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  1. Seriously bro, you are begging like the bums I see on the side of interstate exists every stop I make at major cities? You liberals are begging for crumbs when millions exist
  2. OMGitzHIM

    Is BLUEDOG a communist?

    Is Bluedog Iranian?
  3. OMGitzHIM

    Is BLUEDOG a communist?

    Let’s ask where BLUEDOG’s allegiance lies? Bluedog, are you an American? Bluedog, are you a Russian? Bluedog, do you think the collective creates wealth of the individual? Bluedog, do you think the current economic boom in America is cause trump eliminated Obama regulations on the a,Erica economy? Bluedog, are you an American?
  4. Tell me you are stranded in some airport
  5. No replies? Guess communists can’t refute my post? Hard to refute truth and historical reality. Or, are liberals not energized? I know Bluedog is scared. I hope not of me. I know you blocked me once bud against all of the ideals of first amendment free speech. Facts and history are so inconvenient. Respond Bluedog or I will take over your little liberal site with an army of conservative capitalist. First and last warning Bluedog.
  6. OMGitzHIM

    Ban Assault Weapons NOW

    I love your passion Merrill, but you don’t live in reality. Americans on fly over country love their guns. You aren’t going to take those guns away from them. You might be shot if you try bud
  7. Somebody tell me otherwise. It is the economy stupid. Economy is great and lots of lower income folk are moving up the ladder of success. Fed is about to lower interest rates again which will accelerate development. Trumps tariffs seem to be working. Mexico just deployed 6k troops to their southern border. Which of the 24 democrats have a chance? None. They are all light weights that most of real Americans think are clowns. Do any of you liberals think the 24 clowns have a chance against Trump? He will nickname them and make them periods on a nothing sentence that nobody remembers.
  8. Any Rand lived communism before escaping to a more democratic life. I would say Ayn Rand is accurately predicting the evolution of socialism and communism correctly to its end. USSR is a great example of the failure of socialism and communism thought. She lived it and understood it all while not understanding any of the garbage of the social/communistic thought. Anybody that reads atlas shrug is educated on the short comings of socialism. Without incentive and exceptionalism of the individual person there is no expansion of wealth.
  9. I need historical proof that socialism and communism is working in some portion of the world where it has been tried. Help me liberals hawking that frame of mind on this site. Why in the world would a country so prosperous on capitalism ever need to donate its wealth to socialism?
  10. OMGitzHIM

    BlueDog Bans Free Speech

    Who is lying as the admin?
  11. OMGitzHIM

    BlueDog Bans Free Speech

    Yes, my posts were not hitting the site.
  12. OMGitzHIM

    BlueDog Bans Free Speech

    Dontlookknow, how does liberalism encourage me to keep pulling the cart while other ride in it?
  13. OMGitzHIM

    BlueDog Bans Free Speech

    Just letting you guys know my posts are being held back and reviewed before being allowed to be posted.
  14. OMGitzHIM

    BlueDog Bans Free Speech

    Debat me on why socialism is superior to freedom of the individual to be great?