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  1. Snowflake??...LOL...ya got it all bass akward dumbass.
  2. Giujo

    Fascist leftist scum

    The title fascist leftist scum seems to be redundant... Don't you think
  3. Well if they have people who are willing to be suicide bombers it's a simple extension of the plan instead of carrying a bomb to carry Ebola I'd say about 20 individuals dispersed in the large metropolitan areas on both coasts Chicago and Houston.
  4. Giujo

    The view, from the left.

    Hey Tranz... is that monkey you keeping your house and abused on a regular basis of male or female?
  5. Uh yeah... the CDC says there's nothing to worry about... famous last words. How easy would it be for terrorists who want to tear down this country to introduce Ebola into the u.s. population through the southern border?
  6. Giujo

    In Texas It's A Crime To Be Poor

    It's just the low-life leftists trying to get away with something else and their lives... They scream and yell and want government to take care of them but when government acts against them they cry foul
  7. So much for the idiot leftists in this forum who argued with me that tax dollars do not fund abortions. They've been doing it for years using creative Financial sleight of hand but now they're out in the open doing it the blatantly.
  8. No...thats pretty much a given... derangement bad... sanity good... Dumbass
  9. Giujo

    In Texas It's A Crime To Be Poor

    Hmmm... I've got it!! Follow the phucking law and you won't get a ticket!
  10. Giujo

    should race ever be an excuse?

    If we want to be all treated equal then equality should extend to those who break the law. Race is not an excuse or an extenuating circumstance or an affirmative defense.
  11. Yes only a loney leftist would consider derangement an honor
  12. Tsk task task... is there any way for transitioning woman to talk?
  13. Not a liberal in the bunch.
  14. don't get your panties panties in a twist Tranz... I mean if you're wearing panties today... Is this a male day or female day? How do you decide that Tranz? Are you on the hormones yet?