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  1. My check has greatly improved since Obama will Franklin. Trump puts more money in my pockets. Why should I ever consider a liberal that steals my money Will Franklin?.
  2. DeepBreath, you sir benefit today in Trumps economy. There is no American that is not better off. To say so is a lie and I wold love to see your tax return to prove otherwise. Don’t be a dik deepbreath to impress your liberal friends. Reality is cruel, but in this case reality rewarded you with more dollars in your pocket.
  3. Don’t try laton, you are an idiot exposed.if you keep trying I will continue to make you look stupid. Try, big guy and I will continue to embarrass you
  4. Laton, you are awesome with your complete stupid response to how reality really works. Keep trying big guy.,are you Harvard educated Laton? If you are you wasted about $200k in life smart guy
  5. I have never been in a conservative blog site begging for money to survive. You know why? Cause losers without money don’t understand winners that make money.
  6. I think Will still lives in his mom’s basement. Nobody thinks the economy isn’t better today then when Trump took office except you Will Franklin. Will are you slow? Will Franklin are you stupid? Most of us middle class Americans are better off today because of Trump Will Franklin
  7. Your right bud. Nobody can change current laws except the current democratically owned house. Maybe you should contact your local liberal bud. 

  8. You apparently don’t know current or even decade old events FitNot2Serve. Trump banned Epstein from his properties 10 years ago when Epstein assaulted underage girls while on Trump properties. Stop spewing leftist lies. Trump distanced himself from Epstein a decade ago because he thought that billionaire was a creep. All the while your hero fit2serve, Bill Clinton, took 23 flights on Epstein’s air pedo express.
  9. I was being facetious asking which branch of government owned our debt Will. Of course you knew it was the socialistic Democratic Party run by Pelosi and the squad that owns our government deficit. They originate budgets. You knew that right Will? You know your party owns the budget, right? So, Will who drives our debt?
  10. So, the monster Epstein fed the liberal power elite such as Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Bill Richardson with underage girls? Is it any wonder that he ended up dead? Anybody that defends this chain of events has no moral compass.
  11. I ask Will where budgets originate. Which branch Will? Who owns that branch smart Guy? Why are you all of a sudden concerned about the budget Will? Are you a conservative in liberal cloak Will?
  12. What better place to kill a liberal pedophile supplier to the liberal pedophile elite then the corrupt liberal city of New York. Was it a suicide, or was it murder? I think it was a monster killed by other monsters to avoid their own destruction. It is sickening.
  13. You liberals seriously think promising illegals that can’t vote free crap, resonates with America? You Democrat’s might be dumber than I thought. Than again you Democrats have run our school systems for the past 40 years. Nothing but dumb children and lost money. Democrats cant defend anything anymore.
  14. So, you don’t want my money cause I don’t agree with your stupid ideology? If I ran this site I wouldn’t beg for money to run it. Yes, I do have my own conservative site that I never need to beg for contributions. You know why? Cause Conservatives are hard working and are more than willing to contribute their wealth to their ideology. Hard Work = prosperity. Used to be the American dream until liberals said my earned money needs to support those wanting a feee ride and illegal immigrants streaming across MY border
  15. Is the end goal to your movement Will to contract the growth of this economy to the point you can control it? right now it is moving at the pace I control, which is beyond your comprehension.
  16. Will, bless your heart. You always fail to understand all the parameters of economics. I get it Will you are college educated. That is most of the problem right there. You paid a college stupid money to teach you incorrect truths about the real world. How much you still owe for that education Will? Sucker. This is the bottom line. Government does not and will never create wealth. Government only eats wealth with its bureaucracy and bloat. Government does not create a tangible good that anybody will EVER pay money. Only the capitalistic free economy of the great old USA creates wealth from unique ideas that the world craves. NOBODY CRAVES COMMUNISTIC IDEAS COMMUNIST WILL!
  17. Just read your original post Will. “There is a movement here to where a few people control all of the money and nobody else has any.  That is like communism disguised” So, what is your solution Will? Allow the government to become communists and decide who should be wealthy?
  18. No, the movement here is to allow those with the greatest ideas to prosper. Not all human ideas are equal. Not all human intellect or ideas are equal. The constitution states that all are equal. Equal to compete for wealth. Not all compete equally for wealth. Some have better ideas. Some are just liberal idiots and their ideas make no logical sense. The constitution allows for that equal playing field to seek that wealth from their ideas.
  19. Will Franklin might be an idiot. The laffer curve represents reality Trumps actions follow Reagan’s that created the greatest boom economy since world war 2. I suspect will supports communist China? Will, are you a communist?
  20. Will, are you part of the cabal that thinks because percentages of increases to budgets are set that elimination of monetary values after the fact are null and void? Will, Do you want to steal money from me?
  21. You are a little person Deep. I outsmart you and you respond with stupid. I guess you need to fire your math teachers. Your wrong big guy. Math is what it is. I can’t correspond with stupid big guy. Take a Deep breath next time I insert my reply to you
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