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  1. You braindead communist jackass. Notice the comma? Of course you don't know that the militia is every able bodied man between the ages of 17 and 48 years of age do you? And well regulated meaning these people obey the law. Laws are regulations. Dupe! And by the way now that the demrats are openly pushing communism don't you think this is the wrong time to push a gun control agenda? Unless you really are a communist.
  2. High paying jobs in the oilfield are more than a "drop in the bucket" nationally. The peripheral job creation is also huge. Alaska is not all of the US and I have worked in the oilfield during upswings and nothing brings more money to an area than the oilfield on the upswing. Why are you down playing this obvious fact?
  3. Here is a study done by real scientists not funded by Obama or run by the flunky's he put in place. https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1748-9326/8/2/024008
  4. Opening up areas for oil exploration directly effects the economy by putting people to work.
  5. No dufus the Mueller investigation drove republican losses. Funny about the demrat numbers, they don't add up!
  6. No the question is why are you oblivious to the obvious? Retarded?
  7. I find most if not all your posts amusing. The economy here in TX was stagnant, until Trump the oilfield was barely functioning. Now it is booming, since oil is a big part of our economy there is some argument that rocket fuel is not BS. That said the deficit is created in budgets and budgets are created in the House of Representatives currently held hostage by the demrats. So if you are clueless keep your mouth shut, you won't look as dumb as you are.
  8. Bush did not "lie" us into a war, More like Saddam was refusing to let us monitor his weapons facilities, was bombing his own citizens, attempted to kill Bush sr., and all the stupid sob had to do was leave the country. But the braindead left keeps making crap up. Do you enjoy being a lying sob Haary?
  9. Deport your worthless @ss already you miserable self loathing lying leftist POS!
  10. Come on now "retroactively made confidential"? How about Hillary's phones she had destroyed? And 30,000 emails are still missing, how do you categorize them? About the personal server that was hacked by the Chinese letting them know all of our state department business? What was on those phones? I don't care if Trump golf or if you jack off into dirty socks, none of my business. Trump has put more hurt on Putin than Obama ever did in fact Obama let Putin take Crimea and move into Syria.
  11. Tribalist clowns? It appears you leftist dupes are the party of tribes. All you do is spew hat at those who logically believe you are truly mentally deficient.
  12. Schumer was all in for the Iraq war and he is still senate minority leader.
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