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  1. But you initially were and are completely against investigating election fraud and now you want to investigate? Why do you think the claims are false?
  2. So should those responsible for the election fraud. Sure if the allegations are lies prosecute them but if not make the vote count right and find out who won the election.
  3. You are so dumb. Try to come up with a good idea for a change.
  4. All they have to do is throw out the invalid ballots and Trump wins by a landslide.
  5. Oh so they can all be harassed by jackasses like you? Death threats etc. Fuck off you retard commie.
  6. Not in front of you little vibrator destroyer. Those people had already made their statements sworn before the hearing. But keep hoping.
  7. So what so you mean by fails, a compromised election makes Biden president? Be careful what you wish for.
  8. Wtf is wrong with you? The only logical reason for your stupid BS is that you must be some kind of communist party leader in the DNC. Plus your entire statement is a lie.
  9. Just because someone calls themselves a Republican does not mean they can't be bought.
  10. Funny thing is Wisconsin is so easy they are saving it for last. Crooked assed leftist scum.
  11. The lawyers making these charges do not fuck around with BS. I bet they have far more than luck.
  12. https://defendingtherepublic.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Michigan-Complaint.pdf
  13. https://defendingtherepublic.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/COMPLAINT-CJ-PEARSON-V.-KEMP-11.25.2020.pdf
  14. And a fine Thanksgiving it is! Georgia complaint; Read it ad weep you Godless heathens. https://defendingtherepublic.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/COMPLAINT-CJ-PEARSON-V.-KEMP-11.25.2020.pdf
  15. So you still keep your head tucked way up your ass. Are your fake news outlets still feeding you shit?
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