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  1. In your wet dreams, moonbat. Trumpy ain't gonna be impeached and Lewandowski ain't in trouble! That whole dog and pony show by the dim-0-craps was a joke!
  2. The whole goddamn thing was designed as a fishing expedition to try and dig up dirt for dim-0-craps to use against trumpy in the 2020 election. It turned into a dog and pony show disaster for the dim-0-craps though. It made them look as stupid and ridiculous as they really are. The American voters can clearly see through their bullsh/t. LOL!!!
  3. Your saying that he did nothing with them? In fact Mueller's report does not suggest a direct link with Trump’s request.
  4. But, as YOU contend, he got the many titted empress' emails hacked by the ruskies from her illegal server. What exactly did he do with them? Can't or won't answer the question, eh nasty?
  5. So, what did trumpy do with ALL those email;s the ruskies hacked from the many titted empress' illegal server? What exactly did trumpy do with ALL of them?
  6. And I ask you again you moonbatty motherfu(ker, just what did trumpy do with all those e-mails the ruskies supposedly hacked from the many titted empress' illegal server?
  7. “Hell yes, we are going to take your AR-15,” squeaked authoritarian punk Robert Francis O’Rourke. To this, the equal repressive Kamala Harris might add, “Hell yes, we are going to take your cheeseburgers.” Radically restricting our diet is a key item on the progressive agenda (see e.g., here, here here, here, here, here, here, and here). No American would vote for an autocrat running on the promise not to let us eat cheeseburgers because they are offensive to her totalitarian ideology. Let’s hope Americans aren’t outnumbered in this country yet.
  8. And just what did trumpy do with ALL those e-mails, nasty, as they were illegally on an unsecure server that was easily hacked. So, what did trumpy do with ALL those e-mails?
  9. His oliness spied illegally on the Trump campaign. http://californiajimmy.com/2017/09/19/obama-used-deep-state-illegally-spy-trump-campaign-sep-19-2017/ http://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/351495-it-looks-like-obama-did-spy-on-trump-just-as-he-did-to-me http://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/did-obama-spy-on-trump/
  10. Compare that to the 100S of MILLIONS in "donations" to their tax dodging slush fund the many titted empress and her slick willie took in from foreign governments while she was SoS. Trumpy can't hold a candle to the corruptness of the many titted empress and her slick willie. How many times do you have to be proven wrong, nasty?
  11. Yep, Fauxcahontas, bashing corporations and then takes in MILLIONS of dollars of donations from them on her behalf. What a hypocrite!
  12. No, you need to sh/tcan the fu(king lapdog leftist fake news media.
  13. You have no fu(king clue as to what your blathering about, do you?
  14. I don't believe trumpy has spent tax dollars and lives like past POTUSs have. I say the US needs to mind its own business and let the Saudis take care of their own sh/t.
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