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  1. Suppose China had shut down their borders and not let 6 million people leave Wuhan to spread the virus all over the world? And suppose they had not lied to everyone about how contagious it was?
  2. No court offered him the opportunity to call witnesses except the Wisconsin Supreme court and witnesses were provided.
  3. So how exactly do you come to that? Biden took over a billion dollars from the Chinese Communist Party, seems he is the real sellout.
  4. Ha Ha ha MSNBC! Still squealing Russia Russia Russia and you retaded idiots are still sucking their dick long after it was all debunked. Blithering idiots all! Too funny ha ha stupid motherfuckers.
  5. Nah the little retards just shove their heads further up their asses.
  6. These efforts amounted to a million dollars in facebook posts. Nothing like the 400 million Zuckerberg dark moneyed into flipping the election. WTF is it with you stupid fucks. Are you too stupid to see China is the big player in destroying the US?
  7. https://trendingpolitics.com/breaking-state-of-georgia-issues-huge-announcement-will-conduct-statewide-signature-audit/
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