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  1. I pass. Good night all. Except Chinese trying desperate y t9 be the USA. USA owns you.
  2. Do you need a prosperous conservative to pay your bills liberals? Make it worth my while and I might.
  3. Bluedog is gonna ban you DeepBreath if you keep this up.
  4. Why do liberals think government knows best for the American People? Can a single liberal ever convince me how government is ever better better? Where has government ever excelled over Capitalism? Government has never created a profitable product. Government only creates waste that we all pay.
  5. How many of you liberals follow Chinese plants like this? When will you liberals understand that the American Constitution is the only thing granting you an easy life?
  6. If you had facts to support your communistic thoughts Will Franklin, then I would follow you. Truth is that the great USA is the superior world power because it gives freedom to the individual and not to government. It believes that individuals are great over government. USA is a beacon for freedom. Individuals are incredible Will. Not the commune.
  7. You anti trump haters kill me. So, if the hurricane would have hit Alabama you would be silent. You ignorant trolls love to hate. Would if that spaghetti model did hit Alabama as was a possibility early on. Liberals should open their eyes to reality today.
  8. Why limit great people with ability to stop evil? So, if concealed weapon carriers are great people and thwart evil with lethal force you liberals will tar and feather them?
  9. Deep Breath is exactly correct. Deep Breath for FED CHAIR. When has anybody in control EVER benefited you. Freedom an$ Capitalism involving the free person are the answer. By the way growth inflation always is curbed by the intellectual develops curbed by free thinking peoples.
  10. I wonder if I am alone. I took college courses that taught me Keynesian economics and I struggled. It was never a logical aspect, so I memorized to get the grade. Then we learned supply side economics. Supply side made sense. The Lauffer curve made sense.
  11. This is not a topic for debate! It doesn’t matter if scum are born pedophiles. Our children are innocent and need to be protected from pedophiles.
  12. Socialism and Communism is the purest form of racism. Socialism and communism believes that the collective knows best over the individual. Socialist and communists know best and dictate how individual unique people should live. I guess because they are master race on deciding how humans should live. Sounds like similar ideology of Nazism. Do you socialists and communists ever step back and wonder if your thoughts parallel monstrous thoughts from the past? Unless humanity learns from its mistakes it will be doomed to repeat. Don’t be blinded by ignorance. Let the individual be great. Let every person have a voice. Let every person exist WillFranklin.
  13. You liberal on here love your feel good liberal mentalities. Can any liberal identify a socialistic, or communistic mentality that has ever worked? Communism fails because hard working people get tired of pulling the cart and disengage. Socialism fails because of similarities with communism. Socialism takes from the prosperous and gives to the lazy. MY summary is that communism is subjugation. Socialism is slavery.
  14. Are you serious Will? You think Venezuela is the product of trade embargos? Venezuela IS your mentality WillFranklin. Venezuela is what happens when people like you WillFranklin run countries. WillFranklin, you might be the best guy in the world, but I am sorry. You do not understand the world. Socialism and communism will never succeed for the simple fact that all individuals seek freedom. That isn’t a catch phrase Will. All humans seek greatness and the freedoms to achieve said greatness, you WillFranklin are not smarter than the individual. You, WillFranklin should not decide for another human what life choices are right for them. Individuals are great when left alone to achieve their greatness. Individuals create electricity, the iPhone, 5g, you name it. Individuals create greatness WillFranklin. Government only creates burden.
  15. Liberals love feel good conversations that lack any coherent point. I am sure WillFranklin means well. I am sure WillFranklin wants to provide free health care to the world. Sad thing is that WillFranklin won’t pay the bill for the illegal, but he will expect all of us to pay for it. His lack of real world experiences are painfully obvious with each post he makes. Will Franklin is dead to me. His posts leave me feeling sorry for him. You should go to Venezuela WillFranklin. That country took your mindset and look where they are now. More oil than the rest of the world and they can’t even keep their lights on. You should read Atlas Shrugged Will.
  16. WillFranklin loves big government. I think WillFranklin is most likely a government employee. Makes sense to me based on all his ignorant ramblings. I doubt WillFranklin ever had to meet a weekly payroll. I doubt WillFranklin ever had to understand how repressive regulations or taxes prohibit a business’ ability to make any money. I guess WillFranklin doesn’t understand how wealth is created. Please enlighten us how wealth is really created WillFranklin other than by stealing it from the hardworking taxpayers left to pull the cart.
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