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  1. I misread what it said. I thought it said something to the degree of The President if the president of the United States so they have to look out for their country and the states look out for themselves."
  2. Of course but it is hard to catch them before the act. Limiting the number of guns is an option whether or not you think it is the right option or not. When something can be dangerous to the citizens, the U.S. can ban it. Bombs, poisons, and some drugs are all banned because they are dangerous. You might say that guns are not banned because there are other uses for them but there are things the same can be said for other things as well. For example, it is illegal to bring animals and plants into the country when returning from traveling abroad. Though there may be perfectly normal and valid reasons bringing these items into the U.S., they can also spread pathogens.
  3. Exactly my point. We should be trying to figure out why shootings are happening. That won't happen in a day though. Until then. we can at least focus on limiting the guns that are in the hands of the bad guys.
  4. Child gun deaths. I think it's a combination of all of hose but most were not self inflicted.
  5. I understand your point but it's because of things like this: https://sinceparkland.org/names (It just makes the whole thing more real) https://sinceparkland.org/about https://sinceparkland.org/ It's different pages on the same site. As a student, you realize it is irrational but, in the back of your mind, you think that it could be you or someone you know.
  6. An alternative solution would be to employ more police officers. I was recently in Israel and they have members of the milltary stationed all throughout Jerusalem. We could make it harder though. If the percentage of guns in circulation drops, then the number of gun owners who are criminals should drop as well.
  7. I will concede that you are right here. However, I do believe that guns need to be regulated more.
  8. Speech is free. (some) Online classes are as well. I suggest that you take a few in civics and possible english. Also, did you ever consider using words to stop someone.
  9. Absolutely not. If the government was ever taken out of the hands of the people however, there would need to be some kind of reform. I don't know what that would be but it probably won't be war.
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