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  1. Obama taught a nation to feel sorry for itself. He is nothing to be admired.
  2. You don't get it. Which means you don't understand. The Dems voting on hate speech today, completely missed the point.
  3. okay bonehead, tell me about some real life examples in this country of US courts hearing cases claiming Sharia as basis of legal argument. The people of this country need to know. Or need to know you have no clue what you are talking about.
  4. I'm not asking you to pay for me, but you and your type are asking me to pay for you. Stick it lazy ass crud. Are you stoned right now? Do you want me to pay for your next drug buy biotch because you are a sorry arse? then why do you argue for such people if you don't even like them?
  5. left, you butt heads hold yourself out as intellectuals. If by intellectual you mean you lie and blame your own failures on others and get others to believe it. That pretty much sums up a liberal progressive democrat. A lying arse piece of garbage who name calls others what they themselves are. Shame on you liar.
  6. Obama taught a nation to feel sorry itself. That is what a socialist/communist leader preaches to their citizens to aspire to, feeling sorry for themselves.
  7. ConCon, such is not true. The problem here is dumb ass people like you who don't know crap about anything. Just saying, and I'm right.
  8. Stop the trains in Mexico. you bitches want to give people a ride, you keep them.
  9. No, Sharia doesn't mean anything different in any country. If you are a man you will want Sharia in your life. Your woman, or any other woman you want, is just another dog in your life. What the Bad word do you know about anything other that what NBC tells you. May I ask?
  10. Ilam islam and her Sharia. we men won't care if she succeeds. In fact we hope she succeeds in teaching woman to submit to being a man's property.
  11. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, under Obama and Jay Johnson built the so called cages to put illegal immigrants into. Kristen totally screwed up. Everything she got accused of is what Obama set up and did. But people are stupid.
  12. this is going to get fun birdie. especially when you start telling me you are a sorry ass and require gov't to provide you a life. let's get the party started lazy ass pathetic victim biotch.
  13. Sure you did maineman. Men whose women staying in the kitchen all day cooking for you and smiling at you because you looked at them as more than a sheep. They were curious of a man who didn't treat them like a dog.
  14. Men in this country should definitely embrace these Islam Imam loving ladies of Sharia. Our Society can regress to a day when men had a legal right to beat their women if they got out of line. And make their women cover themselves in shame while their husband brought other women into their bed. That's A-Okay under Sharia. Honestly, if women in this country really understood what these goofy women in Congress where pitching. It amazes me how stupid and how utterly ignorant and foolish people are. The citizens of Minneapolis, brain dead.
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