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  1. I hope the left in Chicago doesn't help him. Jussie is a Democrat activist, he has pictures with Booker, Harris, Obama & Michelle [Big Mike] if was a political stunt, Jussie should be charged and do at least a few years in jail because allot of people could have been hurt or killed over this , Many r already wanting to hurt Conservatives , especially Christians or Jews The Democrats are always pushing that Right racist bull , and it always backfires. It's almost an election year and it was another set up, like the Fake story about the poor Christian kids, but they are suing everyone lol They are trying their best to make Trump and Conservatives look racist , WE ARE EVERYONE, WE ARE BLACK, BROWN, GAY, TRANS, JEWISH CHRISTIAN, WHITE, WE HAVE MIXED MARRIAGES AND MIXED FAMILIES, WE ARE EVERYONE. Trumps support has gone way up w/black and Latinos because they are doing better. We see the through the lies. In my family I have Black, Native American ,Oriental, Latino Palestinian, Jewish, gay I have a mixed marriage and every color In my family, and I am a typical Republican, Many of us vote Obama. Trump couldn't have won without Obama voters. but we have been called every nasty name and we will never go back, #Walkaway #WalkawayfromDemocratSocialist
  2. So sad the Democrat Party have become the party of Anti American Socialist , Communist , Globalist and New World Order, They want to destroy or borders and our country.
  3. What has Trump done that is remotely bigot or hateful? U have been listening the fake news again hun lol The DemoKKKcrat the party who started the KKK] are the bigots , that is why they call Republicans racist , they want to hide their real motives, They want to keep people of color DOWN Is it the Prison Reform Bill that is getting all those Black people who were put in jail under Clinton out of jail , is that bigoted? Is it the lowest unemployment in out nations history for Blacks and Latino's , Maybe it's homeownership and business ownership for Blacks being up 400%, Maybe it's helping all the Angel families, Wait I know it's putting all those women and minorities in his cabinet that makes him bigoted, Oh I know it's having Ben Carson working on Urban development, help to rebuild the Minorities schools and neighborhoods now that BIGOTED lol That is the media telling you that and many people buy it. Trump won a bunch of Award for helping the Minorities Communities before he got President! Trump isn't racist or bigoted at all, and securing our border isn't racist, 90% of heroin is coming in over the border, Trump got a Lifetime Award Achievement for helping the Minority communities {{ Jessie Jackson gives trump an award }} There is the link
  4. POWER GRAB? , what does that even mean? Trump isn't a Socialist , he doesn't want to take away rights The Democrats control the media , they want our guns, want to control information , they own google, facebook CBS NBC YouTube, Wikipedia, MSNBC, ABC, Fox is now owned by liberal Disney, the Socialist Dems even control the damn schools [common core] , dictionaries, all search engines but a few. They have 93 % negative reporting against Trump , while they had 93 positive on that crook Obama and Hillary [Dems have power over the media?] and he still has 53% approval because he is working for We the People. America not Illegal Aliens [and that is the legal term used in Government documents] So exactly what all POWER can he grab? Even the CROOKS [rino's[ in his own party fights him because he took money from NO ONE , No Special interests, No Lobbyist, He spent his own money so he wouldn't have to be beholden to CROOKS. Trump doesn't even take a pay check! Trump's only power is what the people and God give him.
  5. Conservatives never wander why the left takes the side of illegals over American citizens. We know it's to outrun our system with debt and bring America down to set the stage for the Socialist New World Order, Illegals are fraudulent Democrat votes, while sucking money and overloading our of all our social systems. Bye Bye America , hello Globalism.
  6. LoreD , I never listen or reply to people who name call, People who are too stupid or nasty to put together a decent response deserve no time. I'm sure many feel the same as me. Names no longer bother me, especially as a conservative , I have being called every nasty evil name by the tolerant left. Names have no weight because the people name calling doesn't even know you, so how can they hurt you.
