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  1. How this site allows idiots like XavierOnassis to spout bs is beyond me. Liberal or not, the Liberal-forum should not allow a platform that promotes terrorism. This thread is filled with terrorism. Close this thread or as a new lawyer looking to make a name I will file a lawsuit against the liberal forum for promoting and giving terrorists a platform
  2. I get it, but will never understand liberal comedy. Some a-holes, like ClownCrusher, must need to feel better about themselves through the cowardly veil of the anonymous internet. I bet ClownCrusher created this thread after striking out on AdultFriendFinder multiple times. I bet after paying for countless A5 Kobe steaks on blind yahoo dates without getting laid this is the end result. Post on a political forum proclaiming said failure with picking up any sort of chick behind comic failure. Is ClownCrusher trying to save face with his manhood by mockingly saying he is a fat chick dating expert? Or, is ClownCrusher rejected by any chick including beautiful fat chicks? My educated guess is both. Please, will a desperate liberal pasty, homely chick please reach out to ClownCrusher so you guys can both find some sort of morbid happiness. ClownCrusher is overweight from playing video games 16 hours a day while on Biden welfare, but might not be completely lost. Might be time yet for ClownCrusher to reduce his moobs to a bra size less than yours. Liberal chicks should be climbing all over themselves to get a piece of this omega man.
  3. Ignorant folk disconnected from reality are funny to me. I say Darwinism needs to run its course. Have fun in Iran niece. Write back to us on this thread if able...
  4. RickyTavy, your passion is amazing, but your historical content is absurd and devoid from reality. You sir might be the biggest idiot to post a manifest of ignorance online. What college did you go to? Want to make sure my son does not have that school on his list. Ricky you might be the worst online historian of facts I have ever read. Nothing you posted was historically correct. Whitemajickman (you need a better online name bro) correctly posted why you are wrong. I am going to expound on your stupid. Ricky, it is painfully obvious you have never run anything that makes money in your life. You are ignorant to what creates wealth. You are ignorant to government red tape that siphons off wealth from those that work tireless hours to create prosperity. Despite your extreme ignorance to means of wealth that America embraces you March on. Why?
  5. Why wouldn’t we have an election? Because of a pandemic? Curious where in the constitution does it care about pandemics? Constitution was familiar with pandemics. Constitution didn’t believe pandemics mattered. Constitution limits the USA governments powers. Set it right now! Judicial branch!
  6. Reduction in taxes, prosperity is result. I am screen shooting those with half a brain that earn a dollar.
  7. Today’s interview identified the disconnect between Biden’s racial statement and where the USA Currently lives.
  8. BluDog loves MC Escher. I know all of mc escher’s art. Why? cause my mom Used to parade the mc escher art pieces in my elementary school. Up in Michigan it was a rotating art program. It’s crazy that conservatives also appreciate all forms of art. Maybe you might appreciate all Americans BluDog and not just liberals. I’ll travel to you just to shake a hand BluDog. Anyday and anytime. .
  9. Are you guys serious? Does anybody on this forum think a debate between trump and Biden would go well on national tv?
  10. Conservative woman are so much more attractive than liberal woman. I guess it is a mindset that creates such outward beauty. The obvious is easy to point out.
  11. I’m a disturbed person, but y’all are beyond saving. This thread is off
  12. Currently, the option on the ballot is tried and true Biden. 73 years old and forgetting life by the minute. I wonder how Sanders supporters feel since their old man still seems able to remember yesterday. Basement Biden can’t even recollect a memory about Tara Reid. Despite no less than 5 corroborating witnesses on the record backing her claim. Not to mention her now dead mother on the Larry King show 20+ years ago. Hard to deflect that one. Amazing how the #metoo movement died when one of their own was painted. I wonder who on this site fell silent with Biden and #metoo. I will point them out in time now that I am allowed once again to access this site after my 1st Amendment was restricted by 3 months by the site moderators. Truth gets restricted on this site. Kinda like the Nazi SS used to do to folk that had a different perspective. Wait, you guys did not know that? Shocking isn’t it to know that liberals silence differing perspectives on this site. This site is run by hypocrites. What a farce the #MeToo movement turned out to be. Last I heard was that Cuomo would be the savior at the convention. Cuomo is probably on the way to being buried 6 feet under in political terms after it has come to light that his policies may have made him into a mass murder in old folk homes. You liberals are fucked. Can’t wait for Flynn abuses to come to light. Americans don’t like when their freedoms are restricted. Trump and MAGA 2020!
  13. Skans, I fear that you seek something beyond my will of destruction. I don’t want violence. I want discussion..
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