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  1. It would only be desperate if it was an uncommon occurrence... But in the case of this dumb cun t it is continuous laughable and indicative of her room temperature IQ. Pointing it out only goes to show that the majority of her statements are ridiculously inane either by her innate stupidity or by purposeful lies. Calling attention to it in either case is no more or less desperate then proving any point wrong.
  2. I would consider your picture porn in the most vile fashion... so they have a rule against posting pictures of corpses but apparently no restriction against the brain dead posting there...
  3. the discussion is not about diction it's about intelligence or lack thereof on the part of this dumb cun t... what would be beneficial is to establish an IQ test for posters.
  4. 5 hours ago, Scout said: I seldom answer your posts because you never cite sources to corroborate your opinions - your FALSE opinions substantiate is to verify something by supplying evidence; to authenticate...while corroborate is to confirm or support something with additional evidence; before you can corroborate an opinion you must first substantiate it... Dumbass
  5. maybe because he doesn't understand your form of pidgin English... Corroborate? Know the word should be substantiate... You're a dunce that's why no one takes you seriously
  6. when he categorically States it was a fox reporter when we all know it was a reporter from Sinclair he is a lying POS a purveyor of fake news
  7. if Schiff is not guilty of conspiracy with the leaker AKA whistleblower how come he will not testify in person at the house Judiciary Committee hearings this morning in the presentation of his report on impeachment by the intelligence committee?
  8. And once again the dumbass has been proved to be an incompetent lying POS
  9. The leftists cannot seem to come up with a counter argument as to why Shiff will not appear this morning for the Judiciary Committee hearing.
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