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  1. Will Franklin is the champion of liberal thoughts on this site, he does as Bluedog commands like a good boy. Will Franklin commands respect as number 2 or maybe 3 or 4. Who knows, there is no loyalty amongst commies. He pounces on free thinking conservatives seeking freedom and prosperity like a starving cougar trying to survive in weak California. Will is a loyal soldier that thinks as he is told and protects other socialists as if they were him. He is a strange socialist in that he has drive to protect other socialists, I wonder if he might be a confused conservative?
  2. Rolling Rock is boring just like the beer. Bring some substance to the party. I
  3. Trump is the savior of the United States of America. God bless his courage against little men like you Zaro. Sweet name Zaro, I think you messed up. A should be an E bud
  4. Hey Zaro, stop sniffing blue dogs ass. He’s good for you. No need to sniff for approval.
  5. So many Bluedog bitches speaking on his behalf. Bluedog limits free speech just like his hero Putin bans people from the press. Bluedog banned me for 6 months cause he did not like my opinion.. Let Bluedog defend himself. Stop being kiss ass Putin bitches for Bluedog
  6. I live to trigger Zaro by telling him I voted for Trump and will again. God save the electoral college! The protectorate of the free thinking people in flyover country!
  7. Lots of folk on this site think the socialist collective is the answer. We all work towards the same goal and get fed and prosper. Did that work for the nazis? You idiots do know the nazis were socialists? What happens when I realize that my brains and work ethic create more than my brethren? Should I give my hard work and earned money to those that don’t work as hard as I? That is the difference between the United States of America and the rest of the world. The USA constitution is the only government restriction that allows the individual to have rights and be great. The USA constitution limits government power and allows the individual to be great. No other country has a constitution that gives rights to individuals. That is why the United States is the greatest country to ever live the planet Earth. It allows individuals to be great.
  8. I love triggering socialists that claim free speech.
  9. I have better sites that catch the eyes of your people Will. Embargo’s and sanctions can restrict free speech. Will Franklin knows my free speech on this site was restricted. He can live with that. He loves freedom.
  10. Bluedog is a totalitarian. Bluedog is no better than N Korea or China. I only came back recently after being banned for a year. I am committed and have counted down the days until I could enlighten you communists on this site to how your overlords ban people. Proof again will be my removal from tomorrow’s posts. I tried. You should try and think for yourselves
  11. the Constitution of the United States is amazing. I think liberalism is the decay of the United States of the great America. I love my country unlike democrat liberals like Bluedog. I think the USA is the beacon of hope around the world. Why don’t liberals love America? America is the most prosperous country to ever be on Earth. Why do liberals like Bluedog want to destroy America’s prosperity? Right now America is booming under conservative tax cutting policy that allows the individual to be great just like America!
  12. Ban me again for a year Bluedog. Prove that liberals aren’t open to other thought
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