goes immediately to the doctor when gets ill because I have only two disease stages:" it will pass" and "I'm f*ucked". The house insurance is useful as the house is our greatest investment. The last time that I used it was because of some problems with the septic tank (https://homeownersinsurancecover.net/septic-tank-damage/ was useful). About the car insurance I can't say anything because I don't have one. 

  13. It’s easy for most people to feel the effects of cost-of-living increases in their daily life. But rising prices hit the lower and middle classes especially hard. Higher food, gasoline and utility costs mean less money remains once these necessities are paid for, leaving little for savings or discretionary spending. I was leaving in Danemark  for 4 years and during this  time cost of living in Copenhagen and social  facilities has grown for about 20%. Last year my brother has moved to Germany he said that there the level of the salary and living cost doesn't show a big inflation on the last year . I  was interested to read more information visit this article to see the cooperation between European countries .

  14. Hey my friend happy birthday !!! I wish you success in all your affairs , happiness, and prosperity. My best friend was also born at the same date  and he is a very good person .I think everyone who is born this month on the zodiac signs cancer has an unusual sense of humor , very caring and loyal.Personally, I believe in horoscope and it will always match the reality and all the predictions come true.And also the date when you were born has am special meaning that has influence on your whole life.  You can learn more about your horoscope and find out thr meaning of your birthday date just on this site https://www.sunsigns.org/

  15. It's terrible that you think so. These people need help, they have a terrible grief, they are mortally ill. They don't infect anyone in hospitals if the doctors are careful. My friend at work is HIV-positive and he's one of the best people I know. No one can be sure that we will not get sick tomorrow from a hairdresser or a prostitute and then you have to take their place. I had unprotected sex myself and had to test myself for HIV.(I did it here HIV test anonymously.) Be kind

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  18. I agree with the author, because sometimes it is really dangerous to meet with people using online dating, because you don't know who you are dating. However, I solved this problem because I don't date girls from America, but Czech girls, because every time I met them on czech banned topic, I didn't have any problems. Moreover, every time I had a date with a Czech, every date is ended with a hot night )

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