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  1. The forum servers are located in Washington state, tech support is in India, teacher is in ****** ( it is america) and the owner actually lives in boca. The federal indictments and controversy has blown over.
  2. teacher isn't in Israel dumbass. The shady owner is. And he ( the owner) is a disgraced insurance huckster who's been banned from doing business in many states in the U.S.
  3. How can she have crap from 2007 when the site was totally purged in 2013?
  4. You have a point, some dummies actually pay to have they're DNA entered into a worldwide data base.
  5. If a person gives up what's real they're dumb.
  6. Paying for this shit site. You must be on dope.
  7. Click is that the sound of you putting the dentures back in after a sloppy blow job?
  8. Put that on your wish list, fold it to four corners and cram it up your ass.
  9. Use them for what? That kuntbag need's an instruction manual just to tie her shoes.
  10. I'm sure you hear that from your wife all the time.
  11. Funny that's the exact think I told your wife. You watching me son?
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