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  1. Me too... A citizen is not only someone who's born here or naturalized its someone who by their deeds show their belief in the ideals that this nation was founded on... Not sure why you disagree with my exclamation.
  2. Usually you seem quite insightful. But you seem to have missed the point.
  3. I subscribe to the notion that the reason for the accelerated expansion is because of dark energy...and a leading contender for explaining dark energy—is quantum vacuum energy
  4. If putting down means correcting ridiculous assumptions not based on any fact or empirical evidence and experimentation then I guess you have been put down... what I have posted is established fact agreed to by physicists and cosmologists far smarter than me and you. I just have a better understanding of it then you do because apparently you do not have the capability of a higher level of learning.
  5. Well that's close... no one knows the mechanism at the singularity. But because the universe is something and it started it must have started from somewhere and that would be the nothingness that I speak of above where space time does not exist. Think of it as an eruption from the nothingness and the start of space-time where the universe creates its own space and after a relatively short time There was what is referred to as inflation... To the point where we are now and the expansion continues and is increasing at an exponential rate. It will no doubt continue until there is heat death where energy will still exist but it will be spread to the point where it can no longer do work.
  6. Pure poppycock... holy crap I learned this stuff before there was access to the internet... I'm assuming that you have access to the internet
  7. you know nothing of cosmology... There is much we know about the universe and there is much we don't know. You need to learn not to make declarative statements without any basis of evidence or fact
  8. They are working on a Deep space experiment that could measure the gravitational constant with nearly 1,000 times improvement in accuracy Scientists have proposed an experiment that could measure the value of Newton's gravitational constant to 6.3 x 10-8, which is nearly three orders of magnitude more precise than the current best measurement.
  9. Again you are using Concepts that make no sense...Matter and energy are the part of the universe. Since universe is not known to interact with its environment, there is no evidence or proof or belief that matter can be added to it. The amount of matter and energy in the universe is constant, though immeasurable
  10. the strength of gravity falls off with the distance from matter squared. So there is no place in the universe where the strength of the gravitational field is literally zero because there is always some distance to matter.
  11. Gravity exists everywhere in the universe. So does space time
  12. You are referring to Lagrangian points where gravity is balanced... Gravity is never canceled out
  13. you are using terminology without any idea of what it means that is not what critical mass is.
  14. Incorrect I just showed where something can come from nothing... And that nothing is something. Nothing is merely the non-existence of space-time. The problem is you people keep trying to explain something in terms based on the way you view your world... And you cannot apply those same parameters to what existed before the universe.
  15. There is gravity even in deep space Far From Any celestial bodies.
  16. The DA is a racist piece of shit lowlife scumbag. And during the preliminary hearing if the judge does not throw it out based on Georgia law as being justifiable there needs to be a mass demonstration the likes of which Atlanta has never seen in a complete walk out of the police department.
  17. You seem to be guilty of the same thing that the low-life Democrat leftist politicians and the mob media are. You seem to adjust and assign importance to the narrative whenever it suits your particular argument even if you have to use twisted logic to do so. Do you think these four children we're the only ones who have ever been killed by a reckless illegal alien driver? Do you know the number of people who have been killed by illegal aliens in this country last year? Is it the same or more than the number of black males who were killed by police during their crime of resisting arrest? If the narrative is required to stem the death of these black males why isn't the narrative important enough to curtail the number of deaths perpetrated by criminal aliens illegally in the United States? if they weren't in the United States would they have had the opportunity to kill these people? I think your main problem is that you are not a critical thinker. You parrot opinions and conclusions based on the narrative offered by a biased media and leftist Democrat body politic whose only agenda is power by any means necessary, instead of engaging in an independent thought process... once again indicative of a low IQ and typical of the low-information voter. Stop listening to 10 second sound bites regurgitated on the hour by the mob media and do your own research before you make conclusions or declarative statements.
  18. You insist on making declarative statements without any support whatsoever. That is usually indicative of somebody of low intelligence. On what basis of evidence do you declare that I'm upset. Also you seem to miss the point either purposely or because you lack the insight to the deeper question. I'm not commenting on the actions of the government, I am commenting on the narrative or lack thereof in the case of this particular incident as should be fairly portrayed by the mob media and those Democrat leftist politicians who so eagerly champion the cause when it is a black male who has resisted arrest and ended up dead as opposed to four innocent white children killed by a Criminal Alien.
  19. 328 million black Americans? So I'm on minority of one? I think you need an edit in there.
  20. The point is that apparently the lives of those children do not hold the same worth in the eyes of Democrats and the mob media as does a criminal black male who resists arrest then ends up dead during the encounter. But then you know that... You're just being purposely obtuse for effect.
  21. Not true... while there are many things we don't know there are just as many things we do. For instance there are certain principles or laws of physics in this universe that always have been and never will change no matter how smart we get or technologically-advanced we become. That's why we call them laws or principles because nothing we can do can change them. The laws of thermodynamics for instance. The speed of light another and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. These are not theories. They are the nature of the universe. They are constant they always have been and they always will be as long as our universe exists.
  22. No one knows what was before the singularity. But what we can say, with certainty, is what there was, was nothing. What that means is that the universe as we know it came from nothing. It's difficult for human beings to wrap their mind around the concept that nothing is actually something. But it's really not that difficult if you understand exactly what nothing is because nothing is certainly something in this discussion. Nothing is simply the absence of space-time. Beyond that description is what we don't know. We also don't know what caused the eruption of our universe to form space time. Some suspect and I certainly agree that it was a random occurrence. What we know is that the Universe creates its own space-time as it expands. And we can certainly surmise that our universe exists within a sea of that nothingness. What else exists in the nothingness? Could there be other universes in there? Possibly, but we will never know. What parameters or laws exist in the nothingness? Again, we will never know but there must be some principles or laws or there wouldn't have been a random fluctuation to cause eruption of our universe to create its own space-time. So maybe our universe carries with it a little bit of the nothingness' characteristics... But probably only at the quantum level.
  23. You are a drunken idiot with severe emotional problems and should never be placed in any position of authority. You are a danger to yourself and others. Seek professional help.
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