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  1. I pass. Good night all. Except Chinese trying desperate y t9 be the USA. USA owns you.
  2. Do you need a prosperous conservative to pay your bills liberals? Make it worth my while and I might.
  3. Bluedog is gonna ban you DeepBreath if you keep this up.
  4. Why do liberals think government knows best for the American People? Can a single liberal ever convince me how government is ever better better? Where has government ever excelled over Capitalism? Government has never created a profitable product. Government only creates waste that we all pay.
  5. How many of you liberals follow Chinese plants like this? When will you liberals understand that the American Constitution is the only thing granting you an easy life?
  6. If you had facts to support your communistic thoughts Will Franklin, then I would follow you. Truth is that the great USA is the superior world power because it gives freedom to the individual and not to government. It believes that individuals are great over government. USA is a beacon for freedom. Individuals are incredible Will. Not the commune.
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