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  1. Please send me your tax returns bluedog. I will decide bluedog if you paid enough taxes over the years bro. What is the difference bluedog?
  2. Probably cause debs runs this libtard forum and hates when folk send reality posts
  3. Wrong again Debs. Debs must be a government official that has never ever had to create wealth. I bet debs has never backed a pay check. Privatization equals efficiency and prosperity. The American dream to take risk and be rewarded.
  4. Beginning to think you are a Russian debs, you seem to align more with Russian communism and socialism than American capitalism that believes in the greatness of the individual.
  5. No Debs, the constitution is the law of the land. Liberals seem to hate that the United States of American owns the only constitution that limits its government and empowers the individual. Try to take my guns debs
  6. OMGitzHIM

    Trump the racist!

    Debs, I think you need to post all of your proof for your statements above. Your stupid crazy debs. Reality is just outside your door hun.
  7. Will a liberal please identify a socialistic country that has ever succeeded over time?
  8. I think everybody here demanding trump releases his taxes also release theirs to the world. Blue dog I’d love your tax report published for all see. Put up or shut up liberals
  9. Why should trump release his returns? What American doesn’t try to limit his taxes? Bernie Sanders is a millionaire yet pays no taxes. How is it that a socialist doesn’t contribute his fair share? It’s because he is in power. Demand Bernie contributes his fair share since he is the 1%
  10. David, what product do you own that is worth $45? What product can you create that is worth $45? I will own you bro
  11. Why do socialists create rooms that seek money from capitalists? Doesn’t the government steal what you need for you?
  12. I love how Trump capitalism makes Americans great again. I love how liberalism shows sane folk why we don’t want to be Venezuela
  13. Why? Don’t these sites appreciate in value? Fire sale from what I can tell. Money talks and liberals walk then sprint for cents on the dollar. You all are 3 months late selling here on liberal forum. Capitalism is a bitch.
  14. Easy answer...liberalism is a disease that can’t be debated. Just look at socialist liberally run Venezuela for why capitalism wins every time. Capitalism encourages the greatness and risk taking of the entrepreneur. Sounds like bezos