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  1. Buffalo

    Prediction for Mueller Report.

    No it has not been debunked. Trumpy needs to direct AG Barr to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate bitch clinton and her slick willie and pick up where the FBI’s Comey covered for the bitch.
  2. Ah, the guilt by association bullsh!t!
  3. Buffalo

    Prediction for Mueller Report.

    It will leave open the continued politically motivated witch hunt by butthurt moonbats and their deep state apparatchiks with TDS.
  4. LOL! Liberals and moonbats have spent the past two years fighting each other, proposing taxes on cow farts, and sitting on their hands waiting for Uncle Robert to work magic for them. Instead he gave them a big fat nothing burger. Any more attempts by the dim-0-craps to go after trumpy will expose them for their political witch hunting. Trumpy won this won. LOL!
  5. Just as I predicted. The report is a nothing burger $25 MILLION waste of taxpayer money.
  6. Meanwhile butthurt moonbats, like you, put on your pink pussy hats and whine about trumpy.
  7. Moonbats have to have everything spelled out for them...
  8. Goddamn, anyone paying halfassed attention to the news would know that they have been hinting that mulehead's report may not be as incriminating or even as damning as moonbats have been hoping it would be.
  9. They are beginning to get schit in their proverbial reporting necks and are already backpedaling. Anything less than a full blown collusion between trumpy and the ruskies will be a big disappointment to them and moonbats with TDS. BTW, collusion is not even against the law.
  10. And just who are the poorly educated, bill? As opposed to what? Educated idiots? I am not a trumpy supporter. But the deep state witch hunt and media cheerleading of it is going to backfire on them. LOL
  11. I going to bet that the left wing lapdog media, dim-0-crap pols and their moonbatty apparatchiks, all with TDS, are going to hyperventilate over the lack of incriminating evidence in the report. LOLOLOL! Doubtful that will stop their witch hunt...
  12. Doesn't look like it covers much of the border, especially in Texas. Pedestrian fencing in urban areas just pushes illicit crossings out of town. Put the troops on the border! http://www.businessinsider.com/us-mexico-border-wall-photos-maps-2018-5
  13. I was not referring to those areas. A wall, fence, barrier, whatever along the lower Rio Grande (where most of the crossings in Texas occur, BTW) next to the river is impossible. Some parts of the wall would have to be as far as a mile away fro the river necessitating the crossing of private property. Landowners are not and will not be happy with the cutting off of their farm and ranch lands fro the Rio Grande. What is wrong with stationing troops along the border?
  14. How are you going to build a wall through peoples' private property along the Rio Grande? A wall, fence, barrier (whatever one wants to call it) cannot, for all practical purposes, be built along the banks of the ever changing course of the lower Rio Grande below Del Rio, Texas. 87 Lawsuits are still pending from suits brought by private landowners against the government trying to take private land from the 2006 Border Security Act. Station troops along the border and give them the authority to use whatever means necessary to STOP the invasion of the US by illegals, terrorists, criminals, gangs, drugs, etc! Boom for the economies of the towns and cities along the border. That being said, the idiotic VISA and asylum programs must be ended. More illegals overstayed their expired VISAs in 2017 than were apprehended at the border.