  7. I love when they call us Fascists don't you? It's so cliché lol , next they'll will saying Nazi, Racists, and why would they think of the Trump and We the People as being Fascists? I know that Socialist Parties are usually the Fascists Governments are usually State ran, they control media, welfare, gun control, medical and get rid of Freedom and speech that they disagree with like Socialist state ran like Venezuela . Fascist don't want you to have freedoms , like guns The left media is 93% negative against Trump, that doesn't sound like he controls the media to me . Six companies own most the media now including even google, facebook, youtube, snopes CNN MSNBC, CBS ABC Netflix Wikipedia even Fox is now owned by the leftist ran Disney Corp. it really sort of scary isn't it? The Globalism really scares me , not for me as much as generations to come., like my down the line ,,,, grandkids and their grandkids, Y'all all pray for Trump and America.
  8. I'm assuming that BEACHOOSER posted before the latest info on the" Russian Dressing collusion " Teasing , but CBS came out a few days ago stating that the conclusion was there was no collusion. Trumps associates legal issues had nothing to do with Trump, most were things before they knew Trump or maybe they forgot what they emailed someone back in 1990 on july 21th. and they called it lying. You know how the do that stuff. They put pressure on associates to as they put it {indict a ham sandwich]. They say we will lower your sentence if you say something bad about Trump, maybe you want to wait for Mueller's statement and if so I completely understand not wanting to take CBS's word for it. I know that Hillary sold 25%of our Uranium to the Kremlin, and it was not right , I'm sure you know all of that. And the whole Hillary fake dossier came from Russia too.
  9. I couldn't believe that McCabe wasn't arrested for Sedition as he left the 60 mins. interview. He confessed to sedition and treason. They were actually actively working on a coup on The American people and the President of the United States just because they disagreed with our political views. We have since heard just the other day that there was NO COLLUSION [no one with a brain believe it anyway, no wait I guess if you were listening to State ran media you might] If McCabe , Comey, Rosenstein, Clinton [who paid for the dossier] and a few aren't brought up for Sedition and/or Treason I will never trust the DOJ or FBI's word again. If they do anything to Trump just because they hate him, there will be Civil unrest like there has never been in this Nation, at lease not since the Republicans freed slaves, emancipated blacks, and gave them the vote. There is allot of honor in the rank and file of the FBI, CIA and DOJ and we stand by them completely but the top had major problems. Many of the bad ones have already been made to resigned or was fired after some of the disgraceful stuff came out.. They let their political views guide them, they believe that the New World Order is their right even if the American people voted against it. I feel so sorry for our President and his family. I pray daily for God to protect them from hate. You can disagree without being disagreeable or in my experiences, my friends have been attack [not like Jussie REALLY attacked physically for wearing a hat someone didn't like the color of] I don't name called and I dismiss those who feel they can't debate without it. Feelings without REAL facts mean nothing, don't you agree? By the way the Emails that came out of Wikileaks only put out only made public Hillary and the DNC actual texts and emails. They actually said those things about people of color etc. but it was all true just like the private conversation of Trumps that was made public,,,,,, it didn't change any votes, but both could have change peoples minds on who they wanted to vote for, but it didn't literally CHANGE VOTES. I had trouble deleting the duplicate statement sorry
  10. I couldn't believe that McCabe wasn't arrested for Sedition for working on an active coup on the President of the United States just because you disagree with his political views. If McCabe , Comey, Rosenstein, Clinton and a few are brought up for Sedition and/or Treason I will never trust the DOJ or FBI's word again. There is honor in the rake and file but at the top there was only crooks, who let their political views guide them. I feel so sorry for our President and his family. I pray daily for God to protect them from hate.
  11. I would love to debate, Georgie , what do you have a problem with Trump about, Hit me with your best shot. Just no crap like Blah Blah RACIST Blah Blah Russian dressing Blah Blah Nazi LMAO LMAO I love to debate honestly without name calling or fake stuff
  12. Do you know if there  is anyway to post my picture on my profile George 

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