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  1. All anyone needs to know about the Clintons is: Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood. Black babies need to be aborted Robert Byrd, Grand Master of the Klu Klux Clan How stupid can people be to think Democrats give two Bad words about you? Now Democrats are calling you people of color? Democrats have labelled you, Do you like being labelled?
  2. Ocasio says the world will end in 12 years, that's 2030. She is probably banging the whore Al Gore. Think about that for a minute, Ocasio say this planet of 6 billion years will end in 12 years. What is your first clue this moron is blowing smoke up your ass like Al Gore tried to do.
  3. If you say so, doesn't look like good mother for children to me. Yeah, I'd bang her though if I wasn't married.
  4. If you can't get a job in Trump's economy, you aint trying.
  5. No personal attacks ( agree to disagree) I refuse to fight with one arm tied behind my back. Because a liar needs slapped in the face from every direction, more directions than I have hands to bring it. They do same, so forget the handcuffs. I'm going to give it to them, smack them down, call them out, for being snowflake pansies. Do not ask me to give them any slack, I won't.
  6. Pulled out some old porno. Stormy...ewww...ahh... Bad word me baby. Good looking, good bod, big titty's, fellow bros if she started going down on you, you would have to be a saint. The next day you would ask yourself, how much did I pay this prostitute? I suggest you ask Commie Harris how much she would charge
  7. What a moron. The woman who said the unemployment rate is down because a person got a second job. Maybe that's the way Obama counted things.
  8. but why the hell should we care. by the time she gets off birth control the planet is going to implode by the year 2030. So who gives a Bad word Cortez, Al Gore?

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