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  1. Would it be nice if we were able to revoke pieces of shit like you your citizenship?
  2. The information I've seen says that there were seven facilities handing out 3500 urns a day to people.
  3. They have also lied about how many deaths they had. It appears as though it may be in excess of 50,000 considering how many urns they have been handing out to the population.
  4. Arresting the pastor does seem to be a violation of his constitutional rights...however no right is absolute especially when it may infringe upon someone else's rights. Placing people in the community in Jeopardy of spreading Coronavirus May be that limitation on their right to exercise their religion. So... what they should have done and in future what should be done with these people who insist on congregating regardless the venue is that they should have surrounded the church, waited for the service to end and take everybody into custody and force them into 14 days quarantine under penalty of arrest and imprisonment for non-compliance with the quarantine. This can be done under County Health laws and those laws pertaining to endangering the Health and Welfare of the public
  5. No...the full quote reveals you to be a moron with a room temperature IQ.
  6. it seems to me that 60% of the American people feel they are benefiting from his political career dumbass
  7. Biden announces that he has 6570000 ventilators in storage... but he can't remember where he stored them... Or was that refrigerators... He's not sure.
  8. The point is the leftist scumbag poster who tried to use the quote out of context and only a portion of it to make his ridiculous point is symptomatic of the problem with all of you leftist scumbag anti-American filth. @SheikhYerbouti
  9. He is not selling them to the public he is first providing hospitals in his home state of Minnesota and then to other hospitals around the country. It is also my understanding that he is not making a profit but selling them at cost to these facilities.
  10. Everybody keeps throwing around these numbers of predicted deaths... You know what I don't hear is in what time frame are these deaths supposed to occur... in my prediction which is less than a hundred thousand that would be for the next year. These predictions that you here from the so-called experts are based on modeling ... You know like the modeling they use to tell us that the world will end in 12 years because of global warming... Models are notoriously and historically wrong.
  11. Only an idiot inhales a cigar...the smoke is to acidic...just like no one inhales a pipe. I have been smoking cigars for 30 years...my CT chest scan in January on my yearly physical shows no problems.
  12. cigar smoking doesn't cause lung cancer you dumbass.
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