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  1. We will sell their bodies as food to starving nations... Soylent Green...mmmm!
  2. I didn't like it... I thought the writing sucked... I'm waiting for the debut of Last Full Measure ... it should be out soon and from the previews it looks awesome. It's a true story.
  3. How can you expect the Democrats the vote for that... When they take their cue from the Ayatollah!
  4. I wonder if she takes it in the ass...
  5. It's just such a heartwarming video... Makes me tingle all over! LOL LOL LOL
  6. The world will end in 10 years!!!! Oh my!!!
  7. No way man... we would have all of your relatives either jailed or exterminated
  8. is it true your mom didn't have any children who lived?
  9. If you say do dumbass... by the way don't try your reverse psychology on me you know that when you try to use psychology it just gives you a headache
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