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  1. Maybe niggers should be trained not to break the law...eh? Just kidding. That is not possible. In terms of absolute numbers more White people are killed breaking the law each year than niggers. But when it comes to the lapdog, enemy of the people, lying, leftist media there is a double standard. Never a headline about a nigger cop killing a white man. Why? Because it does not fit the narrative and agenda of the lapdog media.
  2. The magic negro could have taken a shit on the sidewalk in front of that church and been called a genius by his worshipers.
  3. That's what wrong with your moonbatty ass...You have been brainfucked by the lapdog lying liberal media. The sorry motherfuckers doing the assaulting, looting and arson should be shot on sight!
  4. Unless Trump was waiting on dim-0-crap mayors and governors to take control, I do not understand why he has hesitated to bring out the military and NG to stop the destruction of public and private property and killing of innocents.
  5. How many do you think would need to be shot for the rest of the lawless savages to get the message that law abiding citizens are not going to put up with their destructive bullshit?
  6. You are a despicable little moonbatty shitstain for believing that LIE. Proves how goddamn stupid moonbats are. When Whitey finally gets enough, and it is soon coming, of you and your fellow, moonbats, blm niggers and antifa White bashing, the backlash ain't going to be pretty for you goddamn idiots. LOL!!!
  7. I am tired of the law enforcement and authorities treating the lawless, rioting, pillaging and burning blm and antifa niggers and faggots with kid gloves while they terrorize and assault law abiding citizens and burn down their houses and businesses. While the media vilifies Trump and white people as if it is their fault. It is time to start killing the lawless, destructive bastards on sight when caught breaking the law.
  8. Your to much of a goddamn stupid moonbat to figure out it is not Whitey doing the agitating...It is the backlash that you goddamn moonbatty terrorist with their anti-White agenda that just maybe has pushed Whitey to the point that he isn't going to take anymore of that anti-White bullshit and the backlash ain't going to be pretty. You ever thought of it that way, shitstain?
  9. While the lapdog, enemy of the people, lying, leftist media can't plaster the airways with enough images about a drugged up, nigger criminal dying while cops are attempting to arrest the gorilla, in Richmond, Virginia a fire was intentionally set by lawless faggot rioters to a multi-family home with children inside and then blocked the fire department from reaching the scene. Why does the lapdog media ignore horrific acts like this....because it doesn't fit their narrative? Fortunately the responders were able to save the children. What the fuck is wrong with the goddamn wimpy authorities who allow domestic terrorists to get by with such evil shit instead of killing them like the savage animals they are? I am losing my respect for law officials but not for the same reasons as the rioters though. http://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/rioters-lit-house-on-fire-that-had-child-inside-then-blocked-firefighters/ A strong case for home owners to be armed and defend with deadly force,if necessary, their homes and businesses because the law cannot be depended on. Do they fear they might upset the delicate feelings of the savage, lawless terrorists?
  10. He can't produce one because one does not exist and he is a lying shitstain of a moonbat.
  11. You stupid shitstain of a moonbat. YOUR the one falsely accusing Trump. That is not what the "politico" article was saying. Your own article proves your a goddamn moonbatty LIAR! Go get some more brainfucking from your liberal lying lapdog of the dim-0-craps media, idiot.
  12. From Moonbattery.com: May312020 Anyone Remember Justine Damond? Anyone relying on the mainstream media for information could be excused for believing that only Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation are killed by rogue police officers. Actually, this is not true; as Heather Mac Donald notes, “if there is a bias in police shootings after crime rates are taken into account, it is against white civilians,” probably because police are aware of the political consequences of shooting blacks, whose Lives Matter. Regarding rogue police officers in Minneapolis, here’s a story that ran here 3 years ago: At last word, the police had put forth no explanation for this homicide. In his short career, Noor already had three complaints against him, two of which are still under investigation. Damond had called 911 to report what she believed to be an active sexual assault. Ironically, she was a militant opponent of anyone but the authorities being allowed to own firearms. Somehow, I doubt this story will generate as much outrage as when white police officers are forced to shoot black criminals. That prediction was accurate. The Washington Post actually sided with Noor after he shot a woman in the face for no particular reason, rejoicing that his Affirmative Action presence on the police force “brought Somali activists some pride and reassurance at a time of Islamophobia in America.” Wept WaPo, “Now that same Somali community is bracing for a backlash against Noor that has already begun.” Noor was found guilty of murder. See? No reason to riot. Likewise, Derek Chauvin has been arrested and charged with murder. Those rioting ostensibly in the name of George Floyd have no justification whatsoever. But of course, Floyd is only a pretext; if he hadn’t come along, the mob that has been burning down Minneapolis would have found another one.
  13. I think they need to realize that threat is real and go the fuck home and stop looting and pillaging like the goddamn lawless savages they are...They are not protesting Floyd's death!
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