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  1. BOW down to your GOD.. Rush has done your thinking FOR you again and this is your new talking point to spew endlessly like the pathetic demented propaganda parrots you are
  2. No problem they will forget about it immediatly. This is how it goes. Lucy took the football AGAIN and they fell on their faces AGAIN but the NEXT claim by Q, who is PUNKING them and laughing at their stupidity, claims the Democratic party is about to be destroyed by dozens of indictments because REASONS they will run up and try to kick that football again. Treason Monkeys are VERY stupid people
  3. Rush would say something like that. He knows his Treason Monkey audience is so STUPID and such TRAITORS they would think it was clever. Normal HUMANS know that the RULE OF LAW is not a coup. They don't think Trump is GOD like Treason Monkeys do. They know in America no one is above the law including Trump. Treason Mokeys snivel HOW DARE you pretend out GOD is subject to mere LAW what do you think he IS a Democrat. How PATHETIC and how STUPID Treason Monkeys ARE. Rush is a vile toxic TOAD but he isn't that STUPID he just knows his Treason Monkey base IS that STUPID
  4. 123PUNK is a LIAR and he KNOWS he is a liar. He is repeating a LIE that has already been debunked to be annoying and he HOPES provoke someone. He is PATHETIC
  5. Trump told McGahn to fire Mueller THEN told him to LIE about it. That alone is worse than what Nixon did
  6. Thats because you are STUPID and brainwashed and have no use for reality. They were right and the Mueller report proved it and you are STILL LYING to yourself. GOD you mindless sheep are stupid. You go on ignore too. You pathetic child
  7. I miss conservativess that dont act like childish PUNKS. That at least PRETENDED they cared what was true. That had a SHRED of decency and integrity. Now its just Treason Monkeys trolls and LIARS
  8. Debs

    Keep it up libs.

    You are just a TROLL Fool Nothing but a TROLL. Not even an attempt to answer the indisputable FACTS. Just act like a PUNK. Just be a child and repeat stupidity. Nothing but a troll
  9. You are a LIAR and you KNOW it. We have been all over this. Keep telling all the LIES you want REALITY wont change. GOD you PUNKS are pathetic
  10. True and it is just ONE investigation. There is the SDNY case where Cohen who is going to PRISON for something he did at the direction of Trump and we have TAPE of them conspiring to do so. Then there is the case about his FAKE charity. The one he never chartered. The one that ADMITTED self dealing the one that he used to pay off a lawsuit he lost. Pay off the Florida DA which they tried to HIDE by saying it went somewhere else. The one he used to refurbish a fountain outside of one of his properties. Then there is the IRS which is lookinig into the blockbuster NYTimes story that documented DECADES of Trump tax FRAUD. No this isnt anywhere NEAR over and Trump isnt anywhere NEAR in the clear. He just dodged a bullet on Russian collusion.
  11. Several childish PUNKS being PUNKS what not ONE of them did was refute the INDISPUTABLE FACTS I cited. GOD Treason Monkeys are STUPID
  12. Debs

    Keep it up libs.

    123PUNK does the only thing he EVER does makes a childish PUNK post. The Russians worked tirelessly for Trump to win. IF they had any information on CRIMES done by the most investigated person on the PLANET you know they would have coughed it up. The thing is 123PUNK is a LIAR and he knows he is a LIAR making childish PUNK posts is all he even TRIES to do. In the RARE cases he even TRIES to put in something factual he LIES and shows how STAGGERINGLY STUPID he is
  13. Debs

    Keep it up libs.

    Thats a good one
  14. And you KNOW you are LIARS so you just keep LYING it is certain you are too STUPID to deal with the facts of any situation
  15. Just saying the WORDS Russian hoax after ALL the documentation in the Mueller report about the connections between the Russians and the Trump campaign shows what a petty childish PUNK you are. You KNOW you are a LIAR. So you tell another LIE. The investigation was NOT started because of fhe dossier that is a LIE. It was started because a bunch of foreign intelligence agencies of allies kept telling us while they were spying on Russians they kept hearing insiders in the Trump campaign and an Australian ambassador told the FBI that Papadapolous got Drunk and said he was going to Russia to get dirt they have on Hillary. Everyone informed enough to even BE in this conversation KNOWS this it was widely reported but you are a PUNK you are LYING and you KNOW you are LYING GOD are you Treason Monkeys PATHETIC