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  1. Me too... A citizen is not only someone who's born here or naturalized its someone who by their deeds show their belief in the ideals that this nation was founded on... Not sure why you disagree with my exclamation.
  2. Usually you seem quite insightful. But you seem to have missed the point.
  3. I subscribe to the notion that the reason for the accelerated expansion is because of dark energy...and a leading contender for explaining dark energy—is quantum vacuum energy
  4. If putting down means correcting ridiculous assumptions not based on any fact or empirical evidence and experimentation then I guess you have been put down... what I have posted is established fact agreed to by physicists and cosmologists far smarter than me and you. I just have a better understanding of it then you do because apparently you do not have the capability of a higher level of learning.
  5. Well that's close... no one knows the mechanism at the singularity. But because the universe is something and it started it must have started from somewhere and that would be the nothingness that I speak of above where space time does not exist. Think of it as an eruption from the nothingness and the start of space-time where the universe creates its own space and after a relatively short time There was what is referred to as inflation... To the point where we are now and the expansion continues and is increasing at an exponential rate. It will no doubt continue until there is heat death where energy will still exist but it will be spread to the point where it can no longer do work.
  6. Pure poppycock... holy crap I learned this stuff before there was access to the internet... I'm assuming that you have access to the internet
  7. you know nothing of cosmology... There is much we know about the universe and there is much we don't know. You need to learn not to make declarative statements without any basis of evidence or fact
  8. They are working on a Deep space experiment that could measure the gravitational constant with nearly 1,000 times improvement in accuracy Scientists have proposed an experiment that could measure the value of Newton's gravitational constant to 6.3 x 10-8, which is nearly three orders of magnitude more precise than the current best measurement.
  9. Again you are using Concepts that make no sense...Matter and energy are the part of the universe. Since universe is not known to interact with its environment, there is no evidence or proof or belief that matter can be added to it. The amount of matter and energy in the universe is constant, though immeasurable
  10. the strength of gravity falls off with the distance from matter squared. So there is no place in the universe where the strength of the gravitational field is literally zero because there is always some distance to matter.
  11. Gravity exists everywhere in the universe. So does space time
  12. You are referring to Lagrangian points where gravity is balanced... Gravity is never canceled out
  13. you are using terminology without any idea of what it means that is not what critical mass is.
  14. Incorrect I just showed where something can come from nothing... And that nothing is something. Nothing is merely the non-existence of space-time. The problem is you people keep trying to explain something in terms based on the way you view your world... And you cannot apply those same parameters to what existed before the universe.
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