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  1. Yeah WE should get tissues because of the LAUGHABLE FANTASIES you pathetic brainwashed MORONS keep telling yourselves is JUST about to happen even though you have been saying the exact same thing for THREE YEARS. When will you get that WE dont have to worry about the LIES stupidity and DELUSIONS you tell each other?
  2. Shut up PUNK you are a LAIR and a brainwashed MORON telling STUPID LIES because that is what Treason Monkey PUNKS like you do.So Typical of pathetic brainwashed Treason Monkey PUNKS. We show FACTS about Trump and they just reflexively tell LIES and say BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT Stop talking about my GOD. Lets talk about the LIES and STUPIDITY I have been BRAINWASHED with instead GOD Treason Monkeys are STUPID
  3. Tex is a LIAR and a childish PUNK begging us to give him attention. This is NONSENSE. The FACTS have been shown. The NONSENSE came from an OPINION in a book by a rightwing MORON. No educated rational political person takes this IGNORANCE seriously. GOD Tex is one STUPID brainwashed MORON As we have already TOLD the pathetic PUNK a dozen times. By the logic of his IGNORANT talking point the Chinese must all be REPUBLICANS and North Korea must be a Democratic Republic.
  4. Oh Shut up PUNK/ GOD your stupidity is BORING. You have shown NOTHING all you do is BUG BUT B UT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT stop showing the FACTS that prove what a BRAINWASHED MORON you are lets talk about SOME DEMOCRAT SOMEWHERE YEARS AGO who did SOMETHING I would rather talk about. You are a LIAR you are a brainwashed MORON and you are pathetic You are a PUNK you are psychotic you are a LIAR and you will NEVER address the FACTS on any topic and I am bored SILLY by your BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT. So GFY and I am done with you PUNK
  5. You are so STUPID you support a PATHAOLOGICAL LIAR in Trump but you dont believe the intelligence community you are a pathetic mindless trained sheep and ignorant brainwashed MORON
  6. No MORON that IS the case. Certianly that is what the Mueller report showed and what is CERTAIN is that NONE of you ignorant brainwashed MORONS have ever showed that is NOT what happened. GOD are you stupid
  7. Poor pathetic brainwashed MORON DeVry babbles NONSENSE and has DELUSIONS about kicking ass. What a MORON
  8. GOD you are STUPID DeVry. If you THOUGHT you made a point you are too STUPID to even BE in this conversation what in the WORLD does any of that have to do with the FACT the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia and the Clinton campaign was NOT? GOD you are stupid
  9. GOD you are STUPID DeVry we KNOW Russian Military Intelligence hacked the DNC and other places so WHAT is your point MORON? DeVry is a PUNK an ignorant childish PUNK too STUPID to know what he is talking about
  10. DeVRY you are a LIAR you never did any such thing. I dont LIE YOU are a LIAR
  11. Sure Chuck Everytime I see you in a window of someone elses post I KNOW you are a LIAR and a LIE is bound to show up. A LIE and something mind numbingly STUPID
  12. DANCE Treason Monkeys DANCE but whatever you do NEVER even TRY to address the FACTS that show you are LIARS and BRAINWASHED MORONS and GFY DeVry that never happened and as STUPID as you are even YOU know that
  13. Shut up PUNK. Just keep trying to CHANGE the subject BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT. We CANT talk about the FACTS. You know PUNK the ones we keep shoving in your FACE that you cant HOPE to deal with because you are too STUPID. So you want to say BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT SOMEWHERE a Democrat did SOMETHING Wrong so we NEVER have to talk about what REPUBLICANS do because SOMEWHERE YEARS AGO a Dem did something bad and since you are a mindless ignorant PUNK and trained to ALWAYS change the subject to LOOK OVER THERE or there or ANYWHERE but where the FACTS show what a BRAINWASHED MORON you are GFY DeVry you are BORING
  14. I have UpChuck on ignore since his abject STUPIDITY bores me silly but that question is PURELY ignorant https://www.verywellhealth.com/who-is-at-risk-from-unvaccinated-kids-2634420 One of the classic myths or misconceptions that anti-vax folks use to justify starting outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases is saying that their intentionally unvaccinated kids pose no risk to the rest of us because we have all had our vaccines. They typically think that it is only their own unvaccinated children and themselves who will be at risk for vaccine-preventable diseases, which they often think are not dangerous, another classic anti-vax myth. Unfortunately, as the increasing number of outbreaks of measles in the United States are showing, neither anti-vax myth is true. In fact, as we continue to hit new records, we are seeing: Infants who are too young to be vaccinated get caught up in the outbreaks as they are exposed at a doctor's office or hospital, where the person with measles is seeking care. People with immune system problems getting needlessly exposed to measles, as happened in Pittsburgh, when a college student with measles possibly exposed about 100 cancer patients. Children and adults with weak immune systems can fall into several broad categories, including those who can't receive some vaccines because they have a weak immune system and those who may be fully vaccinated, but no longer have any immune protection because they developed an immune system problem. And if they were to be vaccinated, depending on their degree of immune suppression, the vaccine likely would not work well. People develop severe complications of measles, such as the healthcare provider who reportedly developed measles encephalitis during the large measles outbreak in Fort Worth. We are also learning how much it costs to contain a measles outbreak. In 2011, there were 107 confirmed measles infections in the United States. To contain the outbreaks, local and state health departments had to spend between $2.7 and $5.3 million, according to a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. SO Chucky is it just that you were TOO STUPID to find things like this out on your own or were you SO BRAINWASHED and so IMPRESSED by the STUPIDITY you were TOLD to think by the screechmonkesy who does your thinking FOR you that you thought that STUPID TALKING POINT was really some kind of gotcha? There is also the herd immunity concept but really you are probably too STUPID to even understand this I dont want to tax your underdeveloped brain See when I heard something as simplistic and mindless as that I would immediatly think well I KNOW there were a LOT of bad measels outbreaks the last few years and we are warned about the dangers of not vaccinating so I wonder WHY it wouldnt just work that way and look into it MORONIC brainwashed Treason Monkey that YOU are you just thought OIh goody I cant wait to say that to a liberals GOD you childish PUNKS are just so STUPID
  15. Shut up PUNK. This is sheer FUN for me. Slapping the stupid out of you pathetic mindless Treason Monkeys is entertainment and a moral imperative and you PUNKS are so STUPID you dont even get how EASY you are