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  1. So if I understand you Trump will be re-elected then resign from office? You crazy or what?😵
  2. Giujo

    Fauxcahontas Is at It Again!

    Oh you MUST be joking...she won't even make the final cut!
  3. Giujo

    Journalists Were Right!!

    Ya...journalism my a$$. Why did CNN and MSNBC ratings drop like a stone...cuz people don't like being lied to for 3 years by your "journalists".
  4. Still beating that dead Russian horse?? It must be mighty stinky by now.
  5. Giujo

    The Old Mack picture show

    You need a cyanide milkshake
  6. Giujo

    The Old Mack picture show

    Of the famous November 8th 173rd? Tell me about the pic with the guy with the CAR if you can
  7. Giujo

    The Old Mack picture show

    Mack...if ya don't mind tell me about this one...if need private message me.
  8. Not with in his purview...what he did was an attempt to further smear his presidency...a gift for the left...an imputant act if a petty martinet
  9. Wrong as usual but you're probably used to it...Mueller could have indicted Trump sealed it and it would be enforced when he left office...DID HE DO THAT?? Nope...NO OBSTUCTION. It's a binary decision yes or no. You can't have kinda obstructed...thats like being kinda pregnant...DUMBA$$!
  10. He will play them like a $2 fiddle. He has one of the sharpest legal minds in the country. I'm getting my popcorn ready!
  11. Shellacking...that was the term Obammy used during his midterm...not even close to 2018 I'm afraid. Stop counting polls...that what got you all in trouble in 16. I have a degree in Political Science and worked as a legislative aid for a Senator during college. Trump will win and will do it with the majority of the black and Hispanic vote. Bank on it. We will keep the Senate...house is a toss up.
  12. And next you will be asking that free speech should be curtailed because it makes people feel unsafe...they already have that in England...no thank you. The day they try to repeal the Second Amendment or any of the Bill of Rights by force or by edict will be the day that you see a new Revolution in this nation.
  13. Those who sacrifice Liberty for the sake of a little security deserve neither.
  14. We all ready have all that...also the 2nd Ann. is not about hunting...its about protection, of self and of liberty against all forms of tyranny. And if a tyrannical government foriegn OR domestic were to jeopardize that liberty the founding fathers wanted a well regulated, as in regulation issue arms, citizenry to be able to prosecute the conflict on equal terms. Read the Federalist Papers. They had great wisdom beyond their day.