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  1. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/08/15/the-yield-curve-doesnt-necessarily-mean-a-recession-will-happen.html Even if the inversion curve of yield interest rates were a sign of a recession it normally wouldn't happen for close to two years... And by that time Trump will have already been re-elected. But all the speculation is nothing more than the propaganda wing of the democratic party AKA the mainstream media attempt at fake news to try to instill fear in the public AKA sheeple.
  2. LOL... how's that working out for you so far?
  3. And you're the reason why cousins shouldn't marry
  4. You haven't a clue what a charge of treason requires...youre just repeating what some other IDIOT said
  5. Isn't this the leftist POS that said that Trump's young son should be raped? Good riddance to bad trash.
  6. The thing about being brainwashed is you don't know if you're brainwashed so how do you know that you're not?
  7. Well then I guess I won't be bothered by you calling my president a pig because I know he's not and he's a decent human being who has been victimized by the outgoing Obama administration... the one who you think was a decent human being.
  8. Falsifying the logs is a federal crime. And deliberate indifference to serious medical needs or a substantial risk of harm to a person in custody is also a federal crime.
  9. I'm curious as to your reaction if people continuously called Obama the n-word
  10. Wait till next summer...then talk to me about crowd size at theses rallys... especially if Biden is the candidate LOL LOL LOL
  11. Tell us... what your emotional reaction would be to a person who constantly referred to Obama as a ni66er??
  12. Mark this post...I am convinced watching the rally last night that Trump Will not only be re-elected but it will be a decisive win putting the leftists back on their heels.
  13. Now if we could just block them from entering the capitol everything would be cool.
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